April 16, 2014

Graduate Students

Some of the MBL-based Brown MBL Graduate Students relaxing in Woods Hole.

The Brown – MBL Graduate Program attracts talented and dedicated students from around the world who are interested in a wide range of biological and environmental questions. Students work with mentors at Brown and at the Marine Biological Lab in pursuit of their PhDs.

Twelve students have graduated from the program with Ph.D.s since 2007 and seventeen students are enrolled currently.

For more details on the kinds of projects in which Brown MBL graduate students engage, please visit the links listed above.

Some students are based at the MBL in Woods Hole from early on in their program; others remain primarily based in Providence. While there is no shuttle that runs between the two institutions, students are reimbursed for their gas mileage and/or bus tickets when commuting to one institution or the other for seminars, classes, meetings with advisors or committee members, lab work and other academic events. For details on transportation issues and travel reimbursement please click here.