Gifts to MBL Annual Fund

Through their annual unrestricted gifts, annual fund donors enable the MBL to cover costs not met by grants or fees, seed key strategic initiatives, and provide important bridge funding.

The Chairman’s Circle
$25,000 or more

Millicent Bell
Paul R. Dupee, Jr.
Robert and Margot Haselkorn
David and Susan Hibbitt
William and Lauren Huyett
George and Harmon Logan
Saul Pannell and Sally Currier
Jeffrey and Margaret Pierce
George and Kathy Putnam
Patricia and Charles Robertson
Elise and Stanley Rose
Charles M. and Phyllis Rosenthal
John and Valerie Rowe
Walter J. and Marjorie B. Salmon
Matthew and Peggy Winkler

The Director’s Circle
$10,000 – $24,999

Anonymous (4)
Alison and Robert Ament
Porter W. Anderson, Jr.
Bruce A. Beal and Francis Cunningham
Norman and Diane Bernstein
Gary G. Borisy and Sally M. Casper
Mary and Jonathan Conrad
Martha W. and William C. Cox
John E. and Judith F. Dowling
Patrick Gage and Irina Wilson
Craig and Nancy Gibson
Kenneth and Nelda Johns
Ethan and Lisa Lerner
Walter E. and Shirley A. Massey
Richard S. and Susan G. Morse
Edward and Linda Owens
Robert A. Prendergast
Vincent J. Ryan and Carla E. Meyer
James and Mary Sharp
William Speck and Evelyn Lipper
The Seth Sprague Education & Charitable
Christopher M. and Susanna B. Weld

The President’s Club
$5,000 – $9,999

Don Aukamp
David Baltimore and Alice S. Huang
John and Lisa Batter
Joshua and Lisa Bernstein
George H. Billings
Marianne and Eric Billings
Francis P. and Margaret C. Bowles
Ed and Amy Brakeman
Richard B. and Marcia H. DeWolfe
Michael Fenlon and Linda Sallop
Gerald D. and Ruth L. Fischbach
Pamela and David Follett
Sibyl R. Golden
Thomas F. and Virginia C. Gregg
Caroline Harwood and E. Peter Greenberg
Stephen M. and Cynthia R. Krane
Laurie J. Landeau and Robert J. Maze
H.F. and Marguerite Lenfest
Monique Liuzzi Sautter
John R. and Catherine B. Mandile
Jean W. Pierce
Dusan Stefoski and Craig Savage
Bonnie W. and Stephen A. Simon
Carolyn and John Stimpson
John J. and Frederica W. Valois
Earl H. Weidner

The Lillie Society
$2,500 – $4,999

David and Sandra Bakalar
Eloise E. Clark
James M. and Ruth C. Clark
Bernice Cramer and Paul Friedman
Sally Cross
Diarmaid and Margaret M. Douglas-Hamilton
Joseph and Sarah Dowling
Jean-François and Rachel Formela
Charles M. Ganson
Catherine Morrison Golden
Philip Grant
Mary Greer
Howard H. Hiatt
Pamela C. and Gregory J. Hinkle
Shinya and Sylvia Inoué
Gary and Susan Jacobson
Barbara Woll Jones
Saul and Gitta Kurlat
Deena and Alan Laties
Anna L. and Tom Lawson
Joseph Levine and Steven A. Cadwell
William W. and Noelle Locke
David and Miriam J. Mauzerall
Nawrie Meigs-Brown and David Brown
Jonathan O’Herron
R. Dana Ono and Anne Wagner
Arthur B. Pardee and Ann B. Goodman
Thomas D. and Patricia S. Pollard
Harris and Jeanne Ripps
Cecily Cannan Selby
Jennifer Sorenti and Ralph Burns
Ann E. Stuart and John W. Moore
Gerard L. and Mary Swope
John F. Swope
Leonard and Eve Warren
Gerald and Ann Weissmann
Annette Williamson and Michael McColm
Kathrin R. Winkler and Angus Campbell
Nancy Wolf and Aric Greenfield
Barbara Wu and Eric Larson
Ronald Zweig and Christina Rawley

