Shalin Mehta

shalinheadshot1 Shalin Mehta, Assistant Research Scientist

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Address MBL, 7 MBL Street, Woods Hole, MA 02543




Shalin Mehta is an Assistant Research Scientist in the laboratories of Rudolf Oldenbourg and Tomomi Tani at the Marine Biological Laboratory. He received is PhD in optical microscopy at National University of Singapore before joining MBL with a post-doctoral fellowship from Human Frontier Science Program. He is interested in design of cutting-edge imaging and computational technologies that address important measurement problems in biophysics, in particular, cytoskeletal biophysics. At MBL, he pursues synergy between imaging and computation to measure three dimensional orientation of single molecules and their ensembles using polarized fluorescence. He is also interested in label-free imaging of cells, tissues, and ordered materials, such as graphene.

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