July 2, 2015

Participating Departments at Brown

MBL Joint Faculty

Assistant Scientist Linda Amaral Zettler
Senior Scientist 
Linda Deegan
Senior Scientist Anne Giblin
Senior Scientist Roger Hanlon
Senior Scholar John Hobbie
Assistant Scientist Julie Huber
Associate Scientist David Mark Welch
Senior Scientist Jerry Melillo
Senior Scientist Christopher Neill
Senior Scientist Bruce Peterson
Senior Scientist Anton Post
Senior Scientist Ed Rastetter
Senior Scientist Gaius Shaver

Brown Joint Faculty

Assisant Professor Heather Leslie
Professor David Rand

MBL Joint Faculty

Assistant Scientist Linda Amaral Zettler
Senior Scientist Zoe Cardon

Senior Scientist Linda Deegan
Assistant Scientist Jianwu (Jim) Tang

MBL Joint Faculty

Senior Scientist Mark Alliegro

Assistant Scientist Irina Arkhipova
Senior Scientist and Director of the Bell Center Jonathan Gitlin

Associate Scientist and Director, National Xenopus Resource Marko Horb
Associate Scientist David Mark Welch
Assistant Scientist and Associate Director of Education Joel Smith
Senior Scientist Mitch Sogin

Brown Joint Faculty

Professor Gary Wessel

MBL Joint Faculty

Senior Scientist Rudolf Oldenbourg


Joint Faculty at Brown

While just three Brown Professors hold joint appointments at the MBL (see below), numerous Brown Professors in myriad departments work collaboratively with scientists at the MBL.

At the MBL Ecosystems Center

Heather Leslie (EEB)

At the MBL Bay Paul Center

David Rand (EEB)
Gary Wessel (MCB)