Special Gifts

In 2012, the MBL continued to benefit from major multi-year gifts pledged in previous years from the following:

Anonymous (2)
The Bay and Paul Foundations
Millicent Bell
Burroughs Wellcome Fund
The Ellison Medical Foundation
The Grass Foundation
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
George and Harmon Logan
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
George and Kathy Putnam

Anonymous (3)
The American Society for Cell Biology
Peter B. and Margaret T. Armstrong
Beech Tree Trust
Burroughs Wellcome Fund
Sally Cross
The Ellison Medical Foundation
Saint Michael and All Angels Espiscopal Church
Peter and Ginny Foreman
Seiichiro Fujimoto
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
George Frederick Jewett Foundation
Marianne F. Milkman
Nikon Instruments, Inc.
Elaine Pierson-Mastroianni
William Townsend Porter Foundation
Joan V. and Gerald S. Ruderman
Society for Developmental Biology, Inc.
William Speck and Evelyn Lipper
USNC-IBRO Committee
Wellcome Trust
John S. and Judith H. Willis

William and Susan Cobb
David and Patty Cohen
Mary W. Graham
March of Dimes Foundation
Donald and Patricia Mintmire
Monica Riley
John and Joan B. Ripple
Edward D. and Nancy M. Salmon
Harriet F. Segal
Douglas R. and Virginia M. Shanklin
Michael P. Sheetz
Society for the Study of Reproduction
James A. and Annamma Spudich
The Judy and Michael Steinhardt Foundation
Ronald D. Vale and Karen Dell
Gerald and Ann Weissmann
Dyann and Peter K. Wirth
Ms. Barbara K. Zeisler

Porter W. Anderson, Jr.
James and Cynthia Angstadt
Robert W. and Jean Ashton
Shawky Z. Badawy
David and Sandra Bakalar
Frederick and Christine N. Bay
Millicent Bell
Gloria S. Borgese
Gary G. Borisy and Sally M. Casper
Paul N. Chervin
Marion Cohen
The Company of Biologists Limited
David and Karen Davis
Stephen and Lois Eisen
David C. and Patricia S. Gadsby
Prosser Gifford
Robert D. and Anne E. Goldman
Peter Gottlieb
William H. and Margaret J. Greer
Larry Grossberg
Carlos Gual
Robert and Margot Haselkorn
Carmela J. Huettner
Mark Koide
John R. and Andrea O. Lakian
Hans Laufer
Michele Lorand and Paul Ringel
Walter E. and Shirley A. Massey
William N. and Marianne W. Mebane
Matthew Meselson and Jeanne Guillemin-Meselson
John Mills
Hideo Mohri
Harold Nash
Bryan D. and Elaine K. Noe
Nancy Northup
Sidney K. Pierce, Jr.
William S. and Catherine A. Reznikoff
Marius A. Robinson
Lawrence C. and Victoria H. Rome
Charles M. and Phyllis Rosenthal
John D. and Jean M. Rummel
Sara Schupf
Society of General Physiologists
Marjorie E. Steinberg
Andrew and Ursula Szent-Györgyi
G. Pran Talwar
Waksman Foundation for Microbiology
Washington & Jefferson College
Alfred M. and Naida D. Weisberg
Clifton R. Wharton, Jr.
Joshua J. Zimmerberg and Teresa L.Z. Jones

