July 5, 2015

Reserve Short-Term Housing


To request short-term housing:

  1. Send an email to  mbl.brown at mbl.edu indicating your date of arrival and date of departure.
  2. Go to: http://ws2.mbl.edu/research/NewCenter.asp?PID=0.
      • Complete Form.
      • Choose ‘Brown MBL Program’ in the ‘which center/program will you be visiting’ field.
      • In the ‘ Specific conditions to be taken into consideration when assigning accommodations’ box, which is right below the Housing Accomodations table, put ‘Brown MBL Scholar’ so housing knows you are affiliated with and will be covered by the Brown MBL Program.
      • Submit Form.

Note: If you do not indicate your affiliation with the Brown MBL Program on your application it may not end up in the right department for approval, and a reservation therefore may not be made.