The Whitman Society
$1,000 – $2,499

Life Members
Frank M. and Julie S. Child
Margaret Clowes
J. Woodland Hastings
William Jeffery and Meredith Yeager-Jeffery
Hans Laufer

Louise Adler
Blaise Aguera Arcas and Adrienne L. Fairhall
Garland E. Allen
James L. and Helene M. Anderson
Peter B. and Margaret T. Armstrong
Samuel C. and Elizabeth F. Armstrong
Elizabeth Heald Arthur
Robert G. and Harriet Baker
Patricia Ann Barlow
Jackson Barno
Susan R. and Daniel T. Barry
Max M. Burger
R. Andrew and Barbara Cameron
Colleen M. Cavanaugh and Philip M. Gschwend
Mary Clutter
Adam E. Cohen
Rita R. and Jack H. Colwell
Roberta Corliss
Molly N. Cornell
Thomas S. and Geraldine Crane
Stephen D. and Beth G. Crocker
Eric H. Davidson
Paul J. and Maria S. De Weer
Leyla deToledo-Morrell
The Doverspike Family Fund
Philip B. Dunham and Gudrun Bjarnarson
Barbara E. Ehrlich
Herman N. Eisen and Natalie Aronson
A. Verdi Farman-Farmaian
Martha S. Ferguson
David C. and Patricia S. Gadsby
James N. and Nancy Galloway
Sallie A. Giffen
Alfred L. and Joan H. Goldberg
Timothy H. and Mary Helen M. Goldsmith
Susan P. and Thomas Goux
Katherine Graubard and William H. Calvin
Linda L. and Stephen A. Greyser
Joshua and Melissa Hamilton
Susan Harding Hawkins
Synnova Hayes
Diane E. Heck
John G. Hildebrand and Gail D. Burd
Timothy T. Hilton
John and Olivann Hobbie
Joseph Hoffman and Elena Citkowitz
Kenneth Holden and Frances C. McGuire
Howard and Sybil Holtzer
Carmela J. Huettner
Hugh E. and Frances M. Huxley
Freda Kaminer
Morris J. and Shirley Karnovsky
A. Sidney and Alice Knowles
Hans and Donna Kornberg
Edward A. and Kathryn F. Kravitz
Homer W. and Mary C. Lane
Marnie and John Langford
Leonard and Ruth Ann Laster
Burton J. and Ann K. Lee
John E. and Natasha C. Lisman
Werner R. and Birgit R. Loewenstein
Laszlo Lorand
Michele Lorand and Paul Ringel
William K. and Winnie C. Mackey
Heidi Gifford Melas-Kyriazi
Jason and Jennifer Meyers
Thomas J. and Susan R. Miller
Gerrish H. Milliken
Timothy Mitchison and Christine Marie Field
Merle Mizell
Ambrose K. and Lili Monell
James F. and Lisa M. Mooney
Hiroko Naka
Toshio and Kyoko Narahashi
Alice Netter
Peter A. Nickerson
James L. Olds and Robin E. Buckley
Thoru and Judith Pederson
Bertha Person
Robert W. and Carroll C. D. Pierce
Frank Press
John S. Price
Keith Purpura
Michael and Diane Rabinowitz
Edward Rastetter and Karen Hendrickson
Peter W. and Elizabeth Renaghan
Marius A. Robinson
Jack and Rosalyn Rosenbluth
Joan V. and Gerald S. Ruderman
Edward D. and Nancy M. Salmon
Audrey M. Schneiderman
Osamu and Akemi Shimomura
Melvin and Evelyn Spiegel
Corinne Steel
Marjorie E. Steinberg
Raymond E. Stephens
Alfred and Dorothy A. Stracher
Andrew and Ursula Szent-Györgyi
Edwin and Heather Taylor
Edward and Louise Tsoi
Ronald D. Vale and Karen Dell
John and Barbara Weyand
Elaine Yeh and Kerry S. Bloom
Alfred M. and Joyce V. Zeien

