Congratulations, Alan Kuzirian!

April 22nd, 2016 @

Please join us in congratulating Alan Kuzirian who has recently been appointed to the position of Senior Scientist in the Bell Center. This promotion comes in recognition of his many significant achievements and contributions to the MBL over the years. Alan came to the MBL in 1979 as a post-doc in the Lab of Biophysics, […]

Bell Center Scientists Identify Drug that Improves Neuronal Survival after Spinal Cord Injury in Lamprey

February 17th, 2016 @

  Spinal cord injury (SCI) in humans typically has a poor prognosis, including permanent losses in mobility and sensation, reflecting in part our very limited capacity for neural regeneration. To understand these limits on recovery after SCI, MBL Associate Scientist Jennifer Morgan studies the lamprey,     a fish that can spontaneously regenerate neurons after SCI […]

“Drawing Embryos, Seeing Development”

February 9th, 2016 @

Biologists today often take hundreds of photographs of what they see through the microscope. Those images are then sorted through, compiled, and sometimes even slightly modified to produce publishable figures. Prior to when photographic methods began making their way into biology labs and journals, this meant you had to draw it. While drawing by hand […]

“Natural Born Hustlers” on PBS Features Roger Hanlon’s Camouflaging Cuttlefish

January 25th, 2016 @

Cuttlefish are astonishingly good at using camouflage to hide from their predators, so it’s right they take a starring role in a new PBS mini-series called “Natural Born Hustlers.” “Meet the planet’s greatest animal hustlers – the con artists, impersonators, and thieves – animals that will do whatever it takes to survive,” the show’s introduction […]

How Does a Highly Efficient Swimmer Move? Jellyfish, Lamprey Study Reveals Surprising Forces At Play

November 6th, 2015 @

Millions of years ago, even before plate tectonics had nudged the continents into their current locations, jellyfish were already moving through the oceans using the same pulsing motions we observe today. Now through clever experiments and insightful math, an interdisciplinary research team has revealed a startling truth about how jellyfish and lampreys, another ancient species […]

Marine Animal Colony is a Multi-Jet Swimming Machine

October 14th, 2015 @

Marine animals that swim by jet propulsion, such as squid and jellyfish, are not uncommon. But it’s rare to find a colony of animals that coordinates multiple jets for whole-group locomotion. Last month in Nature Communications, scientists report on a colonial jellyfish-like species, Nanomia bijuga, that uses a sophisticated, multi-jet propulsion system based on an […]

MBL Workshop Escaping Flatland: Imaging biological architecture and events in 3 dimensions

July 24th, 2015 @

August 7 and 8, 2015. Source: Michael Babwahsingh Marine Biological Laboratory Speck Auditorium, Rowe Building Woods Hole, Massachusetts The workshop will bring together researchers who work at the interface of biology, biochemistry, physics, engineering, and computer science to advance both sides of the coin, the technology of 3D imaging and its applications in biology. We […]

Bell Center Welcomes REU Students for Summer 2015

June 18th, 2015 @

The Bell Center welcomes five undergraduate students who successfully entered the Biological Discovery in Woods Hole program, sponsored by the National Science Foundation – Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF REU) program. Each undergraduate student will be mentored this summer in the laboratory of an Bell Center research scientist and will fully participate in all laboratory […]

UChicago Metcalf Students to Join Bell Center for Summer Research

March 31st, 2015 @

During the summer of 2015, twelve undergraduates from the University of Chicago will gain substantive, project-based professional research experience at the Marine Biological Laboratory through the MBL/Jeff Metcalf Summer for Undergraduate Research Fellows program (SURF). The goal of the SURF Program is to introduce students to scientific research under the guidance and direction of MBL’s […]

Bell Center Recipients of MBL-UChicago-Argonne Collaboration Awards

March 17th, 2015 @

The Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) has announced new recipients of the MBL-UChicago/Argonne Collaboration Awards. These awards support innovative scientific collaborations among faculty at the MBL and UChicago/Argonne, in service of laying the foundation for long-term interactions between the institutions. Two of the three teams chosen for the 2015 Collaboration Awards include Bell Center scientists: “Color […]