February 9, 2016

Major Gifts

The MBL gratefully acknowledges the generous contributions and pledges of the individuals, foundations, and companies who supported our programs and operations in 2011.


Howard Hughes Medical Institute
$3,225,000 to support the MBL courses and the Logan Science Journalism Program.

Paul R. Dupee, Jr.
$1,550,000 to the MBL General Endowment and the Annual Fund.

Estate of Laura Hunter Colwin
$1,415,225 for discretionary use and for the Shinya and Sylvia Inoué Endowment for Cellular Dynamics Imaging.

$1,200,000 to the John J. Valois Marine Resources Center Endowment and the Stanley W. Watson Education Fund.
George and Kathy Putnam
$1,060,000 to establish the George and Kathy Putnam Endowed Biodiversity Informatics Fund and to support the Annual Fund.

Dart Neuroscience LLC
$1,000,000 to provide lab space for visiting investigators conducting research at the MBL in the area of learning and memory.


The Ellison Medical Foundation
$798,712 to support the Molecular Biology of Aging course.

Burroughs Wellcome Fund
$630,000 to support the Physiology course, the Molecular Mycology course, the Frontiers in Reproduction course, and the Biology of Parasitism course.

Patricia and Charles Robertson
$500,000 to establish the Charles and Patricia Robertson Ecosystems Institutional Fund and to support renovations in the Swope or Lillie buildings.

Shinya and Sylvia Inoué
$377,000 to the Shinya and Sylvia Inoué Endowment for Cellular Dynamics Imaging, the John J. Valois Marine Resources Center Endowment, and the Annual Fund.

Brown University
$362,915 in support of activities and faculty associated with the Brown and MBL Partnership.

The G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation
$350,000 to the Josephine Bay Paul Center for Comparative Molecular Biology and Evolution.

Davis Educational Foundation
$263,994 for equipment and operating expenses in the Semester in Environmental Science.

The Rosenthal Fund
$290,000 in support of the Brown and MBL Partnership and the Annual Fund.

Norman and Diane Bernstein and Joshua and Lisa Bernstein
$250,000 to the Diane and Norman Bernstein Endowment Fund for the Marine Resources Center and the Annual Fund.

Simons Foundation
$250,000 to establish The Fischbach Research Awards in honor of Gerald Fischbach.

Gerald D. and Ruth L. Fischbach
$200,000 to support the Gerald D. and Ruth L. Fischbach Scholarship Fund, the Fischbach Bioethics Falmouth Forum Lecture, and the Annual Fund.

The Charles Evans Foundation
$150,000 to provide research awards in neuroscience.

Genentech Foundation
$150,000 to support the MBL neuroscience courses.

Jane C. Kaltenbach-Townsend
$120,000 bequest intention to establish the Jane C. Kaltenbach-Townsend Research Award.

Ed and Amy Brakeman
$105,000 to the Director’s Discretionary Fund and the Annual Fund.

Porter W. Anderson, Jr.
$100,005 to the Anderson Institutional Fund, the Bernard Davis Scholarship Fund, and the Annual Fund.