June 30, 2015

Brown MBL Students Receive Fellowships

Several Brown-MBL Graduate Students received prestigious fellowships in Spring 2012.

Lindsay Brin, a fourth year graduate student advised by Anne Giblin at MBL and Jeremy Rich at Brown, received the Watson Fellowship in Environmental Sciences.  Lindsay studies how temperature and organic matter availability affect the balance of nitrogen that is removed from or recycled within coastal ecosystems.


Chelsea Nagy, a second year graduate student advised by Chris Neill at MBL and Stephen Porder at Brown, received a three year EPA Star  (Science to Achieve Results) Research Award.  Chelsea studies how land-use changes impact forest health in the Amazon soybean-growing region of Brazil.


Victor Schmidt, a first year graduate student advised by Kate Smith at Brown and Linda Amaral Zettler at MBL,received the Crane Family Global Infectious Disease Fellowship. Victor studies how microbial community shifts can influence disease development, pathogen transmission,  and human and ecosystem health.