Catalyst Campaign Donors

Jeffrey Pierce, Catalyst Campaign Chair
John W. Rowe, Chairman of the Board
Porter Anderson
Sally Currier
Richard B. DeWolfe
Paul R. Dupee
Margot Haselkorn
Charles Robertson
Charles M. Rosenthal
Christopher Weld
Gary G. Borisy, President and Director
Pamela Clapp Hinkle, Director of Development and External Relations

The individuals, foundations, and corporations listed here gave generously and contributed
to the success of the Catalyst Campaign between June 1, 2006 and December 31, 2012.

We are most grateful for their support.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

$10,000,000 – $14,999,999
Massachusetts Life Sciences Center
John W. and Valerie Rowe

$5,000,000 – $9,999,999
Millicent Bell
Estate of Laura Hunter Colwin
Dart Neuroscience LLC
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

$1,000,000 – $4,999,999
Anonymous (2)
The Bay and Paul Foundations
Frederick and Christine N. Bay
Burroughs Wellcome Fund
Paul R. Dupee, Jr.
The Ellison Medical Foundation
Hermann Foundation, Inc.
W.M. Keck Foundation
George W. and Harmon H. B. Logan
Ambrose K. and Lili Monell
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
George and Kathy Putnam
Patricia and Charles Robertson
Charles and Phyllis Rosenthal
The G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation

$500,000 – $999,999
Anonymous (1)
Porter W. Anderson, Jr.
Davis Educational Foundation
The Charles Evans Foundation
The Grass Foundation
Martin and Audrey Gruss
Robert and Margot Haselkorn
Susan and David Hibbitt
William and Lauren Huyett
Shinya and Sylvia Inoué
Futaba Koike
The Gruss Lipper Family Foundation
Estate of Margery J. Milne
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Alice Shure
William Speck and Evelyn Lipper

$100,000 – $499,999
Anonymous (2)
The American Society for Cell Biology
David and Sandra Bakalar
Bruce Beal and Francis Cunningham
Joan R. Berman
Norman and Diane Bernstein
Gary G. Borisy and Sally M. Casper
Margaret C. and Francis P. Bowles
Ed and Amy Brakeman
Estate of David Bulloch
Frank M. and Julie S. Child
The Clowes Fund, Inc.
Molly N. Cornell
Martha W. and William C. Cox
Thomas and Geraldine Crane
Sally Cross
Arthur Vining Davis Foundations
Gerald D. and Ruth L. Fischbach
The Friendship Fund
Genentech Foundation
Sibyl R. Golden
Gordon Gund
Harken Foundation
J. Woodland Hastings
The William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Kurt J. and Rhoda S. Isselbacher
George Frederick Jewett Foundation
Barbara Woll Jones
Jane C. Kaltenbach-Townsend
H.F. and Marguerite Lenfest
Walter E. and Shirley A. Massey
Nikon Instruments, Inc.
Saul Pannell and Sally Currier
The Pfizer Foundation
Jean W. Pierce
Jeffrey and Margaret Pierce
Robert A. Prendergast
Walter J. and Marjorie B. Salmon
Cecily C. Selby
Simons Foundation
Society for Neuroscience
Albert J. Stunkard and Margaret S. Maurin
Christopher M. and Susanna B. Weld
Wellcome Trust
John S. and Judith H. Willis
The Winkler Family Foundation
Alfred M. and Joyce V. Zeien

$50,000 – $99,999
Anonymous (1)
Alison and Robert Ament
American Federation for Aging Research
American Society for Biochemistry and
Molecular Biology
Anderson-Rogers Foundation, Inc.
Beech Tree Trust
Joshua and Lisa Bernstein
Alexis Borisy and Lia Meisinger
Cabot Family Charitable Trust
Margaret Clowes
Mary and Jonathan Conrad
The Nature Conservancy
Elizabeth M. Davis
John E. and Judith F. Dowling
Saint Michael and All Angels Espiscopal Church
John E. Fetzer Institute, Inc.
Patrick Gage and Irina Wilson
Gibson Associates, Inc.
Estate of William T. Golden
Richard G. Kessel
Laurie J. Landeau and Robert J. Maze
Hans Laufer
Merck & Company Inc.
Ronald P. and Karen E. O’Hanley
Keith R. Porter Endowment for Cell Biology
William Townsend Porter Foundation
Julia S. Rankin
Elise and Stanley Rose
Vincent J. Ryan and Carla E. Meyer
The Schooner Foundation
Douglas R. and Virginia M. Shanklin
James and Mary Sharp
Society for Developmental Biology, Inc.
The Seth Sprague Education and Charitable
Ann Sutherland and Raymond Keller
Gerard L. and Mary Swope
Gerald and Ann Weissmann
Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, Inc.

$25,000 – $49,999
Anonymous (2)
Estate of Edward A. Adelberg
American Association for the Advancement
of Science
American Society for Reproductive Medicine
Center for Molecular Biology
David and Patty Cohen
The Company of Biologists Limited
Richard B. and Marcia H. DeWolfe
The Dorr Foundation
The Eppley Foundation for Research, Inc.
Peter and Ginny Foreman
Bruce and Barbara Furie
Thomas F. and Virginia C. Gregg
Caroline Harwood and E. Peter Greenberg
M Howard and Frances F. Jacobson
Kenneth and Nelda Johns
Stephen M. and Cynthia R. Krane
Inga Mahler
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Marianne F. Milkman
Richard S. and Susan G. Morse
Edward and Linda Owens
Elaine Pierson-Mastroianni
Marius A. Robinson
Edward D. and Nancy M. Salmon
Shawmut Design and Construction
Raymond E. Stephens
William H. Telfer, Ph.D
Elaine Troll
Byron and Joyce Waksman
Joan Wheeler
Alice S. Whittemore and Joseph B. Keller
World Health Organization

$10,000 – $24,999
Anonymous (4)
Louise Adler
Constance M. and Dean C. Allard
Peter B. and Margaret T. Armstrong
Elizabeth Heald Arthur

David Baltimore and Alice Huang
Patricia Ann Barlow
John and Lisa Batter
Bauer Center for Genomics Research
George and Harriet Berkowitz
George H. Billings
Marianne and Eric Billings
Gail Boettiger

Cardinal Brook Trust
Eloise E. Clark
James M. and Ruth C. Clark
Cobalt Technologies Inc.
Elsimar M. Coutinho
Bernice Cramer and Paul Friedman

Alexander T. Daignault
Joel P. and Ruth H. Davis
Linda A. Deegan and Christopher Neill
Diarmaid and Margaret M. Douglas-Hamilton
Phillip B. Dunham and Gudrun Bjarnarson

Gordon W. and Joyce M. Ellis
Federation of American Society for Experimental Biology
Martha S. Ferguson
Seiichiro Fujimoto
Charles M. Ganson
Sallie A. Giffen
Robert D. and Anne E. Goldman
Susan P. and Thomas Goux
Mary Greer
Linda L. and Stephen A. Greyser

Howard H. Hiatt
John and Olivann Hobbie
Hub International New England
Carmela J. Huettner
Hugh E. and Frances M. Huxley

Hans and Elizabeth Jannasch

Freda Kaminer
Mayer and Morris Kaplan
A. Sidney and Alice Knowles
Tsoi Kobus & Associates, Inc.
Masakazu Konishi
Hans and Donna Kornberg

Lassalle Fund
Anna and Tom Lawson
Paul B. Lazarow
Ethan and Lisa Lerner
Monique Liuzzi Sautter
Werner R. and Birgit R. Loewenstein
Laszlo Lorand

Dave Madden and Jennifer Segal Madden
John R. and Catherine B. Mandile
David and Miriam J. Mauzerall
Nawrie Meigs-Brown and David Brown
Jerry and Lalise Melillo
Matthew Meselson and Jeanne Guillemin-Meselson

The New York Times Company Foundation
R. Dana Ono and Anne Wagner

Arthur B. Pardee and Ann B. Goodman
Bertha Person
Pfizer Inc
Robert W. and Carroll C.D. Pierce
Thomas D. and Patricia S. Pollard
Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill

Harris and Jeanne Ripps
Hilde Rosenthal
Priscilla F. Roslansky
Edward S. and Susie W. Rowland
Joan V. and Gerald S. Ruderman

Andrew E. Sabin
Santa Monica Seafood
Paul R. Schloerb
Audrey M. Schneiderman
Harriet F. Segal
Sholley Foundation, Inc.
Esther Simon Charitable Trust
Society of General Physiologists
Mitchell L. Sogin and Laurel Miller
Melvin and Evelyn Spiegel
Dusan Stefoski and Craig Savage
Marjorie E. Steinberg
Alfred and Dorothy A. Stracher
Ann E. Stuart and John W. Moore
John F. Swope

Technic, Inc.
Edward and Louise Tsoi
Mervyn J. Turner

USNC-IBRO Committee

Ronald D. Vale and Karen Dell
John J. and Frederica W. Valois

Waksman Foundation for Microbiology
Leonard and Eve Warren
Washington & Jefferson College
Earl H. Weidner
Annette L. Williamson and Michael McColm
Dyann and Peter K. Wirth
Barbara Wu and Eric Larson

$5,000 – $9,999
Anonymous (3)
Garland E. Allen
Douglas F. and Sarah H. Allison
James L. and Helene M. Anderson
Associates of Cape Cod
Austin Foundation, Inc

Robert G. and Harriet Baker
William H. and Paula Beers
Kerry S. Bloom and Elaine Yeh
Gloria S. Borgese
Max M. Burger
Butler’s Hole Fund

R. Andrew and Barbara Cameron
Malcolm O. and Jeanne Campbell
James F. Case
Richard L. and Alice M. Chappell
Paul N. Chervin
The Church of the Messiah
Estate of Octavia C. Clement
Alexander W. Clowes and Susan E.
Mary Clutter
William and Susan Cobb
Marion Cohen
Catherine B. Cramer
Stephen D. and Beth G. Crocker

Eric H. Davidson
Leyla deToledo-Morrell
Joseph and Sarah Dowling
Hugh and Beverly Ducklow

Barbara E. Ehrlich
Herman N. Eisen and Natalie Aronson
Stephen and Lois Eisen
Doris W. Epstein

A. Verdi Farman-Farmaian
Michael Fenlon and Linda Sallop
The Flatley Foundation
Pamela and David Follett
George and Pam Friedman

David C. and Patricia S. Gadsby
James N. and Nancy Galloway
Craig and Nancy Gibson
Prosser Gifford
Alfred L. and Joan H. Goldberg
Barbara L. Goldsmith Foundation
Timothy H. and Mary Helen M. Goldsmith
Moïse H. Goldstein, Jr.
Robert and Trudy Gottesman
Mary W. Graham
Philip Grant
Katherine Graubard and William H. Calvin
Paul R. Gross

Joshua and Melissa Hamilton
Hamilton Thorne Inc.
Susan Harding Hawkins
The William H. Harris Foundation
William A. Haskins
Diane E. Heck
John G. Hildebrand and Gail D. Burd
James Hildreth
Llewellya W. Hillis and Paul Colinvaux
Timothy T. Hilton
Pamela C. and Gregory J. Hinkle
John and Olivann Hobbie
Joseph Hoffman and Elena Citkowitz
Howard and Sybil Holtzer
Henry Hornblower Fund, Inc.
The Charles Evans Hughes Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Gary and Susan Jacobson
Mary D. Janney
Robert A. and Diane B. Jaye

