March 6, 2015

Scientific Leadership

The Josephine Bay Paul Center for Comparative Molecular Biology and Evolution
Mitchell Sogin, Director, Senior Scientist
Mark Alliegro, Senior Scientist
Gary Borisy, Senior Scientist
Joshua W. Hamilton, Senior Scientist
Anton Post, Senior Scientist
David Mark Welch, Associate Scientist
Linda Amaral Zettler, Assistant Scientist
Irina Arkhipova, Assistant Scientist
Julie Huber, Assistant Scientist
Sheri Simmons, Assistant Scientist

The Ecosystems Center
Hugh Ducklow, Director**, Senior Scientist
Christopher Neill, Director**, Senior Scientist
John Hobbie, Distinguished Scientist
Jerry Melillo, Distinguished Scientist
Zoe Cardon, Senior Scientist
Linda Deegan, Senior Scientist
Anne Giblin, Senior Scientist
Edward Rastetter, Senior Scientist
Gaius Shaver, Senior Scientist
Joseph Vallino, Associate Scientist
Jianwu Tang, Assistant Scientist

Eugene Bell Center for Regenerative Biology and Tissue Engineering
Gary G. Borisy, Acting Director
Marko Horb, Associate Scientist
Jennifer Morgan, Assistant Scientist**
Joel Smith, Assistant Scientist
Mark Messerli, Assistant Scientist

Whitman Center
Robert Goldman, Director

Cellular Dynamics Program
Joshua Hamilton, Acting Director
Shinya Inoué, Distinguished Scientist
Osamu Shimomura, Distinguished Scientist
Gary Borisy, Senior Scientist
Jonathan Gitlin, Senior Scientist
Rudolf Oldenbourg, Senior Scientist
Michael Shribak, Associate Scientist
Tomomi Tani, Associate Scientist

Program in Sensory Physiology and Behavior
Roger Hanlon, Senior Scientist
Stephen Highstein, Senior Scientist
Alan Kuzirian, Associate Scientist

Center for Library and Informatics
Nathan Wilson, Director, Associate Research Scientist
David Patterson, Senior Scientist

**Staff who joined or left the MBL during 2012