$500 – $999
Gloria S. Borgese
Patrick D. and Patricia A. Burke
Alfred B. Chaet
Sallie Chisholm
Carolyn Cohen
Beth Colt and P.K. Simonds
Harry F. Conner and Carol E. Scott-Conner
Robert C. and Ellen L. deGroof
Susan Dillmann
David and Doris L. Fausch
Flagship Roofing & Sheetmetal Co., Inc.
Ruth E. Fye
Harold and Ruth S. Gainer
Joseph G. Gall and Diane M. Dwyer
William A. Haskins
Gary G. and Nancy Hayward
Gordon E. Hering
Robert K. Josephson
Kiyoshi Kusano
Catherine C. and John Lastavica
Robert E. and Marjorie J. Mainer
Edwin McCleskey
Abigail Norman
Rudolf and Nannette D. Oldenbourg
Ronald J. Przybylski
William S. and Catherine A. Reznikoff
Howard K. and Ethel L. Schachman
Douglas R. and Virginia M. Shanklin
Roger D. and Carol J. Sloboda
David and Mona Spector
John and Evelyn Steele
Alan B. and Sala Steinbach
Edward and Anne Stimpson
Gary Stormo
Margaret W. Taft
David M. and Jeanne D. Travis
Richard and Dorothy Verney
Frances Weiffenbach