Morris J. and Shirley Karnovsky
Allan Keith
Malka Keynan
Dan Kiehart and Patricia Lee Saylor
Edward A. and Kathryn F. Kravitz
The Saul & Gitta Kurlat Charitable Foundation

Homer W. and Mary C. Lane
Marnie and John Langford
Leonard and Ruth Ann Laster
Deena and Alan Laties
Jennifer Letitia
Joseph Levine and Steven A. Cadwell
William W. and Noelle Locke
Richard Lounsbery Foundation
William K. and Winnie C. Mackey
John R. and Catherine B. Mandile
March of Dimes Foundation
Michael T. and Jean M. Martin
Joe L. Martinez and Kimberly Smith-Martinez
R. K. Mellon Family Foundation
Jason and Jennifer Meyers
Gerrish H. Milliken Foundation
Ralph and Muriel Mitchell
Timothy Mitchison and Christine Marie Field
Merle Mizell

Hiroko Naka
Toshio and Kyoko Narahashi
The National Organization for Hearing Research
Peter A. Nickerson

Jonathan O’Herron
James L. Olds and Robin E. Buckley
Michael R. Paine Conservation Trust
Parkinson’s Disease Foundation
Thoru and Judith Pederson
Frank Press

Michael and Diane Rabinowitz
Peter W. and Elizabeth Renaghan
Reynolds Family Foundation
Monica Riley
John and Joan B. Ripple
Jack and Rosalyn Rosenbluth
James Ross

Amy Segal and Andrew Blum
Michael P. Sheetz
Alan R. and Phyllis J. Silver
Society for the Study of Reproduction
Jennifer Sorenti and Ralph Burns
James A. and Annamma Spudich
Alan B. and Sala Steinbach
The Judy and Michael Steinhardt Foundation
Carol G. and Joseph T. Stewart
Carolyn and John Stimpson
Gregg Strumwasser, Esq.
Donata O. and William M. Sugden
Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation
Andrew and Ursula Szent-Györgyi

Edwin and Heather Taylor
James G. and Mary Elizabeth Townsel

The Irving Weinstein Foundation, Inc.
Kathrin R. Winkler and Angus Campbell
Nancy Wolf and Aric Greenfield

Barbara K. Zeisler
Joshua J. Zimmerberg and Teresa L.Z. Jones
Ronald Zweig and Christina Rawley

$1,000 – $4,999
Anonymous (11)
Donald A. and Barbara R. Abt
Blaise Aguera Arcas and Adrienne L. Fairhall
AHA Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Nina Stromgren Allen
Michael and Marie Angelini
Robert and Lynne Angerer
James and Cynthia Angstadt
Kiyoshi Aoki
Aquatic Habitats, Inc.
Bryan and Donna Arling
Clay M. Armstrong and Clara Franzini-Armstrong
Samuel C. and Elizabeth F. Armstrong
Carol Arnosti and Andreas P. Teske Associates
Farooq Azam

David S. and Nancy C. Babin
Katherine Bachman and Robert Fleming
Shawky Z. Badawy
John M. and Carol T. Baitsell
Hope Baker
Talbot Baker
David Baltimore and Alice S. Huang
Barbo’s Furniture
Edward Barker
The Barno – Montgomery Family Trust
Susan R. and Daniel T. Barry
David C. Beebe
Jerry A. Bell and Mary Ann Stepp
Michael V.L. and R. Suzanne Bennett
Celeste A. Berg and Mark Kot
Robert O. and Jean Bigelow
Jonathan and Elizabeth Billings
William C. Black
Thomas P. and Jane W. Bleck
Neil G. Bluhm
The Bodman Founation
David A. and Marla Bodznick
Kendall B. and Karin A. Bohr
Thomas C. and Elizabeth D. Bolton
Elayne Bornslaeger-Bednar and Michael S. Bednar
Robert W. Brackenbury and Linda Parysek
Eleanor D Bronson
Donald D. and Linda W. Brown
David Bryant and Donna Nimec
Elisabeth M. Buck
Darryl A. and Janet Buckingham
The Bufftree Foundation
John E. and Sally S. Burris
Amy K. Butler

Ronald Calabrese and Christine Cozzens
Graciela C. Candelas
Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank
D. Bret Carlson
Frank C. and Sheila G. Carotenuto
Center for Reproductive Rights
Joseph A. Cerro
Chenbei Chang
Sallie Chisholm
Ann P. and James M. Cleary
Laurence P. and Katharine B. Cloud
Jewel Plummer Cobb
Adam E. Cohen
Carolyn Cohen
Sarah Cohen
R. John and Joan M. Collier
Rita R. and Jack H. Colwell
Community Counselling Service
Harry F. Conner and Carol E. Scott-Conner
Charles and Beatrice Cooper
Roberta Corliss
Jeffrey T. Corwin
William G. and Sally Coughlin
Joseph T. Coyle, M.D.
Marilyn E. and J. Sterling Crandall
Charles M. Crane and Wendy Breuer
Michael J. Cronin
Gorham & Joan Cross Foundation
Dorothy I. Crossley
Anthony J. and Diane M. Cutaia

Giuseppe and Mirella V. D’Alessio
George Q. Daley
Devra Lee Davis
Joseph P. Day
Robert C. and Ellen L. deGroof
Martha Bridge Denckla
Susan Dillmann
Allison Doupe
The Doverspike Family Fund
Arthur B. and Roberdeau C. DuBois
David and Sherri Durica

Cynthia D. Eaton
George P. and Sally Edmonds
Robert Eimstad
Paul Elias and Marie Lossky
David and Lois Epel
David A. Epstein
Karen Ann Epstein
Anne Etgen
Evolved Machines, Inc.

Fairbanks Foundation, Inc.
Falmouth Toyota Scion
David and Doris L. Fausch
Daniel E. Feldman
Max and Martha Fink
Rachel D. Fink
Mark C. and Martha Fishman
Flagship Roofing & Sheetmetal Co., Inc.
Stephen E. Follansbee
Jean-François and Rachel Formela
John P. Fowler
Thomas O. Fox
Lawrence C. Fritz
John J. and Avery T. Funkhouser
Ruth E. Fye

Harold and Ruth S. Gainer
William Galardi
Joseph G. Gall and Diane M. Dwyer
Frank P. and Joyce Gallagher
Branko J. Gerovac
Marion R. Ginsberg
Helen W. Gjessing
Michele Gallati Glasgow
Daniel E. Goldberg
Mary L. Goldman and Debra Weiner
Paul K. Goldsmith
Margaret Ann Goldstein
Bruce and Mary Goodman
Gary Gorbsky
Joel S. Gordon
Peter Gottlieb
The Julie Gould Fund
Michael J. and Rebecca H. Greenberg
Newton H. and Evelyn Gresser
Alexandre Grigorovitch
Gustav Grosch and Jane Kulesza
Larry Grossberg
Barbara Grossman
Carlos Gual

Valerie A. and Robert R. Hall
Zach W. Hall and Julia A. Giacobassi
Jean Halvorson
Penelope S. Hare
Glenn W. Harrington
John P. and Mary E. Harrington
William Harrison
Gary G. and Nancy Hayward
Marian B. and Edmund Hazzard
Joseph Heitman
Gordon E. Hering
Patricia D’Amore and Ira Herman
Stephen and Gabrielle Highstein
Richard W. and Susan D. Hill
Charles A. and Young Hobbie
Paul and Patricia Hogan
Kenneth Holden and Frances C. McGuire
Kelly R. Holzworth
Charles S. and Marianita Hopkinson
Alan F. Horwitz
Robert Howarth and Roxanne Marino
Ronald R. Hoy and Margaret C. Nelson
Lindsey Humes
Tim and Mary Hunt
Charles and Berit Hunter
Hunter College
Thomas J. and Nicole Hyne

David Isenberg and Paula Blumenthal
Kurt J. and Rhoda S. Isselbacher

Laurinda A. Jaffe
Anthony A. James
Ernest G. and Pauline B. Jaworski
The Joby Foundation Inc.
Robert K. Josephson
Sally S. and Ramsey E. Joslin

Darcy B. Kelley
R. Emmet and Gail Kenney
Alexey L. Khodjakov
David Kicklighter
David Kleinfeld
James J. Knierim
Mark Koide
Samuel S. and Sumi M. Koide
David B. Kriser Foundation, Inc.
Kiyoshi Kusano
Alan M. and B.J. Kuzirian

Ezra and Aimlee D. Laderman
Kevin L. and Sallie D. Lake
John R. and Andrea O. Lakian
George M. and Sylvia T. Langford
Catherine C. and John Lastavica
Holly A. Lavoie
Edward R. and Gloria A. Leadbetter
Joel A. and Gail Leavitt
John Lechner and Mary Higgins
Matt K. Lee
Marian E. LeFevre
Millie Lerner
Jack and Francine Levin
John E. and Natasha C. Lisman
Rodolfo R. and Gillian K. Llinás
James E. and Caroline S. Lloyd
Irving M. and Huguette London
Loomis, Sayles & Company
Michele Lorand and Paul Ringel
Joanna E. Lowell
Victoria H. and Francis C. Lowell
Howard W. Lowy
The Lubin Family Foundation
Anna Lysakowski

Robert E. and Marjorie J. Mainer
Mary Malloy
Phillip B. and Yvonne R. Maples
James Marcello
Julian B. and Priscilla K. Marsh
Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank Charitable Fund
Lowell V. and Ann J. Martin
W.B. Mason
Dale and Edward J. Mathias
Peter Matthiessen
Edwin McCleskey
William M. and Elaine D. McDermott
Richard B. McElvein
Dianne McFarlane
McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Jane A. McLaughlin
William N. and Marianne W. Mebane
Shuya Meguro
Dennis E. Meiss
Heidi Gifford Melas-Kyriazi
Richard P. and Katherine W. Mellon
Douglas A. Melton and Gail O’Keefe
Martin Mendelson
Merck Sharp & Dohme
Irwin and Ruth Merkatz
Melanie and Klein Merriman
Mid-American Water of Wauconda, Inc.
Stanley Mierzwa
Ricardo and Mela Miledi
David A. and Virginia I. Miller
Thomas J. and Susan R. Miller
Millicent and Eugene Bell Foundation
Mills Family Charitable Foundation
Hideo Mohri
Ronald B. Moir and Toni Czekanski
James F. and Lisa M. Mooney
Richard D. Mooney
Sean and Tracy Moore
Robert and Maura Morey
James T. Morris
H. Edward Muendel
Saylo and Elizabeth Munemitsu
Joan M. Murray
Mary U. Musacchia and James E. Faber

Knute J. Nadelhoffer and Barbara Billings
Harold Nash
Enrico Nasi and Maria E. Gomez
Philip and Sima Needleman
Phil Nehro
John M. and Linda C. Nelson
Jeanne M. Nerbonne
Neurobiotex Inc.
New England Biolabs, Inc.
Santo V. Nicosia
Bryan D. and Elaine K. Noe
Dana T. Nojima
Estate of John W. Norman
Normandie Foundation
Catherine N. Norton

