February 8, 2016


MBL Virtual Reunion Experimental Invertebrate Zoology - 1976

Help us locate our missing friends

Here is a list of missing alumni, faculty, and course assistants.

Some members of EIZ-76 are lost. We hope that some of you may have a clue – perhaps a married name, an old address, or past institution – that will help us to find these folks. If you do have such information, please contact David Gallagher at dgallagher@mbl.edu.

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Send us your information! Please send new photos, information or comments to:

David Gallagher
Director of Alumni Relations

Welcome from Mike Greenberg

Photo Slideshows
Anne Schneiderman, Elaine Burke, and Lewis Deaton share their photos from the summer of 1976.

Memory Lane
Faculty and classmates share their memories.

Photo Key
Putting names back with the faces

Lists from the Biological Bulletin (PDFs)