Memorial and Tribute Gifts

These donors have chosen to support the MBL as a special way to remember or honor a relative or friend.

Biology of Parasitism Endowed Fund
Irwin W. Sherman in memory of:
Villa G. Sherman

Thomas A. and Gloria S. Borgese Rare Book and Journal Fund
Gloria S. Borgese in memory of:
Thomas A. Borgese

William D. Cohen Endowed Scholarship Fund
David S. Cohen, Marion Cohen, and Sarah Cohen in memory of:
William D. Cohen

Eugene Floyd DuBois Memorial Fund
Harmony Glazebrook Pittet in memory of:
Rebeckah D. Glazebrook

The Harlyn Halvorson Fund
Andrew and Ursula Szent-Györgyi in memory of:
Harlyn O. Halvorson

Tay Hayashi Lectureship in Cell Physiology Fund
Andrew and Ursula Szent-Györgyi in memory of:
Teru Hayashi

Robert Huettner Rare Book Endowed Fund
Carmela J. Huettner in memory of:
John Alexander Hogg
Robert Huettner

Library Fund
Elaine Cahn, Paul J. and Maria S. De Weer, and Bertha Person in memory of:
Leon P. Weiss

Neural Science and Behavior Scholarship Fund
James D. Angstadt in honor of:
Ronald L. Calabrese
Wolfgang O. Friesen
William B. Kristan
Michael H. Dickinson in honor of:
Masakazu Konishi

Rare Books Fund
Anne Nelson in memory of:
Leonard Nelson

Semester in Environmental Science
Christopher J. Freeman in memory of:
Beth Chenicek
Bradley and Katie Cohen, Peter and Ginny Foreman, Bruce and Mary Goodman, Peter Gottlieb, Richard Kaplan, Frank Karger, Richard F. Karger, Mid-American Water of Wauconda, Inc., John Mills, Leslie and Donna Pinsof, Gordon and Claire Prussian, St. Andrews Foundation, Edward and Dia Weil, John and Patty Wineman, and Ann S. Wolff in memory of:
Harold E. Foreman

Sustainable Aquaculture Fund
Anonymous in honor of:
Dorianne Mebane

Eva Szent-Györgyi Scholarship Fund
Andrew and Ursula Szent-Györgyi in memory of:
Eva Szent-Györgyi

Whitman Center General Endowment Fund
Hans Laufer in memory of:
Mona Gross, Alexander Keynan, Malcolm S.
Steinberg, Byron H. Waksman, and Leon
P. Weiss

Annual and Alumni Funds
Gifts made in honor of:

Ned Cabot
Ronald B. Moir and Toni Czekanski

Ercole Canale-Parola
Jane E. Warshaw

Maggie Carmody
Joan Sharp

John Crane
Margaret M. MacLeish

Elizabeth M. Farnham
Alan M. Sooho

Anne E. Goldman
David and Mona Spector

Harlyn O. Halvorson
Lisa M. Halvorson

Pamela Clapp Hinkle
Rodney Hinkle and Kirstin A. Moritz

John E. Hobbie
Lawrence and Layne Hobbie

Elizabeth A. Jonas
Kenneth H. Goldstein

Eugene P. and Adelaide Kennedy
Katherine Kennedy

Marine Biological Laboratory Library
Ann I. Glusker

Richard W. Linck
Dana T. Nojima

Luciane Marcus
Thomas Cannold

Joe L. Martinez
Ramona M. Rodriguiz

Jeffrey Pierce
Tom and Lisa Hammett

Warren Rogers
Warren Rogers and Linda St. Jacques-Rogers

Charles M. Rosenthal
Howard S. Lasher

Joseph P. Senft
Hannah Senft

Kate L. Shaw
Kevin L. and Sallie D. Lake

Andrew G. Szent-Györgyi
Sarah E. Hitchcock-DeGregori

William Ward
Warren Rogers and Linda St. Jacques-Rogers

Steven J. Zottoli
Jason and Jennifer Meyers
Gifts made in memory of:

Louise S. Armstrong
Samuel C. and Elizabeth F. Armstrong

Dr. Philip B. Armstrong
Samuel C. and Elizabeth F. Armstrong

Barbara Atwood
Elizabeth M. Farnham
Barbara P. Gaffron
John J. and Frederica W. Valois

Ann W. Aukamp
Patrick Gage and Irina Wilson

Robert B. Barlow, Jr.
Michael and Carol Oberdorfer

Evelyn Bestic
Noah and Janet B. Totten

Valentin and Elisabeth Braitenberg
Cornelia Hanna McMurtrie

William D. Cohen
William and Sarah Odenkirk

Robert A. Cowan
Patrica Cowan

Christopher Dillmann
Susan Dillmann

Eric Christopher Dillmann
Susan Dillmann

Nancy Egloff
Frank Egloff, II

Dora Epstein
Susan E. Leeman

Herman T. Epstein
Alan R. and Phyllis J. Silver

Herbert Seymour Festoff
Barry William Festoff

Jeanette Fossner
Alvin K. Fossner

David L. Garbers
Carey R. and Ryan J. Petrie

Margaret C. L. Gildea
Frank Egloff, II

Walter Heiligenberg
George Wittenberg

Gertrude N. Illoh
Kachi Illoh

Hekimcan Kaynar
Murat Kaynar

Salih Kirli
Murat Kaynar

James W. Lash
Joel S. Gordon

Anthony Liuzzi
Monique Liuzzi Sautter

Joyce Lorand
Laszlo Lorand
Michele and Paul Lorand

Luigi Mastroianni, Jr.
Santo V. Nicosia

Kathryn Mendelson
Martin Mendelson

Harold M. Mills, Jr.
Margaret A. Mills-Michael

Frank Morrell
Thomas P. and Jane W. Bleck

Mark Mozgala
Walter J. Mozgala

William D. Russell-Hunter
Arnold G. and Paula B. Eversole

Sheldon J. Segal
Harold and Marion Barr

Malcolm S. Steinberg
Shinobu Asano
Julie Drawbridge
Bruce and Virginia Finnie
Gary Gorbsky
Norman R. Klath
Michael and Jennifer Kosowsky
Joyce Whitehead Lathbury
Elizabeth and Paige L’Hommedieu
Costa and May Papastephanou
Daniel and Nancy Rubenstein
Helen Ross-Sangster
Robert N. Sandberg
Stephen Skillman
Marjorie E. Steinberg
Barbara S. Trelstad
James Wei
Louise Witonsky
Morton and Nurit Zachter

Albert Szent-Györgyi
Elizabeth I. Arnold

Eva Szent-Györgyi
Sarah E. Hitchcock-DeGregori

John Hervey
Richard Purple

J. P. Trinkaus
Lilianna Solnica-Krezel

Lee VanBremen
Judy A. Bruguiere

Walter S. Vincent
Douglas R. and Virginia M. Shanklin

Byron H. Waksman
Children’s School of Science, Inc.
Maryanne and Isidore Cohen
Elizabeth M. Davis

Leon P. Weiss
Cheryl Beano
Stephen and Robin Plattman
Harris and Jeanne Ripps

Lillian Wendorff
Phyllis R. Wendorff

Martin K. White
Tanya B. White

Charles G. Wilber
Clare M. Wilber

Donald and Margery Zinn
Jeffrey A. and Johanna A. Zinn