Kenneth Olden
Rudolf and Nannette D. Oldenbourg
George D. and Bernice Pappas
The Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation
John W. and Cecilia H. Pehle
Robert H. and Pamela D. Pelletreau
Nancy Pendleton
Polly Penhale
The Pennyghael Foundation
Ralph F. Peo Foundation, Inc.
Frederick S. Peters
Stanley A. and Virginia V. Peterson
Victor Petkauskos
Robert B. and Evelyn M. Pharr
Frederick H. Pierce
Harmony Glazebrook Pittet
William K. Plunkett
Jeanne S. Poindexter
Harvey B. and Bette S. Pollard
The Polly Hill Arboretum
Robert Greenberg and Carol Pooser
Jahn Pothier
John S. Price
Promega Corporation
Gordon and Claire Prussian
Ronald J. Przybylski
Keith Purpura
Felicity A. Putnam

James P. and Joan M. Quigley

Irving W. Rabb
Edward Rastetter and Karen Hendrickson
Regional Technology Development Center of Cape Cod, Inc.
Richard and Bonnie Reiss
William S. and Catherine A. Reznikoff
The Rhad Trust
Fred and Gloria Rhoades
Richard H. and Margaret Rhoads
Paul and Susan Rhodes
Philip S. and Anne Robertson
David and Nan Robinson
The Rockefeller University Press
Lawrence C. and Victoria H. Rome
Joel L. Rosenbaum and Connie Drysdale
Paul and Melissa Ross
William N. Ross and Nechama Lasser-Ross
Robert Rubenstein and Marie Raftery
John D. and Jean M. Rummel
Michael G. Ryan and Linda A. Joyce
Carol Ann Ryder

James Sailer and Cass Conrad
Joseph W. and Jean M. Sanger
Noriyuki Satoh
Anne W. Sawyer
Howard K. and Ethel L. Schachman
Mari Takasu Scheiffele and Peter Scheiffele
Jay Schippers
Herbert Schuel
Scott M. Schulte
Laura Segal and Matthew Petrie
Sol Sepsenwol
Harriet S. and Howard E. Shapiro
Gaius and Eleanore Shaver
Kate Lake Shaw
Alexandra E. Shea
Guojun Sheng
David and Marilyn Sheprow
L. David Sibley
Arthur and Frances Silverstein
Bonnie W. Simon
Roger D. and Carol J. Sloboda
Greenfield and Patrica Sluder
Stephen J. Smith and JoAnn Buchanan
John and Evelyn Steele
Andreas C. Stemmer
William K. and Jane B. Stephenson
Paul A. and Pamela T. Steudler
Edward and Anne Stimpson
Steven F. Stoddard
Elijah W. Stommel and Jasmin Bihler
Jerome and Catherine Strauss
Antony O. W. Stretton
Boris Striepen
Sugar, Friedberg & Felsenthal
Mutsuyuki and Shirley M. Sugimori
William C. and Karen A. Summers
Raquel and Maurice Sussman
Kelly J. Suter

Margaret W. Taft
Anne C. and Robert Talley
G. Pran Talwar
Martha E. Tarafa
D. Lansing and M. Margaret Taylor
Emil D. and Eleanor H. Tietje
John Tochko and Christina Myles-Tochko
Victor K. and Julia Tolkan
Laurence C. Torsher
Noah and Janet B. Totten
David M. and Jeanne D. Travis
Kenyon S. and Joan Tweedell

Volker and Mary Ulbrich
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Falmouth
Jeanine A. Ursitti

Toby J. Velte
Gilbert Verney Foundation
Estate of Claude A. Villee, Jr.
Susan Volman
Leslie B. Vosshall

Carol A. and Stephen P. Wagner
Warburg Pincus
Gary Ward and Zail Berry
Richard H. and Doris Waring
Jane E. Warshaw
Clare M. Waterman
Annemarie Weber
Janis C. Weeks and William M. Roberts
Frances Weiffenbach
Edward and Dia Weil
The Adam J. Weissman Foundation
Andrew Weissmann
John and Barbara Weyand
Clifton R. Wharton
Byron and Anita Wien
Eric Wieschaus and Trudi Schupbach
Roland L. and Nancy Wigley
Clare M. Wilber
Clayton A. and Arlene Wiley
Helen and Albert Wilson
Leslie J. and Elizabeth M. Wilson
John and Patty Wineman
Wise Living
Jonathan B. and Beatrice Wittenberg
W. Redwood and Mary Wright

Linda and William Zammer Foundation Fund
Michael J. and Naomi Zigmond
Steven and Dorothy Zottoli

Other Gifts
Anonymous (45)
Thomas H. Aal
Robert F. Aarstad
Mark Abad
Mark and Joan Ann Abbett
Jayne Abbott
Joan Abbott
Laurence and Catherine Abbott
John Aber
Ronald F. Abercrombie
Irwin Abrams
Robin W. Ackroyd
James A. and Candy Adams
Josephine Adams
Kristina M. Adams Waldorf
Nii A. Addy
David E. Adelberg
Lea H. Adelstein
Abdulbaki Agbas
Goran Agren
David C. and Jean E. Ahearn
Helen Ahearn
Kamran Ahmed
Jonas Ahnfelt-Ronne
Marc Airhart
Emre R. Aksay
Merryl Alber
Daniel and Nancy Albert
MaryAnn Albertine
David F. Albertini
Beverly Alexander
Douglas G. and Kathleen Alexander
Marselle O. Alexander-Ozinskas
Dianne M. and Thomas V. Allen
Donald G. and Judith Allen
Rosalind J. Allen
Mark and Mary Anne Alliegro
Peggy and Fred Alsup
Francisco Alvarado
David S. and Beverly K. Ament
Penny S. Amy
Anchor Print & Design
C. Ronald Anderson
Ruth Anderson
W. Banks Anderson
Andor Technology
William DeWitt Andrus, Jr.
Agnes Lee Ang
Lynne and Robert Angerer
Scott L. Applebaum
Erin and Barry Aprison
Ricardo C. Araneda
Irina Arkhipova
Alexandra Armstrong
Ellen P. and Richard Armstrong
Gwyneth Armstrong
William F. Arndt, Jr.
Elizabeth I. Arnold
Mike and Elana Arnold
Senthil Arumugam
Shinobu Asano
Michael S. Ascher
Robert F. Ashman
Francis T. Ashton
Duncan P. and Dorothy D. Aspinwall
Vijay H. Aswani
Jelle Atema
Mary S. Atkisson and Joel White
Barbara Atwood
June and Joseph Atwood
Nathaniel B. Atwood and Susan A. Parkes
James W. Atz
W. Lena Austin
Andrea R. Avila
John J. and Lorraine S. Aziz

Serapio M. Baca
Robert L. Bacallao
Beth Bacha
Rebecca K. Baer
Michele and Frank Bahr
Ronald C. Baird
Spencer L. Baird and Judy P. Spencer
Clare V. Baker
Nicholas J. Baker
Arax Balakian
Joseph Baldino
Thomas O. Baldwin and Miriam M. Ziegler
Ganesh Balgi
Emily P. Balskus
Michael J. Baltzley
Rolf and Edda Bandle
Molly Bang
Matthew R. Banghart
James D. Bangs
Banner Environmental Services, Inc.
Gary Banta
Jianxin Bao
Madelyn M. Baran
Robert Barker and Marla Schay Baker
James Barlow
John E and Helen V. Barnes
Michael J. Barnes
Nancy Barnett
Barnstable Intermediate School
Harold and Marion Barr
Ernest Barreto
Dennis Barrett
Elizabeth Barrows
Diana C. Bartelt
Nelson R. Barton
Alexandra L. Basolo
Lawrence E. Bathgate
Barbara-Anne Battelle and James P. Alligood
George H. Batterson
William Battin
Norman Bauman
David H. Beach
Cheryl Beano
Nancy Bearss and Jennifer Lindsay
Michael A. Becker
John Beckerle
Jonathan Beckwith
Mary Beckwith
Matthew and Judy Beecher
Deborah Y. Beers-Jones
Paul Begovac
Elizabeth Kujawinski Behn
Edward Joseph Behrman
Donald and Virginia M. Belanger
Marlene and George Belfort
Brittany J. Belin
Curtis Bell
David M. Bell
Albert Belman
Andrew Belmonte
Elia Ben-Ari
Jim and Jessica Benjamin
Thomas L. and Mary Jo Benjamin
Kenneth Bento
C. John and Elizabeth B. Berg
Christopher Berger
Jane A. Berger and Roger O. Gittines
Joanne E. Berger-Sweeney
Everett and Anne Bergman
Dominique C. Bergmann
William H. Bergstrom
Gerald Bergtrom
John and Barbara Berkenfield
Selim Berker and Carol Trauner
Ari Berkowitz
Edward R. and Doreen A. Berling
Joel C. Berman
Judith and Michael Berman
Joan M. Bernhard
Elaine K. Bernstein
David Berreby
Viviana M. Berthoud
Neil Bettez and Gretchen Gettel
Olive C. Beverly
Francisco Bezanilla
Maja I. Bialecka-Fornal
Stanley J. Bielen
George H. and Wendy Bigelow
Michael Bihari
Jay B. Bikoff
Allen and Joan Bildner
Maks and Naomi Birnbach
Ethel E. Bishop
Stephen H. and C. Lynn Bishop
Shirley Bissen
Dieter and Gigi Blennemann
Dawn M. Blitz
Avis Blomberg
Gail A. Blout
Blue Spruce Technologies Inc.
Eric Blum
Joanne Blum
Scott Blum
Edward M. Blumenthal
Thomas Blumenthal
Amy Lynn Boardman and Robert Purcell Collins
Richard S. Bockman
Susan and Hank Bode
Brenda J. Bodian
Elinor W. Bodian
Susan E. Boehme
David Boettiger
Andrew W. Bollen
Lonegan Bonczek and Mary Makela
Edward Michael Bonder
Mark R. Boothby
Elizabeth A. Booth-Gauthier
David Borden
Andrew and JeanneMarie Borgese
Richard T. Born
Lawrence and Sandy Bornstein
Chiara Boschetti
Sarah W. Bottjer
Joyce Bottum
Willliam and Linda Bowden
Jennifer L. Bowen
Gwynn Akin Bowers
Henry Bowers
Nancy J. Bowers
Courtney M. Bowker
Barbara C. and John F. Boyer
Peter and Joan Boyer
Anne Weinberger Bracy
Albert and Deborah Bradley
Scott T. Brady
Thomas and Janet Brady
Margaret Brandon
Brigitte F. Brandriff
Aaron Bravman
Stanley G. Braxton
Elizabeth Breen
Catherine A. Brennan
Phyllis S. Brenner
John Brereton
David N. Breslauer
Charles and Helen Bresnahan
Elizabeth Allen Brett
Giovanna Breu
John and Renee Breznak
Anthony Briana
Lawson W. Brigham
Kenneth H. Brink
Bill Brinkley
Andrew Brittingham
Peter Brodfuehrer
Burt V. Bronk
Rebecca Bronson
Austin E. Brooks
Phil and Shirley Brooks
Laura C. Broughton
John and Elaine F. Brouillard
Jennifer Byrnes Brower
Barbara Brown
M. Kathryn S. and Thomas A. Brown
Stephen C. and Patricia S. Brown
Melinda Browne
Robert H. Broyles
John L. Brubacher
Judy A. Bruguiere
Jerí Bryant
Gurdon S. Buck
Peter M. Buck
Daniel H. Buckley
Ann C. Bucklin and Peter Wiebe
John E. Buffington
David A. Bumcrot
Susan M. Burden-Gulley
David R. Burgess and Rita Hogan
Deborah M. Burgess
Richard R. Burgess
Alan H. Burghauser
Ingrid Burke and William Lauenroth
Joseph W. Burke
Patrick D. and Patricia A. Burke
Arnold H. and Ruth B. Burrough
Elizabeth H. Burrows
Harold L. and Joan N. Burstyn
Shirley Businski
William and Geraldine Butman
Bruce E. and Patrice L. Buxton
Karen Buzby
Robert David Bynum
Vetria L. Byrd

