February 13, 2016

“Discovery Day”: A Slideshow

MBLdiscovery27-web-cropOne of the highlights of the MBL’s 125th Anniversary celebration was Discovery Day on July 16, a family science fair held on MBL Street and in the Quad. A range of fun, hands-on activities were offered by the MBL’s centers, programs, courses, and individual scientists to the crowd of families and children that attended. Other highlights were the cutting of the 125th Anniversary cake by MBL President and Director Joan Ruderman, and a talk on “My Path to a Nobel Prize” by MBL Distinguished Scientist Osamu Shimomura, 2008 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.  Many thanks to all who participated!

Here is a slideshow of the day’s events by Whitney MacKenzie, the 2013 MBL Club Coordinator: