Summer Investigators

We are pleased to welcome these MBL Whitman Center Awardees and Undergraduate Students to the Bell Center in 2016!

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Dr. Simon Alford (Whitman Center Awardee)

University of Illinois at Chicago

Morgan Lab


Dr. Kirsten Sadler Edepli (Whitman Center Awardee)

New York University Abu Dhabi

Gitlin Lab


Dr. John Dubach (Whitman Center Awardee)

Massachusetts General Hospital

Tani Lab

 Darcy 3

Dr. Darcy Kelley (Whitman Center Awardee)

Columbia University

Horb Lab


Dr. Brian Mitchell (Whitman Center Awardee)

Northwestern University

Horb Lab


Visiting Undergraduate Students
Carrie Albertin, Visiting Graduate Student - Hanlon Lab
Morgan Bennett-Smith, MBL/REU Student – Lindell Lab
Irene Cofie, MBL/REU Student – Horb Lab
Tomoya Edzuka, Graduate Student – Tani Lab
Sato Fumiya, Graduate Student – Tani Lab
Makoto Goda, Graduate Student – Inoue Lab
Clara Kao, Metcalf Student – Gitlin Lab
Melissa Li, MBL/REU Student – Gitlin Lab
Amanda Lohmann, MBL/REU Student – Hanlon Lab
Molly McQuilken, Graduate Student – Tani Lab
Michele Nsianya, MBL/REU Student - Morgan Lab
Nguyen Le, Visiting Brown Undergraduate Student - Oldenbourg Lab
Jamison Nye, Undergraduate Student - Lindell Lab
Corey Okinaka, Metcalf Student – Mathger Lab
Beatrice Steinert, Visiting Undergraduate Student - Maienschein Lab
Hanna Weller, Metcalf Student – Hanlon Lab
Yangtian Yi, Metcalf Student – Morgan Lab