George and Yara T. Cadwalader
Yuping A. Cai
Arthur and Booje Calfee
Patrick J. and Mary R. Calie
John L. and Virginia C. Callahan
Linda M. Callahan
David and Janet Campbell
James W. Campbell
Leah J. Campbell
Patricia Campbell
Ronald and Vivian Campbell
Francesco Canganella
Julie C. Canman
Thomas Cannold
Cynthia S. Cappello
Diana Caracino
Zoe and Andrew Cardon
Kevin R. Carman
Joanne B. Carnevale
Robert J. and Louise A. Carney
Carol Laikin Carpenter
Edward J. Carpenter and Gerdi Weidner
Stephen R. and Susan G. Carpenter
Catherine Emily Carr
Margaret W. and Samuel B. Carr
Robert H. and Myra S. Carrier
Ashley R. Carter
Robert and Evelyn Carvalho
Lilliam Casillas-Martinez
Geraldine J. Casper
Robert G. Cassens
Joseph D. Cassidy
Lynne U. Cassimeris
Edward Castaneda
Maria Castello
J. Douglas Caston
Margaret Catley-Carlson
James Catterall and Jean Schweis
Robert and Penny Catzen
Mary P. Cavanaugh
Michael C. Cerio
Anthony Cerrone
Alfred B. Chaet
Jungwon Chai
Remy P. Chait
Susan Chamberlain
Natalie Chambers
Alvarus Chan
Jane Chance
Albert Chang
Donald C. Chang
Yueh Chang and Jeffery Watson
The Chapin School
Louise K. Charkoudian
Richard and Patricia G. Chartrand
John and Sandra Checklick
Lu Chen
Clarissa M. Cheney
Lisa Y. Chiang
Chi-Bin Chien
Children’s School of Science, Inc.
Florin V. Chirila
Matthew and Sarah Chisholm
Carol Chittenden
A. Kent Christensen
John A. Christian
Keith Christianson
Scott G. and Penelope P. Chrysler
Magdalena B. Chrzanowska-Wodnicka
Isabel G. Cintron-Garcia
Ellen S. and George B. Citron
Thomas and Rachel Claflin
Benton C. Clark
George A. Clark
Maria E. Clark
Tucker Clark
Vera S. Clark
Charles G. Clarke
David Clarke
John M. and Theresa M. Clarkin
Philippa Claude
Janet Clay
Leonard Cleary
Susan D. Clements-Rabatin
Hollis T. Cline
Graeme Cloutte
William T. Clusin
Margaret H. and Edward W. Coburn
Eric P. and Christine Cody
Mort and Susan Cohan
Bradley and Katie Cohen
Bruce S. Cohen
Elizabeth Ann Cohen
Maryanne and Isidore Cohen
Jean Cohen
Joel and Helen Cohen
Maynard M. and Doris V. Cohen
Rochelle S. Cohen and Rex Sexton
Saul Cohen
Seymour S. Cohen
George Cohn
Robert Colasacco
Barbara A. Colburn
Jonathan J. Cole
Annette W. and John R. Coleman
Katherine Coleman
Rebecca Coleman
Scott L. Collins
Stephen D. Collins
Beth Colt and P.K. Simonds
Marc D. Coltrera and Anne L. Buchinski
Committee for the Conservation of
Horseshoe Crabs
Elizabeth B. Conant
Susan B. Conaty-Buck
Concord Christian Academy
Priscilla N. and Alan Conger
Sean D. Conner
Peter and Susan Connolly
Lou-Anne Conroy
Martha Constantine-Paton and H. Robert Horvitz
Catherine E. Cook
Joseph A. and Betty Ann Cook
Ruth Cooke
Nathaniel S. and Catherine E. Coolidge
Elizabeth Cooney
Edwin L. Cooper
Frederick Cooper and Karen Gordon
Gail Cooper
Margaret S. Cooper
Margery and Neil Cooper
Alice Cooperstein
Marie Cordner
Sallie Riggs Corgan
Anita Corliss
Bruce and Teresa Corliss
John O. and Yuemei G. Corliss
Robert A. Cornell
Trinka S. Coster
Laura F. Cotlin
Paul Cotran
Sandra Cottingham
Ernest F. and Keiko Couch
Yves Courtois
Pamela A. Coutchie
Patrica Cowan
Vincent Cowling and Charlene R. Lewis
John Crabbe
Susan W. and Nessly C. Craig
Melvin C. and Margery L. Crain
Michael and Catherine Crane
John D. Crawford
Karen Crawford
Sally A. Crawford
Chris Crockett
Jeffrey G. Croll
John B. Cromie
Christopher S. Cronan
Helen M. Crossley
W. Peter Crossley
James F. and Ann C. Crow
John Henry Crowe
Bernard G. and Karen W. Crowell
Jeff Crowell
Prince S. Crowell, III
Paul Cruikshank
John Cunniff, M.D.
Lynn P. and Courtland B. Cunningham
Mary Ellen M. Cunningham
James F. Cupo
Alice M. Curry
Robert A. and Donna Curtis
Richard D. and Virginia M. Cutler

Yuri A. Dabaghian
Sandra L. Dabora
Veronica Dagostino
Stephen C. Dahl
Leslie M. Dalmacio
Sandra L. Damato
Amber L. Dance
Janet B. Daniels
John and Gwen Daniels
William C. Daniels
Gregory Alan Dasch
Andrea d’Avella
John R. and Roberta A. David
Florence H. Davidson and Leonard Kreidermacher
Graham C. Davis
Gregory K. Davis
Roger S. and Marcia Davis
Rowland H. Davis
Nigel W. and Leila Daw
Syrel Dawson
Marisol de Jesus-Berrios
Robilee F. Deane
Joseph A. DeGiorgis
Robert L. and Marianne S. DeHaan
Nahid S. DeLanney
Nicholas and Elena Delbanco
James M. Denegre
John and Beverly G. Densler
Katy A. Depew
Charles Derby
Abbey E. DeRocker
David J. DeRosier and Esta B. Markin
Richard J. DeSa
Wolf-Dietrich Dettbarn
Stephan M. Deutsch
Marie A. DiBerardino
Charles A. and Molly A. DiCecca
Suzanne M. DiChiara
Byram Dickes
Michael H. Dickinson
Paul and Martha Diehl
Virginia A. and Richard C. Dierker
Kenneth Dill
Ellen and Fred DiMeco
Bruce A. Diner
Vincent E. Dionne
Ellen Roter Dirksen
Karen L. Divelbiss
Helen and Joseph Dixon
Thelma D. and Jonathan S. Dixon
Thuy A. Doan
Dirk Dobbelaere
Fred C. Dobbs
Howard T. Dodd
Liam Dolan
Michael F. Dolan
Pavel Dolezal
Ellen P. Donaldson
Peter J. Donaldson
Tabitha Doniach
Laneta Dorflinger
Barbara J. Douglass
David L. Douglass
Dustin L. Dovala
David D. Dow
Karen G. Dowell
Daniel Doyle
Peter Drake
Julie Drawbridge
Joseph and Esther Dresner
Barbara T. Driggers
Charles and Kimberley M. Driscoll
Cindy Driscoll
Suzanne Droban
Dorothy L. Drummey
Arthur Dudden
Henry and Marilyn P. Dudley
Mark and Lorraine S. Duewiger
Maureen J. Dugan
Donald Dugger
Quan-Yang Duh and Ann Comer
Catherine Asleson Dundon
Kathleen Dunlap
Allan and Linda Dunn
Ivy Dunn
Nigel Stuart Dunn-Coleman
Christopher and Portia Durbin
Rita and Paul E. Dussault
Charles Dwane
Richard and Kathi Dwelle
Anne W. Dyer
Rhonda Dzakpasu

Brian F. Eames
Early Learning of Medfield, Inc.
Eastside Christian Chrurch
Clifton H. Eaton and Nilde Diefenbach
Hoyt and Deborah Ecker
Laurel A. Eckhardt
Carol Bernstein Eckstein
Kenneth T. and Kathryn H. Edds
Marcia Edwards
David A. Egloff
Frank Egloff
Frank Egloff, II
Judith S. Eisen
George T. Eisenhoffer, Jr.
Lincoln and Ruth Ekstrom
Kate Eldred
Carlyn Ellms
Encore of Falmouth Newcomers
Alvin and Hsiao Eng
Mary Engel and Nolan Hester
Gabriella J. Engelhardt Farnham
Paul T. Englund and Christine S. Schneyer
Helen Mittlacher Erickson
Henry Erle
Ali Eroglu
Barbara B. Espey
Juan S. Espinosa
Gordon C. Estabrooks
Marilynn E. Etzler
Thomas E. Evans
Robert R. and Ann Everett
Arnold G. and Paula B. Eversole

