February 8, 2016

Discovery Day

Discovery Day: A Celebration of the MBL’s 125th Anniversary
Wednesday, July 17th, 3:00 to 5:30 PM
MBL Street, Woods Hole

Join us for a FREE family science fair and MBL anniversary party featuring:

eol.kids.event.2010 Hands-on science exhibits from:
Bay Paul Center for Comparative Molecular Biology & Evolution
Bell Center for Regenerative Biology & Tissue Engineering
Biology of Parasitism Course
Cellular Dynamics Program
Ecosystems Center
Marine Resources Department
Neural Systems and Behavior Course
Encyclopedia of Life
MBL Community Archives Project
MBL Sustainable Aquaculture Initiative
Microbial Diversity Course
Program in Sensory Physiology & Behavior
Whitman Center for Visiting Research
Woods Hole Diversity Initiative: Partnership In Education Program (PEP)
Continuous shuttle service will be provided from 3:00
to 6:00 PM from the MBL’s Devil’s Lane parking lot (opposite 379 Oyster Pond Road) to MBL’s Lillie parking lot on Water Street in
Woods Hole.
• Kids’ scavenger hunt, face-painting, fish printing, and other
children’s activities from
The Children’s School of Science
MBL Activities Committee
MBL Club
MBL Satellite Club
Pierce Visitors Center
• Live Music by the Justin Beech Trio
• Remarks from MBL Director and President Joan Ruderman
followed by the cutting (and sharing) of our 125th anniversary cake!

“My Path to a Nobel Prize”
Special talk by MBL Distinguished Scientist Osamu Shimomura
Lillie Auditorium, 4:15-4:45 PM

“Bodystorming” by Black Label Movement on the Swope lawn
• MBL Club Special Discovery Day Movie: Dolphin Tale, 7:00 PM
in the Lillie Auditorium, MBL Street, Woods Hole.

For more information, contact the MBL Communications Office: 508.289.7423; comm@mbl.edu