July 5, 2015

Areas of Study

Explore biology, environmental science, or medical research in a graduate program that unites faculty at Brown University and the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Brown-MBL Program students work with mentors from both institutions. Students can take advantage of the unique research setting in Woods Hole, MBL faculty, and research opportunities both at the MBL and at research sites around the world. They spend a portion of their graduate career living and working in laboratories or field sites of MBL scientists.

Areas of Study:

Biological & Environmental Physics
Cell & Developmental Biology
Climate and Environmental Change
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Ecosystems Studies
Phyogenetics, Genetics, Genomics, & Proteomics
Immunology & Pathology
Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Regenerative Biology

Sensory Physiology, Behavior and Neuroscience