Memorial and Tribute Gifts

These donors have chosen to support the MBL as a special way to remember or honor a relative or friend.

Biology of Parasitism Endowed Fund
Merck Sharp & Dohme in honor of
Mervyn J. Turner

Thomas A. and Gloria S. Borgese Rare Book and Journal Fund
Gloria S. Borgese in memory of
Thomas A. Borgese
Gloria S. Borgese in honor of
Frank M. Child

Brown University and MBL Partnership Program
Deborah G. Senft in memory of
Alfred Senft

John and Elisabeth Buck Endowed Scholarship Fund
Mary Jane Nutter in memory of
Elisabeth M. Buck

William D. Cohen Endowed Scholarship Fund in memory of William D. Cohen
Lawrence B. Cohen
Sarah Cohen

Falmouth Forum Endowed Fund
Louis C. and Lee R. Turner in memory of
Roger D. Milkman

Tay Hayashi Lectureship in Cell Physiology Fund
Andrew and Ursula Szent-Györgyi in
memory of Teru Hayashi

Robert Huettner Rare Book Endowed Fund
Carmela J. Huettner in memory of
Robert Huettner and Priscilla F. Roslansky
Jennifer M. Huettner in memory of
Richard A. Huettner
Catherine N. Norton in memory of
Robert Huettner
Ann M. Ginsberg in honor of
Carmela J. Huettner and Robert Huettner
Carmela J. Huettner in honor of
Robert Huettner
Jennifer M. Huettner in honor of
Robert Huettner

Library Fund
Helen M. Crossley in memory of Julia S. Rankin

Joe Martinez, Jr. and James Townsel Endowed Lectureship (SPINES) Fund
Marie M. Lawrie and Debra and Donald Spinelli
in honor of Joe L. Martinez

Neural Science and Behavior Scholarship Fund
Richard T. Born in honor of Darcy B. Kelley

Stubby and Julia Rankin Endowed Library Fund
Dorothy I. Crossley in memory of Julia S. Rankin

Rare Books Fund
Pamela Nelson and Christopher Olmsted
in memory of Leonard Nelson
Gerald and Ann Weissmann in memory of
Phyllis Goldstein

Denis and Alix Robinson Fund
Maruis A. Robinson in memory of Denis Robinson

Semester in Environmental Science
in memory of Harold E. Foreman
Neil G. Bluhm, Bruce and Mary Goodman, Peter Gottlieb, Mid-American Water of Wauconda, Inc., John Mills, Greg and Kay Tuber, Edward and Dia Weil, and John and
Patty Wineman
James Morrell in honor of Kimberly A. Morrell

Eva Szent-Györgyi Scholarship Fund
Andrew and Ursula Szent-Györgyi in memory of
Harlyn O. Halvorson and Eva Szent-Györgyi

John J. Valois Marine Resources Center Endowment
Joel P. and Ruth H. Davis in honor of
Frank M. Child, Julie S. Child, Freddy Valois,
and John J. Valois

Whitman Center General Endowment Fund
Hans Laufer in memory of
Phyllis Goldstein, Harvey Gushner,
William J. Kuhns, Lorraine B. Mizell, and
Lilyan C. Saunders

Annual and Alumni Funds

Gifts made in honor of:

Maggie Carmody
Joan Sharp

M. Shane Chapman
Judy A. Bruguiere

Philip B. Dunham
Leslie B. Vosshall

Frank R. Egloff
Frank Egloff, II

David Glover
Jack Martinelli
Nancy Couts

Alan Hackenberg
Matthew Hackenberg

John E. Hobbie
Lawrence and Layne Hobbie

Shinya Inoué
Elizabeth I. Arnold
Michael S. Ascher

Alan Laties
Robert Rubenstein and Marie Raftery

Deena Gu Laties
Robert Rubenstein and Marie Raftery

Richard W. Linck
Dana T. Nojima

Jeffrey Pierce
Tom and Lisa Hammett

Charles M. Rosenthal
Robert and Trudy Gottesman
Alice Netter

Alfred M. Spormann
Kristin Lester Revill

Richard Starr
Robert McClary

William Ward
Warren and Linda Rogers

Ralph Wolfe
Fred C. Dobbs

Gifts made in memory of:

