September 3, 2014

First MBL-UChicago Retreat Explores New Ideas for Joint Research and Programs


MBL Course Students Featured in “Why I Do Science”


Dance, Science to Collide in ‘Bodystorming’ Performance


Shinya Inoué is Designated Honorary Scholar at Friday Harbor Laboratory’s E.S. Morse Institute


Art and Science Combine in Exhibit of FASEB Journal Covers at MBL


Microbial Diversity Course to Receive “Milestones in Microbiology Site” Honor


@mbl: Searching for a Solution to Coral Bleaching

Top view of a day-old spawned Porites spp. larvae. Composite image seen under a fluorescent microscope. Symbiotic zooxanthellae autofluorescence in red, larvae epidermis autofluorescence in green. Courtesy of Guillermo Yudowski

New Insight on Cuttlefish Decision-Making During Adaptive Camouflage

Long-Term Tundra Warming Study Yields Unexpected Results; Provides Insight into Ecosystem’s Resiliency

Deep Carbon Observatory Releases Volume, “Carbon on Earth”