Marine Biological Laboratory Announces 2017 Friday Evening Lecture Series

fel-thumbThe Marine Biological Laboratory is pleased to announce the Friday Evening Lecture schedule for the summer of 2017.  The hour-long talks are geared for a diverse and engaged audience and appeal to scientists and non-scientists alike.

The 2017 lineup of speakers will explore some of the most fascinating subjects in science today including aging and longevity, the science of mind-reading, what happens inside a cell, and what it really means to be asleep under anesthesia.

The series kicks off June 16, 2017 and will run each Friday through August 11. All lectures will be held at 8:00 PM in the MBL’s Lillie Auditorium, 7 MBL Street, Woods Hole and live-streamed at

Friday Evening Lectures are a long-standing tradition at the MBL, dating back to 1890 and given each year since then.   Among the early lecturers were the outstanding MBL founding scientists such as Jacques Loeb, E.B. Wilson, Thomas Hunt Morgan, and Charles O. Whitman. The tradition of excellence has continued to the present day with the roster of lecturers including more than 30 Nobel Prize winners since 1970.

The schedule is below. Stay tuned to for lecture abstracts and speaker bios.

June 16
“The Evolution of Mind-Reading: Insights from Non-Human Animals”
Laurie Santos, Yale University

June 23
Segal Lecture
“Through the Black Widow’s Web: How Unusual Mating Behavior Untangles Plasticity”
Maydianne Andrade, University of Toronto

June 30
E.B. Wilson Lecture
“A Short History of Metabolism, From the Age of Industry to the Epigenetic Present”
Hannah Landecker, University of California, Los Angeles

July 7
Porter Lecture
“Drunken Sailors, Coin Flips and How to Read Genomes”
Rob Phillips, California Institute of Technology

July 14
Director’s Lecture
“Bacteria as Master Regulators of Metabolism”
Lora Hooper, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

July 21
Forbes Lecture
“KATP Channels and Neonatal Diabetes: From Molecule to New Therapy and Beyond”
Frances Ashcroft, University of Oxford

July 28
Sager Lecture
“Modeling and Understanding Aging”
Anne Brunet, Stanford University

August 4
“Mapping the Wiring Diagram of Cellular Life”
Brenda Andrews, University of Toronto

August 11
Glassman Lecture
“Exploring the Dynamics of the Unconscious Brain under General Anesthesia”
Emery Brown, Massachusetts Institute of Technology