New Century Society

The New Century Society recognizes and honors those who have made bequests and other deferred gifts arrangements that will benefit the MBL in the future.  We thank all the members of the New Century Society for their generosity.

Anonymous (6)
Peter B. and Margaret T. Armstrong
Patricia Ann Barlow
Joan R. Berman
Margaret C. and Francis P. Bowles
Mario H. and Aida E. Burgos
Ronald Calabrese and Christine Cozzens
Graciela C. Candelas
James F. Case
Adolph S. Cavallo
Paul N. Chervin
Julie S. and Frank M. Child
Lawrence B. Cohen
Seymour S. Cohen
John E. and Judith F. Dowling
Joseph and Sarah Dowling
Paul R. Dupee, Jr.
Barbara E. Ehrlich
David and Lois Epel
Martha S. Ferguson
Yvonne R. Fuortes
Bruce and Barbara Furie
Susan Gerbi-McIlwain
Gilbert W. Glass
Sol H. Goodgal
Philip Grant
J. Woodland Hastings
Gertrude W. Hinsch
Joseph Hoffman and Elena Citkowitz
M Howard and Frances F. Jacobson
Mary D. Janney
Daniel and Jean Johnston
Sally S. and Ramsey E. Joslin
Jane C. Kaltenbach-Townsend
Darcy B. Kelley
Richard G. Kessel
Andrew M. Kropinski and Peggy A. Pritchard
Hans Laufer
Paul B. Lazarow
Edward R. and Gloria A. Leadbetter
Marian E. LeFevre
Howard W. Lowy
Gordon MacIver and Eleanor MacIver
Robert E. and Marjorie J. Mainer
Melanie and Klein Merriman
John W. Moore and Ann E. Stuart
Arthur B. Pardee and Ann B. Goodman
Jeanne S. Poindexter
Thomas D. and Patricia S. Pollard
Robert A. Prendergast
Ronald J. Przybylski
Michael and Diane Rabinowitz
Monica Riley
Michael G. Ryan and Linda A. Joyce
Cecily Cannan Selby
Enid K. Sichel
Roger D. and Carol J. Sloboda
Marjorie E. Steinberg
Ann E. Stuart and John W. Moore
John Tochko and Christina Myles-Tochko
John J. and Frederica W. Valois
Susan Volman
Byron and Joyce Waksman
Earl H. Weidner
Clare M. Wilber
John S. and Judith H. Willis