July 1, 2015

3 Day January 2013 Workshop: Intensifying Agriculture: Environmental Impacts and Potential Solutions

A three-day interdisciplinary workshop focused on intensive agriculture was held at MBL January 14- 16, 2013.

To meet the demands of a growing global population and shifting diets, the extent of agricultural land and productivity of existing land is increasing. This intensification of agriculture has unintended but profound effects on local and global environments. Natural and social scientists at Brown and the Marine Biological Laboratory have begun to describe these consequences, to understand social and biological drivers, and to develop solutions to issues associated with intensified agriculture.

This workshop will gather an interdisciplinary group of faculty, postdocs, and graduate students from Brown, MBL, our NSF PIRE project collaborators at Columbia, and other institutions to synthesize our understanding of the environmental impacts and solutions of intensified agricultural practices. The main objectives of the workshop are to review the state of knowledge of agriculture’s environmental impact, to identify knowledge gaps, and to stimulate new ideas for interdisciplinary research. We will explore the idea of putting together a special journal issue. Additionally, the workshop is intended to build and strengthen collaborations and identify avenues for future research.

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Please register by November 15, 2012 to guarantee your spot

Contact Rebecca Ryals at Rebecca_ryals@brown.edu with any questions.