Other Gifts
Anonymous (4)
Emre R. Aksay
David F. Albertini
Marselle O. Alexander-Ozinskas
Ricardo C. Araneda
Bryan and Donna Arling
Carol Arnosti and Andreas P. Teske
Harold and Marion Barr
Susan R. and Daniel T. Barry
Viviana M. Berthoud
Jay B. Bikoff
Joanne Blum
Brenda J. Bodian
Margaret C. and Francis P. Bowles
Aaron Bravman
John Brereton
Giovanna Breu
Andrew Brittingham
Melinda Browne
Elizabeth H. Burrows
Elaine Cahn
Margaret Catley-Carlson
James Catterall and Jean Schweis
Robert and Penny Catzen
The Chee Pearlman Company, Inc.
David Clarke
Bradley and Katie Cohen
Sarah Cohen
Frederick Cooper and Karen Gordon
Catherine B. Cramer
John and Gwen Daniels
William C. Daniels
Paul J. and Maria S. De Weer
Robilee Frederick Deane
Michael H. Dickinson
Dirk Dobbelaere
Howard T. Dodd
Pavel Dolezal
Peter J. Donaldson
Henry Erle
Anne Etgen
Andrew and Amy Feinberg
First United Methodist Church of Chatham
Laura S. Fishler
Andrew A. Forbes
Warren Forma
Sarah Q. Foster
Christopher J. Freeman
Ronny Frishman
Harold and Ruth S. Gainer
Sallyann Garner
Mark Gasarch
Wallace and Anne Gibbons
Bruce and Mary Goodman
Muriel Gould
Bernice Grafstein
Henry J. Grass, M.D.
Paul A. Gray
Gustav Grosch and Jane Kulesza
Stephen L. and Ann S. Hajduk
John Haldenstein
Peter Hartline and Rebecca Kucera
Joseph Heitman
Ellen Hertzmark
John and Olivann Hobbie
Richard Holt
James A. and Marie G. Houle
Patricia A. Hunt
David Isenberg and Paula Blumenthal
Allison E. Jacobs
Hansen Johnson
Freda Kaminer
James L. Kaplan
Richard Kaplan
Frank Karger
Richard F. Karger
Darcy B. Kelley
Jessica Kissinger
Peter N. Kivy and Joan Pearlman
Charles Knauss
Collin Knauss
William Kobyljanec
Elinor Kritzman
George M. and Sylvia T. Langford
Leonard and Ruth Ann Laster
Stephen and Debi Laster
Holly A. Lavoie
Marie-Claire Lebeau
Laszlo Lorand
Richard H. C. Lucius
Bjoern Ch Ludwar
Vinay S. Mahajan
Joe L. Martinez and Kimberly Smith-Martinez
Takeshi Maruo
Anna Mastroianni and Greg Shaw
Alex S. Mauss
Bruce L. Mehler
Jerry and Lalise Melillo
Irwin and Ruth Merkatz
Steven Miano
Mid-American Water of Wauconda, Inc.
David A. and Virginia I. Miller
Steve S. Moore
Yasuhiro Morita
James Morrell
Ann-Kristin Mueller
Anne Nelson
Teresa A. Nick, Ph.D
John and Karen O’Leary
Daniel Page and Kirsi M. Savusalo
Elizabeth Pennisi
Charles Perrow
Bertha Person
Jean W. Pierce
Leslie and Donna Pinsof
Harmony Glazebrook Pittet
Plant Operations & Maintenance Staff – MBL
Mark Pochapin
Rachel S. Poretsky
Gordon and Claire Prussian
Keith Purpura
Helen Quinby
Geoffrey Ream
Fred and Gloria Rhoades
Michael G. Ryan and Linda A. Joyce
Matthew and Kelly Saal
Theodora Saal
Sacks Family Foundation
Joseph W. and Jean M. Sanger
Artur Scherf
Shanti Shahani
Carolyn and Joseph Shannon
Kate Lake Shaw
Irwin W. Sherman
Timothy and Kathleen Short
L. David Sibley
St. Andrews Foundation
Eleanor K. Steinberg
Jay Steinberg
Jeffery Steinberg
Julie Steinberg and Richard Engerman
StemCell Technologies Inc.
Randall R. Stewart
Masanori Takahashi
Betty Taymor
Hiroshi Ueno
Volker and Mary Ulbrich
Smitha B. Uthaman
John J. and Frederica W. Valois
Matthijs van der Meer
Miranda Van Gelder
Daria N. Van Tyne
Daniel Wagenaar
Leonard and Eve Warren
Harrison Wehner
Edward and Dia Weil
Robert H. Werner
Michael Wheeler
Ellen Winchell
John and Patty Wineman
Carolyn P. Winn
Ann S. Wolff
Steven and Dorothy Zottoli

Constance M. and Dean C. Allard
Fine Science Tools
Gordon Gund
Pamela D. Jacobsen
Maison Villatte
Christopher Neill and Linda A. Deegan
Barbara Morgan Roberts