Frederick Bang
Arthur and Frances Silverstein

Robert B. Barlow
Michael and Carol Oberdorfer
Mary and James Thorne

Thomas A. Borgese
Gloria S. Borgese

William D. Cohen
William and Sarah Odenkirk

D.P. Costello
J. Douglas Caston

Christopher Dillmann
Susan Dillmann

Eric C. Dillmann
Susan Dillmann

Marietta Dunaway
Marnie E. Halpern

James D. Ebert
Anne C. and Robert Talley

Mac V. Edds
J. Douglas Caston

Robert Edwards
William M. and Elaine D. McDermott

Nancy Egloff
Frank Egloff, II

Herman T. Epstein
Doris W. Epstein

Ray and Rita Franzino
Stephan and Anne Franzino

David L. Garbers
Carey R. and Ryan J. Petrie

Shirley Gifford
Heidi Gifford Melas-Kyriazi

Margaret C. Gildea
Frank Egloff, II

Richard W. Glade
Barbara B. Glade

Phyllis Goldstein
Elizabeth M. Davis
Robert D. and Anne E. Goldman
Barbara Woll Jones
Leonard and Ruth Ann Laster
Laszlo Lorand
Richard and Phyllis Meyers
Roger and Barbara Michaels
Ann E. Stuart and John W. Moore
Volker and Mary Ulbrich
John J. and Frederica W. Valois

Robert L. Goodrich
Sarah C. Goodrich

Rose Grant
Philip Grant

Ailish Hayes
Paul B. Rizzoli

John Henley
Judy A. Bruguiere

Walter R. Herndon
Raymond W. Holton

Ann Howkins
Cornelia Hanna McMurtrie

Arthur G. Humes
Lindsey Humes

Zdenek Hurban
Sol Sepsenwol

Gertrude N. Illoh
Kachi Illoh

Lionel Jaffe
Gary G. Borisy and Sally M. Casper
Rachel D. Fink
Douglas R. and Virginia M. Shanklin
Osamu and Akemi Shimomura
University of Connecticut Health Center
Youngerusa, LLC
Joshua J. Zimmerberg and Teresa L.Z. Jones

Holger W. Jannasch
Lynda A. Kiefer
Donald A. Klein

William J. Kuhns
National Wild Turkey Federation, Inc.

Frederick Lang
Dennis E. Meiss

James W. Lash
Joel S. Gordon

Barbara C. Little
Ann Little Newbury
Joyce Lorand
Laszlo Lorand

Kathryn Mendelson
Martin Mendelson

Roger D. Milkman
Elizabeth M. Davis
Timothy H. and Mary Helen M. Goldsmith
James and Elinor Langer
Frank Scaduto and Melanie M. Masdea
Douglas R. and Virginia M. Shanklin
John J. and Frederica W. Valois
Andrew Zweifler

Harold M. Mills
Margaret A. Mills-Michael

Frank Morrell
Thomas P. and Jane W. Bleck

Charles Parmenter
Charles and Patricia P. Parmenter

Hazeltine Parmenter
Charles and Patricia P. Parmenter

Philip P. Person
Alice B. Hearn
Freda Kaminer
Bertha Person
Arthur Zimmerman

Frederick S. Peters
M. Whitney Keen

Allan R. Putnam
Christian Putnam

Robert D. Allen
Nina Stromgren Allen

George T. Reynolds
Virginia R. Reynolds

S.M. Rose
Stephen J. Smith and JoAnn Buchanan

William D. Russell-Hunter
Arnold G. and Paula B. Eversole

Lilyan C. Saunders
Gary G. Borisy and Sally M. Casper
Tim and Mary Husted
Ruth T. Smith
John J. and Frederica W. Valois
Dorothy L. Wilson

Arthur K. Saz
Ruth L. Saz

H.B. Steinbach
Philip B. Dunham and Gudrun Bjarnarson
Ronald J. Przybylski

Eva Szent-Györgyi
Carolyn Cohen

Lillian Wendorff
Phyllis R. Wendorff

Charles G. Wilber
Clare M. Wilber

Donald J. Zinn
Jeffrey A. and Johanna A. Zinn