Meet Emma Heart, Associate Research Scientist, Cellular Dynamics Program

According to American Diabetes Association, more than 100 million people worldwide have type 2 diabetes.  The traditionally adult-onset disease, caused by a problem in the way your body makes or uses insulin, is increasingly being diagnosed in children and adolescents. For more than a decade, Cellular Dynamics Program Associate Research Scientist Emma Heart has studied […]

Meet Joyce & Ed Enos – A Tribute on the Eve of their Retirement

When Joyce Enos started working at the MBL, the average cost of a new home was under $14,000, America was in the height of “Beatlemania,” and the Vietnam War was escalating at a rapid pace.    The year was 1965. Joyce was hired as a secretary for the Supply Department, a precursor to today’s Marine Resources […]

MBL Staffers Welcome Joan Ruderman

Nearly two hundred MBL staffers gathered in the Meigs Room on Nov. 14 for an afternoon tea to meet Joan Ruderman, the MBL’s new president and director. Ruderman was already a familiar face to many in the room, as she has been affiliated with the MBL since 1974, when she was a student in the […]