June 30, 2015


Will Daniels Arctic Circle

Brown-MBL PhD student Will Daniels with fellow Brown University researchers at the Arctic Circle, AK. Photo by Will Daniels.

The Brown-MBL Program attracts a diverse group of talented and dedicated students from around the world. Each year, a handful of graduate students from an array of disciplines join the Brown-MBL PhD Program. Some students spend their first years taking courses at Brown and do not make their base at MBL full-time until their second or third year in the program. Other students remain based in Providence for the duration of their studies but work closely with one or more MBL Scientists as they pursue their research. Still other students engage in research that requires them to be at the MBL from the start of their studies. Thirteen graduate students currently are enrolled in the program, fourteen students have graduated from the program with doctorates and five others have left early with Master’s degrees.




Justine Allen

Brown-MBL alumna Justine Allen with a cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) in the Aegean Sea near Çeşmealtı, Turkey. Photo by Derya Akkaynak Yellin.


In addition, every summer, a number of Brown undergraduates receive awards to support summer internships in MBL labs in Woods Hole or field sites across the globe.