$100 – $499
Anonymous (3)
Donald A. and Barbara R. Abt
Nina Stromgren Allen
Michael and Marie Angelini
Duncan P. and Dorothy D. Aspinwall
David S. and Nancy C. Babin
Spencer L. Baird and Judy P. Spencer
Hope Baker
James D. Bangs
John E and Helen V. Barnes
Harold and Marion Barr
Cheryl Beano
David C. Beebe
Deborah Y. Beers-Jones
Edward Joseph Behrman
Marlene and George Belfort
Thomas L. and Mary Jo Benjamin
Francisco Bezanilla
Stephen H. and C. Lynn Bishop
Thomas P. and Jane W. Bleck
David A. and Marla Bodznick
Thomas C. and Elizabeth D. Bolton
Thomas and Janet Brady
Eleanor D Bronson
Jennifer Byrnes Brower
M. Kathryn S. and Thomas A. Brown
Judy A. Bruguiere
Harold L. and Joan N. Burstyn
Amy K. Butler
Graciela C. Candelas
Thomas Cannold
Margaret W. and Samuel B. Carr
John and Sandra Checklick
Children’s School of Science, Inc.
John A. Christian
Ellen S. and George B. Citron
Thomas and Rachel Claflin
Vera S. Clark
Ann P. and James M. Cleary
Laurence P. and Katharine B. Cloud
Maryanne and Isidore Cohen
R. John and Joan M. Collier
Marc D. Coltrera and Anne L. Buchinski
Nathaniel S. and Catherine E. Coolidge
Jeffrey T. Corwin
Patrica Cowan
Marilyn E. and J. Sterling Crandall
Charles M. Crane and Wendy Breuer
Karen Crawford
Joan and Jerry Cross
Prince S. Crowell, III
Richard D. and Virginia M. Cutler
Giuseppe and Mirella V. D’Alessio
Elizabeth M. Davis
Joel P. and Ruth H. Davis
Nigel W. and Leila Daw
Joseph P. Day
Robert L. and Marianne S. DeHaan
Martha Bridge Denckla
Charles A. and Molly A. DiCecca
Ellen P. Donaldson
Julie Drawbridge
Arthur B. and Roberdeau C. DuBois
Kathleen Dunlap
Carol Bernstein Eckstein
Frank Egloff, II
Lincoln and Ruth Ekstrom
Paul Elias and Marie Lossky
Gordon W. and Joyce M. Ellis
David and Lois Epel
Doris W. Epstein
Thomas E. Evans
Robert R. and Ann Everett
Patricia M. Failla
Robert and Joanne Fallon
Elizabeth M. Farnham
Marla B. Feller
Max and Martha Fink
Rachel D. Fink
Alan and Joan Finkelstein
Bruce and Virginia Finnie
Michael J. and Joann Fishbein
Harvey M. and Susan Fishman
Elizabeth Frank
Arthur and Linda Freeman
Hadley Mack French
John J. and Avery T. Funkhouser
Barbara P. Gaffron
Frank P. and Joyce Gallagher
Michael R. and Mary Garfield
Stephen E. Gellis
Elizabeth L. George
Thomas Gewecke
Cameron E. and Margaret J. Gifford
Barbara B. Glade
Amy S. Gladfelter
Mary L. Goldman and Debra Weiner
Charlotte O. Goodwin
Frederic and Jocelyn Greenman
Huson and Edith Gregory
Newton H. and Evelyn Gresser
Alexandre Grigorovitch
Albert and Sondra Grossman
Gregg Gundersen
Gilbert F. Gwilliam
John F. and Sandra Halsey
Lisa M. Halvorson
Tom and Lisa Hammett
Clifford V. Harding and Mina K. Chung
Glenn W. Harrington
Dorothy Haugaard
Marian B. and Edmund Hazzard
Edward E. Heller
Simone Helluy
Robert and Taska Hener
Peter K. and Margaret H. Hepler
Catherine E. Hibbitt and Tim Rockwell
Richard W. and Susan D. Hill
Seymour and Victoria E. Holtzman
Erich F. Horgan
Edward G. Horn
Ronald R. Hoy and Margaret C. Nelson
Nicholas A. and Laura M. Ingoglia
Laurinda A. Jaffe
Ernest G. and Pauline B. Jaworski
Elizabeth Ann Jonas and Thomas D. Eisen
Sally S. and Ramsey E. Joslin
Yoshie Kamei
Michael G. Kauffman
M. Whitney Keen
Katherine Kennedy
Thomas C. and Mary Ann Kenny
Louis M. and Brenda Kerr
Nasim Khan
Alexey L. Khodjakov
Min Kyung Kim
Betsy King
Gilbert and Katharine King
Richard H. and Reta King
John M. and Louise Kingsbury
Peter N. Kivy and Joan Pearlman
Norman R. Klath
Paul W. and Virginia Knaplund
Edward M. Kosower
John and Susan Krezoski
Andrew M. Kropinski and Peggy A. Pritchard
