Other Gifts to MBL Programs

In 2011, the MBL continued to benefit from major multi-year gifts pledged in previous years from the following:
Anonymous (1)
David and Sandra Bakalar
The Bay and Paul Foundations
Millicent Bell
Burroughs Wellcome Fund
The Ellison Medical Foundation
The Grass Foundation
Harken Foundation
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
George and Harmon Logan
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
John and Valerie Rowe

Anonymous (3)
American Society for Biochemistry and
Molecular Biology
The American Society for Cell Biology
American Society for Reproductive Medicine
Porter W. Anderson, Jr.
Joshua and Lisa Bernstein
Gail Boettiger
Center for Molecular Biology
Frank M. and Julie S. Child
Elsimar Metzker Coutinho
Saint Michael and All Angels Espiscopal Church
George Frederick Jewett Foundation
Dave Madden and Jennifer Segal Madden
Inga Mahler
Richard Creath and Jane Maienschein
Marianne F. Milkman
Nikon Instruments, Inc.
William Townsend Porter Foundation
Priscilla F. Roslansky
Santa Monica Seafood
Harriet F. Segal
Bonnie W. and Stephen A. Simon
Society for Neuroscience
Ann Sutherland and Raymond Keller
Mervyn J. Turner
Wellcome Trust
Dyann and Peter Wirth

Estate of David Bulloch
John E. and Sally S. Burris
David and Patty Cohen
The Company of Biologists Limited
Barbara Goldsmith
Richard Lipkin and Alessandra Scalmati
Parkinson’s Disease Foundation
Jean W. Pierce
Marius A. Robinson
Edward D. and Nancy M. Salmon
Amy Segal and Andrew Blum
John J. and Frederica W. Valois

Anonymous (1)
Peter B. and Margaret T. Armstrong
William C. Black
Neil G. Bluhm
Gloria S. Borgese
Gary G. Borisy and Sally M. Casper
Paul N. Chervin
The Church of the Messiah
Lawrence B. Cohen
Marion Cohen
Charles Cooper
Molly N. Cornell
Sally Cross
Dorothy I. and Helen M. Crossley
Stephen and Lois Eisen
Peter and Ginny Foreman
Prosser Gifford
Robert D. and Anne E. Goldman
Bruce and Mary Goodman
Peter Gottlieb
J. Woodland Hastings
John and Olivann Hobbie
Carmela J. Huettner
Kurt J. and Rhoda S. Isselbacher
Anthony A. James
Samuel S. and Sumi M. Koide
Hans Laufer
Merck Sharp & Dohme
Stanley Mierzwa
John Mills
Richard S. and Susan G. Morse
Sidney K. Pierce, Jr.
Elaine Pierson-Mastroianni
Edward Rastetter and Karen Hendrickson
David Z. Robinson
Paul Ross
John D. and Jean M. Rummel
James Sailer and Cass Conrad
Walter J. and Marjorie B. Salmon
Laura Segal and Matthew Petrie
Douglas R. and Virginia M. Shanklin
Society of General Physiologists
Jerome Strauss
Andrew and Ursula Szent-Györgyi
Washington & Jefferson College
Janis C. Weeks and William M. Roberts
Alfred M. and Naida D. Weisberg
The Adam J. Weissman Foundation
Gerald and Ann Weissmann
Helen and Albert Wilson