Donald and Jo Faber
Suzanne Fachon-Kalweit
Debra Ann and James M. Fadool
Patricia M. Failla
Alexandra S. Fairfield
Peter Falco
Nancy L. Falk
Falmouth Newcomers Club
Jerome and Barbara Fanger
Alan Scott Fanning
Elizabeth M. Farnham
Helen C. Farrington
John W. Farrington
George Feher
Peter S. Feibleman
Andrew and Amy Feinberg
Marta Feldmesser
Marla B. Feller
Benjamin Felzer
Caraciolo J. Fernandes
Philip and Barbara Ferro
Barry William Festoff
Joseph R. Fetcho
Mark Fichman and Ruth Fauman-Fichman
Stephen A. and Denise P. Fiedler
Don and Joyce Filiault
Caleb E. Finch
Stuart Findlay
Edward J. and Debra L. Fine
Gerald Fine and Victoria LeFevre
Alan and Joan Finkelstein
Eric B. Finkelstein
Jacques C. Finlay and Sarah E. Hobbie
Cyril V. Finnegan, Jr.
Bruce and Virginia Finnie
First United Methodist Church of Chatham
Robert S. Fischer
Lawrence K. and Atsuko Fish
Michael J. and Joann Fishbein
Frederick S. and Ingeborg K. Fisher
Laura S. Fishler
Harvey M. and Susan Fishman
Ruth Alice Fitz
Kevin W. Fitzpatrick
Robert and Winifred Fitzpatrick
Thomas R. Flanagan
John W. Fleeger
John Fleischman
Roger Fleischman
Karl W. Flessa and Mari N. Jensen
Mark and Ellen Floyd
Mary Pat Flynn
John W. Folino, Jr.
Andrew A. Forbes
Byron D. Ford
John H. Ford
Darhl Lois Foreman
Warren Forma
Franklin W. Fort
John Forte
Alvin K. Fossner
Barbara A. Foster
David R. Foster
James A. Foster
Sarah Q. Foster
Stenio P. Fragoso
Charles D. Frame
Ivy Frances
Peter J. Franco
Elizabeth Frank
Frank R. and Agnes Franklin
Peter Franklin
Carie M. Frantz
Ben FrantzDale
Alfred Franzblau
Stephan and Anne Franzino
Nancy and Joseph V. Fraser
Chris and Cathleen Frederickson
Ted and Harriet Fredman
Michael A. Freed
Kenneth Freedman and Steven Weiss
Anne Freeman
Arthur and Linda Freeman
Christopher J. Freeman
Hadley Mack French
Krystyna Frenkel
Hugo D. and Anita R. Freudenthal
Paul J. and Patricia S. Freyheit
Friedberg Properties & Associates
David F. Friedman
Edward and Susan Friedman
Larry Jay Friedman
Marvin and Rivka Friedman
Ronny Frishman
Matthew Frosch
Robert A. and Jessica R. Frosch
William Frost and Lise S. Eliot
Anne E. Fry
Barry J. Fry
Brian D. Fry
Paul A. Fuchs
Ichiro Fujita
Yoshiko Fujita
Shigeki Fujiwara
Howard J. Fuller
William Fuqua
John Furfey
Edwin J. Furshpan and Shelagh A. Foreman

Theresa Gaasterland
The Mordecai & Elinor Gabriel Foundation
Michael and Bridget Gabriel
Mordecai L. and Elinor R. Gabriel
Barbara P. Gaffron
Arthur G. Gaines
Timothy R. Gainey
Marzena M. Gajecka
Lisa Gallagher and Gregory Ruffa
Paul E. Gallant
Mark A. Gallo
Gloria Gallo-Cromie
Nicki Gamble
Maureen A. Gannon
David E. and Andrea Garber
Amaya Garcia Costa
John A. Garcia
Jose E. Garcia-Arraras
Frederic Gardner and Sherley G. Smith
Michael R. and Mary Garfield
Sallyann Garner
Eugene and Evelyn Garnett
Patricia E. Garrett and Oliver H. Woshinsky
Rita A. and Leslie Garrick
Paul A. and Kim Garris
Patricia Garrity
Jennifer H. Garvin
Mark Gasarch
C. Vernon Gaw
Stephen E. Gellis
Alan and Kate Gelperin
Elizabeth L. George
Mary George
Susan Gerbi-McIlwain
Gabriele Gerlach
Robin Gerlach
James L. and Margaret F. German
Thomas Gewecke
Hugh H. Gibbons
Wallace and Anne Gibbons
Suzanne M. Gibson
Cameron E. and Margaret J. Gifford
Gilbane Building Company
Cole Gilbert
William and Joanne Gilbrook
Donald Giller
Martha J. Gillis
Bruce P. and Gael Gilmore
Ann M. Ginsberg
Marguerite Anne Girling
Barbara B. Glade
Amy S. Gladfelter
David L. Glanzman
MaryLou Glazer
James A. Glazier
Richard H. Glew
Ann I. Glusker
Don Richard Goe
Ethan M. Goldberg
Catherine Morrison Golden
Fred Golden
Heidi E. Golden
Jerome and Gloria Golden
Joan R. Golden
Michael R. and Ellen Goldenberg
Robert Golder
David J. Goldhamer
Charles R. Goldman
Jerome and Eileen Goldman
Jonathan and Nicole Goldman
Rina Goldman
Michael P. Goldring
Joshua Goldstein
Kenneth H. Goldstein
Thelma Goldstein
Ethan Goldstine
Josef Goldufsky
Gabrielle B. Goode
Charlotte Goodhue
Vicki L. Goodman
Sarah C. Goodrich
Holly V. Goodson-Hildreth
Charlotte O. Goodwin
Arthur C. and Ilse E. Gorbach
Katherine Gordon
Marion K. Gordon
Martin Gorovsky
Michael Gottlieb
Esther M. Goudsmit
Laura Gough and Henry Lamousin
Douglas B. Gould
Muriel Gould
Robert M. and Marianne Gould
Robert A. Goyer
Bernice Grafstein
Louise and Jim Graham
Roger K. Graham
Henry J. Grass, M.D.
Judith P. and J. Frederick Grassle
Paul A. Gray
Philip and Carol Greco
Adrian Green
Deborah A. and Anthony D. Green
Edith S. Green
Philip and Barbara E. Green
Stefan J. Green
Lewis J. Greene
Frederic and Jocelyn Greenman
Julius Sidney Greenstein
Debra S. Grega
Janet M. Gregg
Leslie G. and James K. Gregg-Jolly
Huson and Edith Gregory
Roger L. Greif
Edwin R. Griff
Jeanne B. and B. H. Griffith
Patrick A. Griffith
James A. Grifo
Warren M. Grill
Laura Grosch and Herb Jackson
Barbara S. and Leslie F. Gross
Jerome Gross
Robert Grossfeld
Albert and Sondra Grossman
David M. Grossman
Howard I. Grossman
Lawrence I. and Esta S. Grossman
Jeanne Guillemin-Meselson
Jay M. Gulledge
Charuni A. Gunaratne
Gregg Gundersen
M. Joslyn Gurley
Gilbert F. Gwilliam
Nancy J. Gwynne

Janet Haas
Matthew Hackenberg
Antoine F.O. Hadamard
E. Janet Hager
Jill K. Hahn
Stephen L. and Ann S. Hajduk
Kasturi Haldar
John Haldenstein
Ronald J. Haley
John E. Hall
Sidney Halperen
Marnie E. Halpern
Keri A. Halsema
Halsey Family Foundation
Lisa M. Halvorson
Tom and Lisa Hammett
Jin-Kwan Han
Arnold Hanawalt
Patricia C. and Frederick J. Hancox
Carla Cerami Hand
Benjamin and Judith G. Handelman
Roger T. and Arlene Hanlon
Anne M. Hanneken
Debra Tumbula Hansen
Frank and Barbara Hanson
Clifford V. Harding, Jr.
Clifford V. Harding and Mina K. Chung
Marie Hardwick
Linda and Gerry Hare
Maureen and Arthur Harlow-Hawks
Kristen M. Harris and Max Snodderly
Mary Harris
Stephen Coplan Harrison
Peter Hartline and Rebecca Kucera
James and Martha Hartmann
Buzz and Janis Harvey
Janet M. Harvey
Pamela D. Harvey
Audrey E. Haschemeyer
Valerie J. Haskins
William A. and Jeannine M. Hatch
Sally Hauck
Dorothy Haugaard
John Hay
Raymond L. Hayes, Jr.
UnJa L. Hayes
David S. Hays
Rhonda L. Hazell
Jane M. Heald
Judith M. Healy
Edward S. and Mary G. Heard
Alice B. Hearn
Gina and Edmund A. Hebert
Jeffrey C. and Lois S. Hecht
William Allen Held
Edward E. Heller
Simone Helluy
James R. Henriksen
John H. Henson
Peter K. and Margaret H. Hepler
James J. Herlan
Michael and Donna Herlihy
Caterina M. Hernandez
Marco A. Herrera-Valdez
Scott B. Herrick
Theodore T. and Ethel G. Herskovits
Philip L. Hertzler
Ellen Hertzmark
Sharon E. Hesterlee
Catherine E. Hibbitt and Tim Rockwell
Karen M. Hibbitt
Joseph and Barbara Hichar
Caitlin E. Hicks
Jay Hiller
David M. and Ann Hillis
Ralph Hillman
Howard D. Hinkle
Rodney Hinkle and Kirstin A. Moritz
Larry Hinzman
Arlene A. Hirano
Stephen Hirschhorn
Akira Hishinuma
Sarah E. Hitchcock-DeGregori
David Hobbie
Erik and Alison Hobbie
Lawrence and Layne Hobbie
Ann Snow Hobbs
Harry Hochheiser
Nina W. and Andrew C. Hocker
Ruth A. Hodges
Edward S. Hodgson, Jr.
Tracy M. Hodgson
Eileen E. Hofmann
Deborah A. Hogan
Cheryl Hogue
Mark Hollander
Robert and Patricia Hollett
Holliston High School
George Holman
Max and Gabby Holmes
Richard Holt
Robert G. Holt
Raymond W. Holton
Jane Holtz
Seymour and Victoria E. Holtzman
Timothy E. Holy
George G. Holz, IV
Christina Holzapfel
Frederick C. Homan
Uwe Homberg
Jon Honea
Betsy and John Honey
Lewis and Carol Honig
Charles Hoopes
Mary C. Hopkinson
Kenneth W. Horch
Erich F. Horgan
Anita B. Horn
Edward G. Horn
Melvyn Horwith
Sally Hoskins
Richard A. and Susan M. Houghton
James A. and Marie G. Houle
Robert C. Howard
Christine L. Howe
Zdenka Hradecna
Ru-Chih C. Huang
Mary B. Hubbard
Franz Huber
Robert Huber
Jennifer M. Huettner
Linda A. Hufnagel
Jeffrey and Karen A. Hughes
Edward M. Hulburt
Joan S. Hunt
Patricia A. Hunt
Alice Hunter
Colleen D. Hunter
W. Bruce and Suzanne I. Hunter
Charles E. Huntington
Deborah Hursh and Mark Mortin
Ralph and Joyce Hurvitz
Jerard Hurwitz
Jodie L. Hurwitz
Tim and Mary Husted
Deborah Hyland
Kerwin E. Hyland, Jr.
Thomas R. Hynes
Julie Hysom

Michael J. Iadarola
Jayne M. Iafrate and Barbara Stephens
Lynne Ierardi-Curto
Antje Ihlefeld
Ichio F. and Naoko Ii
Robert F. Illgen
Kachi Illoh
Nicholas A. and Laura M. Ingoglia
Felix and Yolanda E. Inigo
Institute for Sensory Research
Integralis Inc. Boston
Richard and Nancy Intres
Allen Isaacson
Sara Isenberg
Haruhiko Itagaki
Stephen K. and Patricia W. Itaya
Minami Ito
Michael T. Ivy

Jon W. Jacklet
Kenneth Jackson
Michael and Gail Jackson
Christina Jacobi
Allison E. Jacobs
Beverly and Paul Jacobson
Dieter Jaeger
Richard and Kathleen Jaeger
Lionel Jaffe
Daniel E. James
Edward and Jeannine James
Eric R. James
Gregory J. Jennings
Mari N. Jensen
Daniel A. Jimenez
Sigrid Schenk Joachimsthaler
A. Kristine Johnson
Benjamin R. Johnson
Carl F. Johnson
Carl H. Johnson
Carolyn L. Johnson
Hansen Johnson
James E. and Kathryn M. Johnson
Nancy A. Johnson
Barbara Johnson-Wint
Daniel and Jean Johnston
Dean and Mary Johnston
Elizabeth Ann Jonas and Thomas D. Eisen
Andrew C. Jones
Benjamin F. Jones and Juliet Sorensen
James M. and Olaive Jones
Margaret H. and DeWitt C. Jones
Marlene S. Jones
James D. Jontes
Marilyn J. Jordan
Erik M. Jorgensen
Susan Joslin

