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My research lies in the biomedical optics, and employs a combination of optical, mechanical and software designs to create advanced light microscopes for studying the architectural dynamics in living cells. In particular, we invented new types of polarized light and differential interference microscopes which non-invasively create contrast where structures are otherwise invisible. These new imaging modes allow us to observe and record living cells with extremely fine details, some of which have never been seen with any other mode of microscopy before. Since image contrast in these modes is generated without the need to stain or to modify the cell in any way, cells can be followed for long periods of time, non-invasively, as they undergo mitosis, organelle movement or transformation, morphogenesis, and other dynamic changes. Yet these imaging modes should be compatible with fluorescent staining if desired.

More specifically, my current research includes the following subjects:

  • Orientation-independent differential interference contrast (OI-DIC) microscopy for quantitative imaging refractive index (dry mass) distribution within thin optical section in living cells with high sensitivity, resolution and speed;
  • Orientation-independent differential polarized light (OI-Pol) microscopy for quantitative imaging birefringence (molecular orientation and mechanical stress) distribution within live cell with high sensitivity, resolution and speed;
  • Developing microscope setup, which rapidly switches between the OI-DIC and OI-Pol modes without any mechanical movement. The setup would provide images, which show complementary specimen features, dry mass and dry mass anisotropy correspondently. For instance, in a live dividing cell, the DIC image will clearly show the chromosomes while the OI-Pol image will depict the distribution of the birefringent microtubules in the spindle;
  • New type of true orientation-independent polarized light microscope technique for real-time birefringence imaging, which we called the Video-Enhanced Polychromatic polscope;
  • Polarized fluorescence microscopy;
  • Polarization aberration in lens systems, techniques for measurement and rectification of polarization aberration;
  • Interferometric technique for measuring two-dimensional dry mass distribution in living cells based on Jamin-Lebedeff and Mach-Zehnders microscopes.

Currently we are seeking collaboration with individuals interested in practical biological applications of the newly developed light microscopy techniques.

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