Development Committee Report

Jeffrey PierceIt has been my pleasure to chair the MBL Development Committee and to lead the MBL Catalyst Campaign for the last few years.

When you have a productive, dynamic, and creative institution like ours, asking for support is an honor. And when the MBL rewards the generosity of its supporters time and again with advances in our understanding of key biological problems and by mentoring new scientists whose brilliance is matched only by their passion for science, you know you are doing something very right.

Thanks to our Trustees, Overseers, devoted scientists, alumni, friends, and foundations, the MBL raised $15,249,122 in private support in 2011. This brings the total raised for the Catalyst Campaign to $127.7 million. In 2012, the final year of the Campaign, we will intensify our fundraising focus to those elements of the campaign that remain underfunded, especially unrestricted endowment, and to identifying funding for mission-critical operating costs of the institution.
Our donors are our most valuable partners in the MBL’s ongoing mission to search for answers to fundamental questions that impact our health and our planet. On behalf of the Development Committee, the Catalyst Campaign Executive Committee, MBL students, scientists, and staff, I offer my deepest thanks to the individuals, companies and foundations listed here who help keep the MBL at the forefront of biology.

— Jeffrey Pierce, Chair