Kathryn Kachavos
Leonard K. and Sheila F. Kaczmarek
Gar Kaganowich
Harry S. Kahn
James W. and Ann P. Kalat
Doris Kalisman
Caramai N. Kamei
Yoshie Kamei
Fred I. Kamemoto
Irving and Selma Kamil
Ritsu Kamiya
Marianna M. Kane
Edna S. Kaneshiro
Joan T. and John W. Kanwisher
Benjamin Kaplan and Rita Farber
James L. Kaplan
Matthew Kaplan
Richard Kaplan
Frank Karger
Richard F. Karger
Gloria Kariotis
David M. Karl
Melanie Karp
Sally Karush
Karen E. Kasza
David C. Katz
Marcella Katz
Michael G. Kauffman
Seth N. Kauppinen
Gordon I. Kaye
Murat Kaynar
Jon Kayyem
Edward L. and Edna Kean
M. Whitney Keen
Michael J. Kell
Hartmut E. and Karla H. Keller
Thomas C. S. and Laura R. Keller
Hans Kellner and Ruth Gross
Doreen R. Kelly
Robert E. Kelly
Samuel W. Kelsey
James and Paula Kemler
Robert G. Kemp
Richard E. and Cynthia Kendall
Margaret A. Kenna, M.D.
Katherine Kennedy
Thomas C. and Mary Ann Kenny
Richard S. Kent
Patricia E. Keoughan
Lee Kerkhof
Don and Marlys Kerr
Louis M. and Brenda Kerr
Nasim Khan
Lynda A. Kiefer
Thomas L. Kieft
Kathleen A. Killian
Jennifer Kimbell
Betsy King
Camille M. King
David and Camilla King
Donald W. King
Gilbert and Katharine King
Jennifer M. King
Richard H. and Reta King
Robert C. and Virginia King
Robert P. King
John M. and Louise Kingsbury
Kevin M. Kingsland
Jane Kinkle
Otto Kinne
George W. Kipphut
Robert V. Kirchen
David Louis Kirchman
Mark D. Kirk
Leonard B. Kirschner
Marc W. and Phyllis Kirschner
Jessica Kissinger
Elizabeth R. Kittrie
Peter N. Kivy and Joan Pearlman
Norman R. Klath
David L. Klein
Donald and Sandra Klein
Ophir D. Klein
Paul Kligfield
George W. Kling
Michele M. Klingbeil
Peter A. Klock
Alan Klotz
Paul W. and Virginia Knaplund
Alan K. Knapp
Charles Knauss
Collin Knauss
Paul M. and Carol L. Knopf
Robert E. Knowlton
Robert A. and Cynthia Knudson
William Kobyljanec
Susan Kohn
Dana J. Kolibachuk
Deborah and Walther Kondig
Kenneth Korach
Ellyn V. Korzun
Barry Evan Kosofsky
Edward M. Kosower
Michael and Jennifer Kosowsky
Birgit Kovacs
George H. Kowallis
C. Edward Kowalski
Keith G. Kozminski
Timothy W. Kraft
Mike and Beth Kramer
Matthew D. Krasowski
Geri Kreitzer
James N. Kremer
John and Susan Krezoski
Elinor Kritzman
Andrew M. Kropinski and Peggy A. Pritchard
Jason Krumholz and Emily Manz
J. Gijs Kuenen
Virginia Kuykendall

Kate R. Labrador
Leo E. and Joan LaChance
Alta S. and Bela Lahner
Monina R. Lahoz
David Lambert
Robert P. and Ginny Lambrecht
Yolanda C. Landrau
Michael J. Landzberg
Nancy Lang
Meryl and Melvin Langbort
James and Elinor Langer
Deborah A. Lans
Jeffry B. Lansman
Louis S. and Camilla B. Larrey
Melinda Larsen and Michael Gerdes
Gail Larsen-MacPhee
Keith LaScalea
Howard S. Lasher
Stephen and Debi Laster
Susan Laster and Terry Little
Bruce B. Latham
Joyce Whitehead Lathbury
Richard and Adrienne Latimer
James Laundre and Bonnie Kwiatkowski
Jennifer LaVail
A.W.D. and Fay LaVigne
Sylvia Law
Mary E. Lawrence
Marie M. Lawrie
Jeffrey Lazarus and Phyllis Cohen
Corinne Le Bovit
Berton J. and Barbara E. Leach
Marie-Claire Lebeau
Janine M. LeBlanc-Straceski
Denis R. Lecavalier
Elizabeth E. LeClair
Joan Lederman
Cindy Lee
Kyeng Gea Lee
Sue Ying Lee
Susan E. Leeman
Vanessa LeFevre
Diane Rielinger Legault
Robert Owen Lehman
William J. Lehman
George Leipzig
Tanya Leise
Ardean Leith
Russ Lemcke
Ellen K. LeMosy
David P. Lenzi
Mark Lesk
Charles Leverone
Janet Miller Levie
Myron Levine
Richard B. and Jane M. Levine
Thomas Levine
Francoise Levinthal
Herbert and Karen B. Levitan
Ann L. Lezberg
Steven William L’Hernault
Elizabeth and Paige L’Hommedieu
Chenghui Li
Jade Li
Wei Li
Bruce T. Liang
Min-Ken Liao
Richard T. Libby
Gene E. Likens
James S. and Alice J. Liljestrand
Bruss R. Lima
James and Cynthia Limberakis
Shin-Yi Lin
Richard W. and Madeleine A. Linck
Nancy Kane Lind
Lennart and Ann C. Lindberg
Scott Lindell and Alison Leschen
Jon Martin Lindstrom
Jairam Lingappa
Benedikt Linskens
Anne M. Linton
Raymond J. Lipicky
Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
Eve and Ted Lippold
Stephen J. Lipson
James C. Lisak
Joan W. Lisak
Barbara C. Little
Little Harbor Foundation
Madeleine Littman
Jylene M. Livengood
Robert and Laura Livingstone
William and Joan M. Lloyd
Phillip S. Lobel
Edward and Jennifer Lobenhofer
Edward Locke
Charles F. and Keran Lockhart
Edgar Lockwood and Claire Cohen
Robert A. Loest
Frank A. and Mary W. Loewus
Ann M. Lohof
Barbara M. Lom
Frank J. and Kathryn L. Longo
Paulette Loomis
Barbara T. Loring
Janet Loring
Susan Loucks
Robert L. and Gwyneth E. Loud
Alane Love
Warner E. Love
Thomas E. Lovejoy
Richard C. Lovering
Janet S. Loynes
Roger C. and Mary Ann Lucas
Kaitlyn Lucey
Richard H. C. Lucius
Louise M. Luckenbill
William B. Ludington
Bjoern Ch Ludwar
Chris M. Luecke
Zella Luria
Lawrence Lynch Corp.
Craig Lyons
Gary E. Lyons
W. Berry Lyons
Katherine May Lyser

Eduardo R. and Nancy P. Macagno
Raymond MacDonald
Sally MacIntyre
Neil and Barbara MacKenzie
Margaret M. MacLeish
Peter MacLeish
Jane and Daniel MacNeil
Phyllis M. MacNeil
Katherine MacQueen
Alix Madigan
John J. Magnuson
Gisele Magnusson
Vinay S. Mahajan
Patrick J. and Lorraine Mahoney
Richard Mains
Guido Majno and Isabelle Joris-Majno
Stephen E. Malawista
Craig C. and Darlene M. Malbon
Robert P. Malchow
Antoniette M. Maldonado-Devincci
Nancy R. Malkiel
Matthew Mallow and Ellen Chesler
Kevin Maloney and Jean Nolan
Richard S. and Sylvia A. Manalis
Frank T. and Ose Manheim
Sridhar Mani
Charles K. and Susanne J. Mann
Diann and Thomas Mann
Douglas G. Mann and Jane G.  Schweitzer
Uri Manor
Mary Ann Mans
Peter and Anna Manso
Bernard and Isabelle Manuel
Tianyi Mao
Diane B. and Joseph S. Maranchie
Robin Marantz Henig
Ronald and Barbara Marcks
Eugenia Marcus
Eve Marder
David Margoliash
Deborah Margules
Dawn Morin Marick
Andrew C. Marinucci
David and Jessica Mark Welch
Junko Munakata Marr
Mars Educational Tours
Charles E. Martin, Jr.
Jack Martinelli and Nancy Couts
Adria E. Martinez and Juan Morin
Aric Martinez
Inez Martinez
Magdalena Martinez-Canamero
E. Mary Martini
Joseph C. and Connie Martyna
Takeshi Maruo
Karla E. Marz
Timothy C. Marzullo
Trina Mascott
Massachusetts Marine Educators
Anna Mastroianni and Greg Shaw
Sandra K. Masur
Natalie N. Mather
Walter Matherly
Rita W. Mathews
Allen Wray Mathies, Jr.
Paul Matsudaira
Joan Mattson
Alex S. Mauss
Dorothea J. Mautner
Barbara Jo May
Gregory S. May
Anne E. McBride
Frances V. McCann Murray
John W. and Judy McCarter
Robert McClary
Megan N. McClean
Ashleigh McCord
Kathryn E. McCormick
Derek J. and Nancy McDonald
Donald and Laurie McEnery
Matthew McFarlane and Jennifer Nadeau
Grace McGill
Paul McGonigle
David and Cynthia McGrath
A. David McGuire
Joseph and Darlene McGuire
Gary McHatton
Robert McIntire
Robert B. McKane
Margaret H. McKibben
W. Paul and Karen McKinney
Mary W. McKoan
Arthur and Jo Ann McLendon
Katherine D. McMahon
Cornelia Hanna McMurtrie
Samuel McMurtrie, Jr.
Michael and Lyn McNaught
James and Joanne McSherry
Bruce L. Mehler
Jay and Phyllis Mehlman
Jonathan and Jane Meigs
Rebecca W. Meigs
Sarah Meigs
Alexander Meigs-Rives
Anne D. Melamet
Arleen T. Mellon
DeForest Mellon, Jr.
Lynn Mendelman
Everett Mendelsohn
Allen F. Mensinger
Irene H. Mentzel
Wilhelm and Nonie Merck
Wesley J. and Emmy C. Merritt
Carmen Merryman
Vivagean V. Merz
Blanche Meslin
Anne Messer
Shanta Messerli
Robert T.P. and Barbara Metcalf
Richard and Phyllis Meyers
Steven Miano
Roger and Barbara Michaels
Sara Michie
Leonard A. and Stephanie J. Miele
Jill A. Mikucki
Nancy S. and Richard Milburn
Milhench Supply Company
Helene Miller
Holly Miller
Lynn Miller
Rita K. Miller
Rolf Mount Miller
Aaron Mills and Linda Blum
John W. Mills
Margaret A. Mills-Michael
Brenda Milner Sc.D.
Leonard E. Mindich
Martin M. Miner
T. Richardson Miner and Bobbie Loop
Edwin A. Mirand
Steven D. Mirsky
Thomas Misgeld
Carol and Daniel Mishell
George and Denise Missall
Charles A. and Betty Mitchell
Peter and Olga Mitchell
William M. Mitchell
Florence E. Mixer
Hazime Mizoguchi
Rebecca Moffitt
William A. Mohler
Ruel and Alice Mohnkern
Sukhbir S. Mokha
Jean and John Monahan
Yiannis Monovoukas
Lawrence A. Monte
Charles H. and Mary Louise Montgomery
Melita H. Moore
Stephen A. and Marjorie H. Moore
Steve S. Moore
Alexis MH Moran
Marius R. Moran
Mary Ann Moran
Nancy Mordente
Jennifer R. Morgan
Michael M. Morgan
Yasuhiro Morita
Hideaki Moriyama
James Morrell
Hilary and Archie Morrison
Naomi S. Morrissette
James C. Morrone
Betty L. Morse
M. Patricia Morse
Stephen S. and Marilyn G. Morse
Isabelle Mort
Thomas C. and Elizabeth D. Moseley
Henry A. Moses
Day O. and Kathie C. Mount
William R. Mowrey
Walter J. Mozgala
Ann-Kristin Mueller
Christoph Mueller
Thomas A. Mulholland
Paul and Mary Mulloy
Multitemp Mechanical Corp.
Stephen H. Munroe
Patricia N. Murata
Robert E. Murphy
Seanan B. Murphy
Stephanie A. Murphy
Xavier Musacchia
Frank B. Myers
Wallace H. Myers
Donald L. Mykles
Eleanor M. Nace
Robert J. and Jeanne A. Naiman
Angus Nairn and Marina Picciotto
Kenneth E. Najarian
Mia Nakachi
Hiromichi Tsuda Narahara
Nashua Christian Academy
Lewis and Phyllis Nassikas
National Wild Turkey Federation, Inc.
John E. and Ethel H. Naugle
David E. Naylor
Pius N. Nde
Ruth H. Neff
Cheryl and Nabil Nehme
Anne Nelson
Pamela Nelson and Christopher Olmsted
Ralph F. Nelson
Victoria L. Nelson
Iris Nelson-Schwartz
Jeniel E. Nett
Jill Neubauer
Kristine Neville
Ann Little Newbury
Robert F. Newkirk
Dianne K. Newman
John N. and Kathleen K. Newman
Nicholas N. Newman
Carol Newton
David J. Newton
David L. and Linda D. Newton
William E. Newton
Brian D. Nibbelink
Teresa A. Nick, Ph.D
Kenneth W. and Ann W. Nickerson
Christof Niehrs
Christina Niemeyer and Robert W. Zeller
Eliot Nierman
Anna E. Nimeskern
Rae Nishi
Lee A. Niswander
Scott W. Nixon
Amy Nobu
Drew M. Noden
Edmund F. and Ann Nolan
Phyllis Norris
North Star Financial Services Corp.
Thomas and Virginia Noyes
Harriet Nurse
Adam Nussenbaum and Shari Abramowitz
David Nussenbaum
Victor and Ruth S. Nussenzweig
Mary Jane Nutter