Alan M. and B. J. Kuzirian
Kevin L. and Sallie D. Lake
George M. and Sylvia T. Langford
Louis S. and Camilla B. Larrey
Howard S. Lasher
Joyce Whitehead Lathbury
Marian E. LeFevre
Vanessa LeFevre
Robert Owen Lehman
David P. Lenzi
Jack and Francine Levin
Francoise Levinthal
James S. and Alice J. Liljestrand
Lennart and Ann C. Lindberg
Raymond J. Lipicky
Frank J. and Kathryn L. Longo
Victoria H. and Francis C. Lowell
Janet S. Loynes
Louise M. Luckenbill
Robert P. Malchow
James Marcello
Dawn Morin Marick
Julian B. and Priscilla K. Marsh
Lowell V. and Ann J. Martin
Jack Martinelli and Nancy Couts
Timothy C. Marzullo
Richard B. McElvein
Robert B. McKane
Jane A. McLaughlin
Martin Mendelson
Wilhelm and Nonie Merck
Melanie and Klein Merriman
Nancy S. and Richard Milburn
Ricardo and Mela Miledi
David A. and Virginia I. Miller
Holly Miller
T. Richardson Miner and Bobbie Loop
Robert and Maura Morey
James T. Morris
Day O. and Kathie C. Mount
Christina J. Myles-Tochko
Angus Nairn and Marina Picciotto
Enrico Nasi and Maria E. Gomez
Phil Nehro
Ann Little Newbury
David L. and Linda D. Newton
Peter M. and Virginia Nicholas
Santo V. Nicosia
Lee A. Niswander
Ana Lia Obaid
William and Sarah Odenkirk
Janice and Albert Olszowka
Jeffery and Valerie Oppenheim
Lorrence J. and Beverly C. Otter
Costa and May Papastephanou
David and Lois Parker, Jr.
James L. Parmentier and Elizabeth Fowler
Robert H. and Pamela D. Pelletreau
Matthew A. Person and Jill Erickson
Carey R. and Ryan J. Petrie
Helen and David Piwnica-Worms
David E. and Jeanette Pleasure
George H. and Louann S. Plough
Jeanne S. Poindexter
Harvey B. and Bette S. Pollard
Aubrey and Margareta B. Pothier
Donald L. Price
James P. and Joan M. Quigley
Frederick R. and Kathryn G. Rickles
Philip S. and Anne Robertson
Dana and Alison Rodin
Lawrence C. and Victoria H. Rome
John D. and Martha A. Ross
William N. Ross and Nechama Lasser-Ross
Rudi J. and Hanna Rottenfusser
William A. and Andrea Rugh
Alice M. Rushforth
Norman B. Rushforth
Robert N. Sandberg
Christopher Sanders
Noriyuki Satoh
Anne W. Sawyer
Jay Schippers
Paul R. Schloerb
Thomas M. and Susan Schmidt
Thomas J. Schnitzer
Herbert Schuel
Harold H. and Kristin T. Sears
Robert and Carole Seidler
Deborah G. Senft
Harriet S. and Howard E. Shapiro
Gaius and Eleanore Shaver
Kate Lake Shaw
James M. Sidie
Alan R. and Phyllis J. Silver
Arthur and Frances Silverstein
Eric J. Simon
Rolly L. Simpson
Maxine F. Singer
Stephen Skillman
Roxanna S. and Ronald J. Smolowitz
John W. and Cathleen Speer
Lucy Steere
William K. and Jane B. Stephenson
Judith G. Stetson
Elijah W. Stommel and Jasmin Bihler
Alexandra G. Stone
Mutsuyuki and Shirley M. Sugimori
William C. and Karen A. Summers
Aron and Irene Szulman
Marvin L. and Betsy C. Tanzer
Martha E. Tarafa
Peter Tassia and Maija Lutz
William R. Thomas
W. Nicholas and Joan I. Thorndike
Mary and James Thorne
Emil D. and Eleanor H. Tietje
Noah and Janet B. Totten
James G. and Mary Elizabeth Townsel
Natalie Trousof
Tsuchiyra High School
James Tucker
Kenyon S. and Joan Tweedell
Volker and Mary Ulbrich
Kensal and Barbara van Holde
Carol A. and Stephen P. Wagner
Brant G. Wang
James D. Watson
Annemarie Weber
John T. and Jeanne T. Weeks
Ellen Weiss
Robert H. Werner
Gary M. Wessel
Paul S. and Barbara B. Wheeler
Tanya B. White
Roland L. and Nancy Wigley
Clare M. Wilber
Clayton A. and Arlene Wiley
Gerrard Wilson
Jonathan B. and Beatrice Wittenberg
Charles R. and Ellen G. Wyttenbach
Linda A. and Erik R. Zettler
Michael J. and Naomi Zigmond
Bruce and Elizabeth I. Zimmerli
Donald J. Zinn

