July 4, 2015


How to Apply to the Brown-MBL Program:

Applicants apply to the Brown/MBL Program through a participating department or program at Brown. Procedures for applying to the Brown-MBL Graduate Program vary by department.

Applicants should identify faculty at both Brown and the MBL with whom they might be interested in working. Contact with faculty before submitting an application is strongly encouraged. Please check the box “Brown-MBL Program” on the Brown Graduate School admissions form.

You will follow that department or program’s application procedures and deadlines found on department admissions webpages. For more information or to clarify application procedures, please contact the department or the Brown-MBL Graduate Program directly.

Still have questions? Please contact Chris Neill at the MBL:

Christopher Neill
Director, Brown-MBL Graduate Program

Marine Biological Laboratory
7 MBL Street
Woods Hole, MA 02543-1015

phone: 508-289-7481
e-mail: mbl.brown@mbl.edu