Ana Lia Obaid
Steven Oberbauer
Michael and Carol Oberdorfer
John and Marion O’Brien
Richard O’Brien
Clifford T. and Hope H. O’Connell
James J. and Patricia O’Connor
Joe and Patty O’Connor
Tim and Mercedes O’Connor
William and Sarah Odenkirk
Lynda Oehme
Daniel B. Oerther
Susan Offner
Daniel O’Grady
Shinpei and Catherine B. Ohki
Dennis Ojima and Jill Baron
John and Karen O’Leary
Stephanie Oleksyk
Thomas J. Oleksyk
Stephanie A. Olexa
Timothy N. Oliver
Janice and Albert Olszowka
Emily Fowler Omura
Jeffery and Valerie Oppenheim
Norman K. Orida
Iris M. Ornberg
James L. and Nora Oschman
Ann-Beth Ostroff
Kimberley O’Sullivan
Renee Bennett O’Sullivan
Yuko Ota
George O’Toole
Lorrence J. and Beverly C. Otter
Timothy Otter
James G. Ottos
Peter J. Ouellette
Robert Ouimette
Paul A. Overbeek
Scott F. Owen
Brett A. and Kathy Oxberry

Mary G. Pacifici
Daniel Page and Kirsi M. Savusalo
Joanne and Alan Page
Kathryn Paine
David J. Pajerowski
Sarah L. Pallas and Paul S. Katz
David R. and Anastasia Palmer
Kelli L. Palmer
Richard and Barbara Palson
Yude Pan
Harish C. and Kamala Pant
Nicholas and Carmela Pantazis
Costa and May Papastephanou
Suzanne Paradis
Anastasios Parafestas
Rosevelt L. Pardy
David and Lois Parker, Jr.
Jaqui D. Parker
Sophie S. Parker
KiTani A. Parker-Johnson
Carolyn L. Parmenter
Charles and Patricia P. Parmenter
James L. Parmentier and Elizabeth Fowler
Barbara Jane Parpart
Jane L. Parpart
Carolyn Partan
Leonard M. Passano
Angel M. Pastor-Loro and Rosa R. de la Cruz
Paul H. Patterson
Thomas Patterson and Lucy Bartlett
Kimberly S. Paul and Charles Thomas
Richard Payne and Deborah Siegal
John B. and Ruth E. Pearce
David and Rose Pearson
Kay Pechilis
Russell H. Peck
Alejandro Peinado
Pelican Cove ROMEO’S
Cara Pellegrini
Joyce S. Pendery
Nick Peng
Susan M. Pennington
Elizabeth Pennisi
Alberto E. Pereda
Ruth Perez
John B. and Barbara M. Peri
Francine Perler
Richard D. Perron
Charles Perrow
Barbara C. Perry
Melissa J. Perry
Matthew A. Person and Jill Erickson
Debra Peters
Niles and Mary Peterson
Olivia R. Petrasch
Carey R. and Ryan J. Petrie
Jane Petrie
Ronald J. and Dawn G. Pfohl
Dwight E. and Katharine Phillips
William G. Phillips
Flynn Picardal
Albert T. and Lorraine Piccirilli
Norman J. Pieniazek
Louis Pierro
Carl B. Pilcher
Sara C. Pimental
Jerome Pine
Ricardo Pineda
Leslie and Donna Pinsof
Anthony and Wendy S. Pires
Helen and David Piwnica-Worms
Stephen and Robin Plattman
Sharon Plautz
David E. and Jeanette Pleasure
Samuel J. Pleasure, M.D.
George H. and Louann S. Plough
Mark Pochapin
Tanya D. Podchiyska
Jessica K. Polka
Daniel A. and Linda K. Pollen
Nancy R. Pollis
Lawrence Pomeroy
William F. Pomputius, III
David Poppick
Rachel S. Poretsky
Charles Porter
Mary E. Porter and Thomas Sewell Hays
Pamela Porter
Anton Post
Aubrey and Margareta B. Pothier
Michael J. Povelones
Anahid E. Powell
Sabrina and Bradford Powell
Maureen K. Powers
Catherine Prendergast
Edna Pressler
Anne T. Pressman
Donald L. Price
David J. and Merry L. Prior
Carl D. Prota
Richard Purple
Dale Purves and Shannon Ravenel
Christian Putnam

Helen Quinby
Neil K. Quinn
Richard Quinn

Esther L. Racoosin
George Radcliffe
Paul Raeburn and Elizabeth DeVita-
Keen A. Rafferty, Jr.
James W. Raich and Ann Russell
Wilfrid Rall
Jeffrey L. Ram
David J. Ramsey
Khela Ransier
Shirley Raps
Nancy Ratner
Dianne Margaret Rausch
Luciana Rava, M.D.
Fred J. and Catherine E. Ravens
Jennifer L. Raymond
Peter Raymond
Samuel O. and Holly Raymond
Neal E. Ready
Willis B. and Joan Reals
Geoffrey Ream
Matthew Reardon
Alfred G. and Sarah C. Redfield
Graham Redinger
Renee and Michael Redman
Bernard B. Rees
Ann N. Reese
Jean F. and Ronald R. Regal
Kathleen M. Regan and Jeffrey Leshin
Vincent Rehder
Marcus Reidenberg
Susanna K. Remold
Michael J. Renner
Lisa Repko
Kristin Lester Revill
Randall W. Reyer
Carol C. Reynolds
Prudence B. Reynolds
Robert M. and Kristine M. Reynolds
Virginia R. Reynolds
Judith C. Rhodes
Lockwood W. and Mary Rianhard
Andrea Ricca
Marian C. Rice
Mary Elizabeth Rice
Mary Esther Rice
Robert V. Rice
John G. Richardson
Frederick R. and Kathryn G. Rickles
Conly L. Rieder
Austen F. Riggs
Diane M. Ring
Elizabeth Ripple
John and Jeanine Ripple
Paul B. Rizzoli
Alison A. Robb
David and Rosemary Roberts
Jean Roberts
Thomas H. and Kimberley H. Roberts
Robertson Trust
Rex R. Robison
Jennifer Rocca
Jonathan Rockoff
John R. Roderick
Dana and Alison Rodin
Ramona M. Rodriguiz
Snezna P. Rogelj
Laura M. Rogers
Warren Rogers and Linda St. Jacques Rogers
Richard E. Rohr
Nichlas Romano
Michael Romero
Brian K. Romias
Christian Roop
Matthew F. Rose
Wendy E. and Edward A. Rose
Jody Rosenblatt
Clare Rosenfield
Manuel Rosenfield
Allen Rosenspire
Atholie K. Rosett
John D. and Martha A. Ross
Virginia F. Ross
Helen Ross-Sangster
Cordelia Roth
Lois Rothburd
Rudi J. and Hanna Rottenfusser
Pierre E. Rouviere
Frans and Marga Rowaan
Lew and Esther Rowland
Tania J. Rozario
Uldis Roze
Alan A. Rozycki
Gualberto Ruano
Laurens N. Ruben
Daniel and Nancy Rubenstein
Shirley Rubinow-Friedman
Parke A. Rublee
Lucinda A Rudin
Rivka Rudner
David Rudnick
Roland R. Rueckert
William A. and Andrea Rugh
Smil and Marion Ruhman
Linda L. Runft
Alice M. Rushforth
Norman B. Rushforth
Ann L. Russell
Karen R.M. Russell
Naomi Rutenberg
John G. Rutherford, Jr.
Ueli Rutishauser
Ginny L. Ryan Buresh
Charlotte Ryan
David Ryan
Dorothy C. Ryder
Jan S. Ryerse

