Gifts to Named Fellowships and Scholarships

Scholarships and fellowships enable the MBL to stay competitive by attracting and supporting top researchers and students.  We gratefully acknowledge donors to the following funds in 2011:

Robert Day Allen Fellowship
Joseph W. and Jean M. Sanger

American Society for Cell Biology Summer Research Awards
The American Society for Cell Biology

Frederik B. and Betsy G. Bang Fellowship Fund
Jack and Francine Levin

John and Elisabeth Buck Endowed Scholarship
Mary Jane Nutter

William D. Cohen Endowed Scholarship Fund
David Borden
David and Patty Cohen
Lawrence B. Cohen
Marion Cohen
Sarah Cohen

Company of Biologists Scholarship for Embryology
The Company of Biologists Limited

E.G. Conklin Scholarship Fund
Joseph W. and Jean M. Sanger

Bernard Davis Scholarship Fund
Porter W. Anderson, Jr.

Eugene Floyd DuBois Memorial Fund
Harmony Glazebrook Pittet

The Fischbach Research Awards
Simons Foundation

Gerald D. and Ruth L. Fischbach Scholarship Fund
Gerald D. and Ruth L. Fischbach

Frontiers in Reproduction Scholarship Fund
American Society for Reproductive Medicine
Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Albert and Ellen Grass Faculty Grant Program
The Grass Foundation

Daniel S. and Edith T. Grosch Scholarship Fund
Laura Grosch and Herb Jackson

Aline D. Gross Scholarship
Freda Kaminer
Alfred M. and Naida D. Weisberg

Holger and Friederun Jannasch Scholarship in Microbial Diversity
Carol Arnosti and Andreas P. Teske

Benjamin Kaminer Scholarship
Freda Kaminer

IBRO Scholarships for Advanced Neuroscience Courses
Society for Neuroscience

Edwin S. Linton Scholarship Fund
Washington & Jefferson College

S.O. Mast Endowed Scholarship
Fred and Gloria Rhoades

Luigi Mastroianni and Sheldon Segal Scholarship Fund
Elaine Pierson-Mastroianni

James A. and Faith Miller Fellowship Fund
David A. and Virginia I. Miller

Mountain Memorial Fund
Constance M. and Dean C. Allard
Brenda J. Bodian

Neural Systems and Behavior Course Scholarship Fund
Richard T. Born
Janis C. Weeks and William M. Roberts

Nikon Research Awards
Nikon Instruments, Inc.

William Townsend Porter Scholarship
William Townsend Porter Foundation

Logan Science Journalism Program
American Society for Biochemistry &
Molecular Biology, Inc.
Giovanna Breu
Estate of David Bulloch
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Mari N. Jensen
George and Harmon Logan
Elizabeth Pennisi
Miranda van Gelder

Semester in Environmental Science Fund
Bryan and Donna Arling
Neil G. Bluhm
John and Gwen Daniels
William C. Daniels
Stephen and Lois Eisen
Peter and Ginny Foreman
Bruce and Mary Goodman
Peter Gottlieb
Ellen Hertzmark
Kenneth Jackson
Mid-American Water of Wauconda, Inc.
John Mills
James Morrell
Stephanie Olekshk
Nick Peng
Gordon and Claire Prussian
Edward Rastetter and Karen Hendrickson
Alexandra E. Shea
Greg and Kay Tuber
Edward and Dia Weil
John and Patty Wineman

Society of General Physiologists Scholarships
Society of General Physiologists

The Evelyn and Melvin Spiegel Fellowship Fund
Joseph W. and Jean M. Sanger

Burr and Susie Steinbach Research Awards
Volker and Mary Ulbrich

Charles Evans Research Awards
Charles Evans Foundation

Eva Szent-Györgyi Scholarship
Freda Kaminer
Laszlo Lorand
Joseph W. and Jean M. Sanger
Andrew and Ursula Szent-Györgyi

J.P. and Madeleine Trinkaus Endowed Scholarship
Ann Sutherland and Raymond Keller

Selman A. Waksman Endowed Scholarship in Microbial Diversity
Waksman Foundation for Microbiology

Stanley W. Watson Education Fund

Walter L. Wilson Endowed Scholarship Fund
Paul N. Chervin