Library Researchers

Library Researchers
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

Changeux, Jean-Pierre, Institut Pasteur
CIEE Research Station Bonaire
Cohen, Seymour S., Woods Hole, MA
Couch, Ernest F., Texas Christian University

D’Alessio, Giuseppe, University of Naples
deToledo-Morrell, Leyla, Rush University Medical University Medical Center

Edds-Walton, Peggy L., Loyola University Chicago
Finkelstein, Alan, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Finkelstein, Amy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gainer, Harold    , National Institutes of Health / NINDS
Gelperin, Alan    , Princeton University
German III, James L., Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Goldstone, Heather, Woods Hole, MA
Great Lakes Water Institute
Grossman, Albert, New York University Medical School
Guillemin, Jeanne, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Hanley, Kathryn, New Mexico State University
Herskovits, Theodore, Fordham University
Hotchkiss, Frederick, MPR Institute

Issidorides, Marietta, University of Athens

Jacobson, Allan, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Jaffe, Lionel, Marine Biological Laboratory
Jaye, Robert A    ., Solomon Schechter Day School

Kaminer, Brian, Woods Hole, MA
Karnovsky, Nina J., Pomona College
King, Kenneth, Woods Hole, MA

Laderman, Aimlee, Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Loewenstein, Werner, Journal of Membrane Biology
Lytton, William W., SUNY Downstate Physiology & Pharmacology

Malbon, Craig, School of Medicine, SUNY-Stony Brook
Manomet Center for Conservation Science
Mellon, DeForest, University of Virginia
Mitchell, Ralph, Harvard University
Mizell, Merle, Tulane University
Mooseker, Mark S., Yale University

Narahashi, Toshio, Northwestern University Medical School
New England Aquarium Right Whale Research
New England Fishery Management Council
Normandeau Associates

Olken, Benjamin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Pallas, Sarah, Georgia State University
Paydarfar, Joseph, Dartmouth College
Pierce, Sidney K., University of South Florida
Prendergast, Robert, Woods Hole, MA

Rabinowitz, Michael, Harvard Medical School
Rhodes, Paul Andrew, Evolved Machines
Rieder, Conly L., Wadsworth Center
Roberson, Loretta, University of Puerto Rico

Salmon, Edward, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Schippers, Jay, Woods Hole, MA
Schnyer, David M., University of Texas
Shepro, David, Boston University
Shimomura, Osamu, Marine Biological Laboratory
Spiegel, Evelyn, Dartmouth College
Spiegel, Melvin, Dartmouth College
Spotte, Stephen, Mote Marine Lab

Tetra Tech
Treistman, Steven N., University of Puerto Rico-MSC
Tweedell, Kenyon, University of Notre Dame
Tytell, Michael, Wake Forest University School of Medicine

University of Virgin Islands

van Hoek, Monique L., George Mason University

Warren, Leonard, University of Pennsylvania Medical School
Weidner, Earl, Louisiana State University
Weissmann, Gerald, New York University School of Medicine
Williams, C. Rogers, National Marine Life Center

Yevick, George, Stevens Institute of Technology
Young, Wise, Rutgers University