Ali and Markrid Saab
Matthew and Kelly Saal
Theodora Saal
Sacks Family Foundation
Mary Beth Saffo
Richard Sailor and Mary Johnston
Wendy C. Salmon
Brian M. Salzberg
David R. Samols
Robert N. Sandberg
Christopher Sanders
William B. Sandler
Steven B. Sands
Joshua R. Sanes
Jean-Louis G. Sankale
Robert J. Saqueton
William Sass
Satterlee Stephens Burke & Burke
Morton T. Saunders
Kenneth E. Sawin
Nina Chandramani Saxena
Tina M. Saxowsky
Ruth L. Saz
Thomas and Judith S. Sbarra
Shirley W. Scaife
William and Kathleen Scala
Mary L. Scalera
Mary M. Scanlan
Deborah G. and John F. Scanlon
Patrick Schaefer
Raffael Schaffrath
Rolf Schauder
Jeffrey Schell
Ellen R. Schellhause
Artur Scherf
Suzaynn F. Schick
Mary E. Schiffman
Ralph Schiller
Joshua Schimel
Hans L. and Luise Schlesinger
Helen Schlesinger
Jeffery A. Schloss
Cathleen Schmidt
Marc F. Schmidt
Thomas M. and Susan Schmidt
Ian C. Schneider
Joseph H. Schneider
Anne M. Schneiderman
Schnitzer Family Foundation
John F. and Diane S. Schoenfelder
School of the Holy Child
David Schoppik
Ethan Schrank
Robert F. Schroeder
Andrew Schutrumpf
Jessica C. Schwartz
Lawrence M. Schwartz and Carol Bigelow
Melvin E. and Elizabeth Schwartz
Emily Schwartz-Clark
Ralph T. Schwarz
Elisabeth C. and Gary Schwarzman
Hilda Scire
Barinetta Scott
Elouise C. Scott
Harold H. and Kristin T. Sears
John J. Seder and Frances R. Plough
Jerome and Bernice Segal
Robert and Carole Seidler
Mary Ann Seifert
Terrence J. Sejnowski
Christina M. Sekaer
Paul Selvin
Deborah G. Senft
Hannah Senft
Joseph P. Senft
Owen J. and Mildred B. Sexton
Laura and Jamey Shachoy
Deana Shackelford Watts
Shanti Shahani
Gary A. Shangold
Herbert and Rose A. Shanker
Carolyn and Joseph Shannon
Courtney H. Shannon
Natalie and Mike Shapiro
Joan Sharp
Victor E. and Angela V. Shashoua
Edward I. Shaw
Jerry W. Shay
Padraic J. Shay
John Shea and Sallyann Garner
Margaret Shea
Daniel and Debbie Shearer
Martin I. Sheldon
E. Frances Shepherd
Gordon M. Shepherd
Alan and Stephanie Sher
Denise R. Shereff
Irwin W. Sherman
David R. Sherwood
Ujwal P. Sheth
Celia E. Shiau
Timothy and Kathleen Short
Richard and Elizabeth Shriner
Carl N. Shuster
Enid K. Sichel
James M. Sidie
Herbert and Sydell Siegel
Richard M. Siegel
Hansruedi Siegrist
Thomas Sikina
Bertram R. and Dorothy Silver
Barry & Judy Silverman Foundation, Inc.
Roy L. Silverstein and Jacquelyn A.
Charles Simenstad
Eric J. Simon
John A. and Michele B. Simourian
Joyce M. Simpson
Rolly L. Simpson
John Sinard
Maxine F. Singer
Dorothy P. Sinha
Stephanie M. Sit
Nawaphon Sittisawassakul
Edward R. Siuda
Kathleen K. and Robert Siwicki
Raymond A. Sjodin
Philip J. Skehan, Jr.
Stephen Skillman
Wendy Skinner
Rosanne Skirble
George J. Skladany
Jean and Bruce Skrine
James Slock
Ruth C. Slocum
Roy M. Smeal
Cynthia C. Smith
Frederick E. and Marguerite A. Smith
George and Joyce Smith
Gregory A. Smith
Kirby D. and Linda Smith
Lindsay Byron Smith
Marva Eugenia Smith
Paul F. and Mary L. Smith
Peter J.S. Smith
Ruth T. Smith
Stephen and Mary Jane Smith
Una Smith
Roxanna S. and Ronald J. Smolowitz
Snow and Jones Inc.
Thomas F. and Anne W. Snyder
Samuel J. Sober
Jill A. Sohm
Karam F.A. Soliman
Lilianna Solnica-Krezel
Pamela Soltis
Linda Sommer
Alan M. Sooho
Martha M. and Albert L. Sorenson
Carmen S. Soto
David B. Space and Linda A. Jarvis
Helen Spaulding
Louise M. Specht
David and Mona Spector
John W. and Cathleen Speer
Edward A. and Barbara C. Spiegel
Debra and Donald Spinelli
John E. Spiro
Nadja Spitzer
Sven and Anna Spoerri
Donald Spoon
Allan C. Spradling
Nelson Spruston
Helene E. Spurrier
St. Andrews Foundation
St. Barnabas Memorial Church
Sheila M. Stackhouse
Walter F. Stafford, III
Joel P. Stafstrom
Wallace and Pamela Stark
Charles Stasey
Robin L. Staub
David A. Stauffer
Barbara A. Stay
Norman S. Stearns and Irma Mann
Tim Stearns
Robert E. Steele
Lucy Steere
John J. Stegeman
Michael Stein
Sidney and Sue Stein
Claude Steinberg
Eleanor K. Steinberg
Jay Steinberg
Jeffery Steinberg
Julie Steinberg and Richard Engerman
Joan A. and Thomas A. Steitz
Thomas A. and Joan A. Steitz
Sherry E. Stekloff
StemCell Technologies Inc.
Ann Stern
Eleanor Stern
Judith G. Stetson
George D. Stetten
Karl Stetter
Craig W. Stevens
Charles N. Stewart
James M. and Joly Stewart
Randall R. Stewart
Marc Stieglitz
Norman L. and Lisa Stockbridge
Jeffrey Stoddard
Alexandra G. Stone
Gary Stormo
Adam Stracher
Josephine Strauss
Paul Strebel
Theresa V. Strong
Daniel E. Strongin
Raymond G. Stross
Brad Stumcke
Sylvia O. Suadicani
Nobuo Suga
Charles H. and Donna J. Sullivan
David T. Sullivan
John and Barbara Sullivan
Lawrence R. and Nancy L. Sullivan
Walter Sullivan
Eric T. and Holly Sundquist
Kathy A. Suprenant and William L. Dentler
Timothy A. Sutton
Dorothy N. Swanson
Dorman J. Swartz
Hyla C. Sweet
Harold E. Sweetman
Lawrence Sweetman
Susan Swigor
Alexander O. Sy
Barbara A. Sylvia
Ben G. Szaro
Robert and Sylvia Szulkin
Aron and Irene Szulman

Tabor Academy
Masanori Takahashi
Mary J. Talbot
Sidney L. and Signhild Tamm
Josephine P.G. Tan
Kevin S.W. Tan
Frank and Loretta Tang
Tomomi Tani
Marvin L. and Betsy C. Tanzer
Alexis Tapanes-Castillo
Steve C. Tarrant
Peter Tassia and Maija Lutz
Belle K. Taylor
Charles W. Taylor
Richard S. Taylor
Richard Sears Taylor
Betty Taymor
Richard B. Tayrien
Edwin H. and Priscilla S. Tebbetts
Technical Video, Ltd.
Saul Teichberg
Sally Temple
Mari DeCosta Terman
Alejandro Terrazas
Catherine D. Thaler
Roger Elliot Thannerthies
Roselle L. Tharion
The Schmitt Family Charitable Foundaton
Kristin Tholke
Suzanne M. Thomas
William R. Thomas
Holly Thompson
Richard and Kathy Thompson
Wesley J. Thompson and Mary Ann Rankin
W. Nicholas and Joan I. Thorndike
Mary and James Thorne
Robert F. Thorne
Carl L. Thurman, II
Marjorie Till
Lewis G. and Elaine Tilney
Jay A. Tischfield
Natascia Tiso
Cathy Tobin
Alice Todd
Laurie Tompkins
Michael Toner
Mary F. Toomey
Leana and Joby Topper
Kevin G. Townsel
Amy Townsend-Small
Walter V. and Catherine Trainor
William E. and Belle Traver
Ann H. and Mark F. Trax
Mead Treadwell
Steven N. and Joanne Treistman
Barbara S. Trela
Barbara S. Trelstad
Walter H. Troffkin
Natalie Trousof
Keith A. Trujillo
Philip N. Truluck
Tsuchiura First High School
Tsuchiyra High School
Christopher W. Tubbs
Greg and Kay Tuber
James Tucker
Jane Tucker
Steven Tucker
Tom Tullius
Louis C. and Lee R. Turner
David and Nancy P. Twichell
Robert Tyler
Michael and Frances W. Tytell

Hiroshi Ueno
Eleanor S. and Kevin Uhlinger
Zoltan Ungvari
United Nations Association of Greater Boston
Vivek K. Unni
Smitha B. Uthaman

Ivan and Virginia Valiela
Pauline Valois
Alice H. van Buren
Matthijs van der Meer
Miranda Van Gelder
Kensal and Barbara van Holde
Andrew and Catherine Van Praagh
Daria N. Van Tyne
David L. Van Vactor, Jr.
Joseph W. Vanable
Dallas A. Vanorny
Garret VanWart
Anthony Vattay
Sylvia Vatuk and George Rosen
Kevin T. Vaughan
Robert Veeder
Pauline T. Velasco
Mark A. Velleca
Antonio Ventosa
Joseph and Lorraine Viglione
Greg J. Villareal
Dorothy Villee
Angela C. Vincent
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Ralph and Judith Wadleigh
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Daniel Wagenaar
Irving and Vida Wagner
Gregory Wagoner
Thomas Wakim
Maryalice Walker
Robin A. Wallace
Emily C. Walsh
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Kerry Walton
Peggy L. Walton and William Walton
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Brant G. Wang
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Eric R. Ward
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Dorothy Wass
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Kate K. Webster
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John T. and Jeanne T. Weeks
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Aguan Daniel Wei
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Melvin and Flora Weinberg
Alfred M. and Naida D. Weisberg
Alice Sara Weiss
Herbert M. Weiss
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Leon P. and Ellen Weiss
Lisa Weissmann and Debra Shapiro
Joshua S. Weitz
Jeffrey M. Welch
Louis Wells and Ellen Seidensticker
Phyllis R. Wendorff
Robert H. Werner
Ronald D. Wesley
Gary M. Wessel
Janiene West
Mark J. West and Maryam Golchin
Jane A. Westfall
Nancy and Peter Weston
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Michael Wheeler
Paul S. and Barbara B. Wheeler
Mabel Y. Whelpley
Elizabeth A. Whitchurch
Gerry and Gina White
John White and Sonia Witte
Stephen and Anna White
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Ben B. Whitlock
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Chris L. Whittle
Konrad Wiese
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Beatrice and Jonathan B. Wittenberg
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Duane and Kathleen Yaindl
Xian-Cheng Yang
Yuriko Yano
Charles Yanofsky
Patrice O Yarbough
Norman R. Yetman
George and Miriam Yevick
Anne D. Yoder
Isabel and Richard Yoder
Abigail Young
Wise and Lily Young
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Anne-Marie C. Yvon

Lucia F. Zacchi
Morton and Nurit Zachter
Marilyn G. Zacks
Verónica Zaga-Clavellina
Allison L. Zajac
Harold H. Zakon and M. Lynne McAnelly
William and Linda Zammer
Colby J. Zaph
Veronika I. Zarnitsyna
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Ricardo Zayas
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Bunnie Rose Zigman
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Bruce and Elizabeth I. Zimmerli
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Arthur Zimmerman
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