July 2, 2015

@MBL: A New Method for Checking the Ocean’s Health


Serendipity, MBL Style

Stentor credit micro scope and EOL

Donation from Millicent and Eugene Bell Foundation Supports New UChicago Professorship in Tissue Engineering with Appointment in MBL’s Bell Center

nematostella_adult_eggs by Adam Reitzel courtesy John Finnerty_crop

Second Scientific Retreat Moves MBL, University of Chicago Toward “A New Era in Discovery”


@MBL: Cities are Ecosystems, Too

U.S. Climate Assessment Commands National Attention

University of Chicago President Robert J. Zimmer Becomes Chairman of MBL Board of Trustees

@MBL: “Plastisphere” Paper is Honored by Environmental Science & Technology Journal

University of Chicago Undergraduates Visit MBL

“Done by Noon!” A Tribute to Anne Giblin After Her Election as AAAS Fellow