Up to $100
Anonymous (1)
Robin W. Ackroyd
Peggy and Fred Alsup
Ruth Anderson
Mike and Elana Arnold
Shinobu Asano
Barnstable Intermediate School
Dennis Barrett
Kenneth Bento
Jane A. Berger and Roger O. Gittines
Olive C. Beverly
Dieter and Gigi Blennemann
Courtney M. Bowker
Barbara C. and John F. Boyer
Charles and Helen Bresnahan
Jerí Bryant
Ann C. Bucklin and Peter Wiebe
Ronald and Vivian Campbell
Joanne B. Carnevale
Robert H. and Myra S. Carrier
John M. and Theresa M. Clarkin
Graeme Cloutte
Mort and Susan Cohan
Elizabeth Ann Cohen
Seymour S. Cohen
Concord Christian Academy
Priscilla N. and Alan Conger
Peter and Susan Connolly
Lou-Anne Conroy
Melvin C. and Margery L. Crain
Jeffrey G. Croll
Dorothy I. Crossley
Syrel Dawson
Joseph and Esther Dresner
Dorothy L. Drummey
Quan-Yang Duh and Ann Comer
Allan and Linda Dunn
Rita and Paul E. Dussault
Hoyt and Deborah Ecker
Frank Egloff
Carlyn Ellms
Ruth Alice Fitz
John W. Fleeger
John H. Ford
Franklin W. Fort
Alvin K. Fossner
Peter Franklin
Nancy and Joseph V. Fraser
Paul J. and Patricia S. Freyheit
Larry Jay Friedman
William Fuqua
Michael and Bridget Gabriel
Patricia E. Garrett and Oliver H. Woshinsky
William and Joanne Gilbrook
Ann I. Glusker
Kenneth H. Goldstein
Sarah C. Goodrich
Louise and Jim Graham
Edwin R. Griff
Lawrence I. and Esta S. Grossman
Matthew Hackenberg
Ronald J. Haley
Maureen and Arthur Harlow-Hawks
Pamela D. Harvey
David S. Hays
Rodney Hinkle and Kirstin A. Moritz
Lawrence and Layne Hobbie
Ann Snow Hobbs
Holliston High School
Betsy and John Honey
Richard A. and Susan M. Houghton
Julie Hysom
Leonard K. and Sheila F. Kaczmarek
Harry S. Kahn
Edna S. Kaneshiro
Robert G. Kemp
Michael and Jennifer Kosowsky
Michael J. Landzberg
Susan E. Leeman
Herbert and Karen B. Levitan
Elizabeth and Paige L’Hommedieu
William and Joan M. Lloyd
Lawrence Lynch Corporation
Margaret M. MacLeish
Jane and Daniel MacNeil
Patrick J. and Lorraine Mahoney
Frank T. and Ose Manheim
Charles K. and Susanne J. Mann
Diane B. and Joseph S. Maranchie
Joseph C. and Connie Martyna
Joseph and Darlene McGuire
Gary McHatton
Cornelia Hanna McMurtrie
Samuel McMurtrie, Jr.
Shanta Messerli
Margaret A. Mills-Michael
Ruel and Alice Mohnkern
Stephen A. and Marjorie H. Moore
Isabelle Mort
Thomas C. and Elizabeth D. Moseley
Christoph Mueller
Thomas A. Mulholland
Paul and Mary Mulloy
Iris Nelson-Schwartz
Jill Neubauer
Eliot Nierman
Shinpei and Catherine B. Ohki
Dennis Ojima and Jill Baron
Harish C. and Kamala Pant
Charles and Patricia P. Parmenter
Leonard M. Passano
Cara Pellegrini
Joyce S. Pendery
Nancy Pendleton
Barbara C. Perry
William G. Phillips
Sara C. Pimental
Stephen and Robin Plattman
Jessica K. Polka
Daniel A. and Linda K. Pollen
Catherine Prendergast
Anne T. Pressman
Fred J. and Catherine E. Ravens
Willis B. and Joan Reals
Carol C. Reynolds
Mary Elizabeth Rice
Robert V. Rice
Alison A. Robb
Jonathan Rockoff
Warren Rogers and Linda St. Jacques-Rogers
Helen Ross-Sangster
Daniel and Nancy Rubenstein
Richard Sailor and Mary Johnston
Thomas and Judith S. Sbarra
Mary L. Scalera
Ralph Schiller
John F. and Diane S. Schoenfelder
School of the Holy Child
Paul Selvin
Hannah Senft
Joan Sharp
Padraic J. Shay
Gordon M. Shepherd
Stephanie M. Sit
James Slock
Sven and Anna Spoerri
Charles Stasey
John J. Stegeman
Ann Stern
Daniel E. Strongin
Brad Stumcke
Alexander O. Sy
Tabor Academy
Frank and Loretta Tang
Barbara H. and William A. Toomey
William E. and Belle Traver
Barbara S. Trela
Barbara S. Trelstad
Michael and Frances W. Tytell
Irving and Vida Wagner
Mary J. Walsh
Kerry Walton
James Wei
Phyllis R. Wendorff
Donn and Fluffy Winner
Ashley Wires
Louise Witonsky
Charles Yanofsky
Abigail Young
Morton and Nurit Zachter
Harold H. Zakon and M. Lynne McAnelly
Kenneth H. and Patricia E. Zimble
Alexander and Judith S. Ziss