February 14, 2016

Share MBL Memories


Nancy Wilson, daughter of cell biologist Edmund Beecher Wilson, at the MBL circa 1920. Photo by A.F. Huettner, courtesy MBL Archives.

All MBL scientists, students, alumni, Corporation members, trustees, and families are invited to participate in the MBL Community Archives project this summer!

Do you have photographs, letters, notebooks, or anything else reflecting life at the MBL?

Do you want to share stories about your experiences in Woods Hole? Please bring your memories and memorabilia to the Lillie Building, room 228, and allow them to become part of the digital MBL Archives!

From May 28 to August 23, graduate students working in the history of science will digitize the MBL-related items you are interested in contributing. They will also be available to videotape your MBL recollections. You may keep the items you provide for digitization.

Your participation is integral to the success of this project! Explore the Community Archives.

Hours for the MBL Community Archives intake studio in the Lillie Building, room 228, are Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM. Please watch here for special event hours. Additional hours are available by appointment. Between August 12-23, the studio is open by appointment only.

Please contact us with any questions or for more information.

Physiology course on the Gemma, mid-2000s. Photo courtesy of Ron Vale.

Physiology course on the Gemma, mid-2000s. Photo courtesy of Ron Vale.