May 22, 2015

Housing at Brown

Long-Term Housing at Brown

New Brown MBL graduate students whose primary residence will be at Brown, at least initially, are encouraged to visit Brown’s Auxiliary Housing Page, which provides information on and links to first-year graduate student housing, off-campus housing listings, Brown-owned housing options, and more.

Short-Term Housing at Brown

A studio apartment at 125-127 Waterman St and one room in a Brown-owned house located at 251 Bowen St. in Providence are now dedicated for use by Woods Hole-based Brown-MBL graduate students, joint faculty and other program affiliates in need of overnight accommodation while at Brown.

To reserve a room at Brown:

Send your reservation requirements to Alison Maksym, Brown MBL Coordinator, or Mary Ann Seifert at least one day, and preferably several days, in advance. Please ask the Brown MBL Coordinator about accessing keys to the studio prior to arrival at Brown University. We are now using an on-line calendar to view and make reservations for the studio apartment, please contact Alison Maksym for more information.

Parking is not included with housing.  See parking information for details on where and how to park when visiting Brown.