New Exhibit Celebrates Discovery at the MBL

Discovery Never Ends Exhibit Meigs RoomA new exhibit that chronicles milestones in the MBL’s 125+ year history is now open for viewing in the Meigs Room of the MBL’s Swope Conference Center, 5 North Street, Woods Hole.

Anchored by a 22-foot timeline, the exhibit features MBL discoveries and achievements from the laboratory’s 1888 founding to recent milestones including the MBL’s affiliation with the University of Chicago in 2013.

Additional exhibit panels pay homage to the MBL’s founders and early leaders, as well as notable researchers such as Albert Szent-Györgyi, recipient of the 1937 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine who established the MBL’s first year-round lab; Shinya Inoué, a pioneer of polarized light microscopy whose worked help lay the foundation for imaging at the MBL; and Matthew Meselson and Franklin Stahl whose experiment to prove the hypothesis of semi-conservative replication of DNA (conceived at MBL in 1954) is frequently called “the most beautiful experiment in biology.”

The exhibit is free and open to the public by appointment or by chance. To check daily exhibit availability, stop by the Swope Front Desk or call 508-548-3705.