Up to $1,000
Anonymous (2)
David C. and Jean E. Ahearn
James L. and Helene M. Anderson
W. Banks Anderson
Bryan and Donna Arling
Ellen and Richard Armstrong
Samuel C. and Elizabeth F. Armstrong
Carol Arnosti and Andreas Teske
Duncan P. and Dorothy D. Aspinwall
John E. and Helen V. Barnes
Matthew Beecher
Albert Belman
Jim and Jessica Benjamin
John and Barbara Berkenfield
Olive C. Beverly
Allen and Joan Bildner
Eric Blum
Brenda J. Bodian
Richard T. Born
Giovanna Breu
Yueh Chang and Jeffery Watson
Richard L. and Alice M. Chappell
Keith Christianson
Scott G. and Penelope P. Chrysler
Sarah Cohen
George Cohn
Robert Colasacco
Margery Cooper
John and Gwen Daniels
William C. Daniels
Elizabeth M. Davis
Joel P. and Ruth H. Davis
Nicholas Delbanco
Helen Dixon
Christopher and Portia Durbin
Philip Ferro
Rachel D. Fink
First United Methodist Church of Chatham
Arthur G. Gaines
Nicki Gamble
Suzanne M. Gibson
Sallie A. Giffen
Ann M. Ginsberg
Thelma Goldstein
Philip Grant
Laura Grosch and Herb Jackson
Lisa M. Halvorson
Linda and Gerry Hare
Joseph Heitman
Ellen Hertzmark
Pamela C. and Gregory J. Hinkle
Max and Gabby Holmes
Melvyn Horwith
Jennifer M. Huettner
David Isenberg and Paula Blumenthal
Kenneth Jackson
Mari N. Jensen
A. Kristine Johnson
Dewitt and Megan Jones
Marlene S. Jones
Freda Kaminer
Jane Kinkle
Paul Kligfield
A. Sidney and Alice Knowles
Melinda Larsen and Michael Gerdes
Keith LaScalea
Susan Laster and Terry Little
Sylvia Law
Marie M. Lawrie
Jack and Francine Levin
Laszlo Lorand
Janet Loring
Anna Lysakowski
Miriam and David Mauzerall
Joseph and Darlene McGuire
Jonathan and Jane Meigs
Nawrie Meigs-Brown and David Brown
Anne D. Melamet
Martin Mendelson
Irwin Merkatz
Mid-American Water of Wauconda, Inc.
David A. and Virginia I. Miller
Carol and Daniel Mishell
Rebecca Moffitt
James Morrell
Pamela Nelson and Christopher Olmsted
Nicholas N. Newman
Catherine N. Norton
Adam Nussenbaum
David Nussenbaum
Mary Jane Nutter
Stephanie Oleksyk
Arthur B. Pardee and Ann B. Goodman
Carolyn Partan
Nick Peng
Elizabeth Pennisi
Jane Petrie
Harmony Glazebrook Pittet
Aubrey and Margareta B. Pothier
Jahn Pothier
Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill
Gordon and Claire Prussian
Marcus Reidenberg
Robert M. and Kristine M. Reynolds
Fred and Gloria Rhoades
Manuel Rosenfield
Joan V. and Gerald S. Ruderman
Naomi Rutenberg
Michael G. Ryan and Linda A. Joyce
Joseph W. and Jean M. Sanger
Morton T. Saunders
Emily Schwartz-Clark
Deborah G. Senft
Gary A. Shangold
Alexandra E. Shea
Alan and Stephanie Sher
Osamu and Akemi Shimomura
L. David Sibley
Stephen Smith and JoAnn Buchanan
Abraham Spector and Marguerite Filson
Melvin and Evelyn Spiegel
Debra and Donald Spinelli
Adam Stracher
Boris Striepen
Gerard and Mary Swope
Richard S. Taylor
Emil D. and Eleanor H. Tietje
Marjorie Till
Greg and Kay Tuber
Louis C. and Lee R. Turner
Volker and Mary Ulbrich
University of Connecticut Health Center
Pauline Valois
Miranda van Gelder
Robert Veeder
Leonard and Eve Warren
John Waterbury and Vicky Cullen
Edward and Dia Weil
Lisa Weissmann and Debra Shapiro
Robert H. Werner
John and Patty Wineman
Michael and Mary Wood
George M. and Katharine Woodwell
Youngerusa, LLC
Joshua J. Zimmerberg and Teresa L.Z. Jones

David and Sandra Bakalar
Richard L. and Alice M. Chappell
Fine Science Tools
Sylvia and Shinya Inoué
Estate of Lionel Jaffe
George and Kathy Putnam