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Starting in the summer of 2013, a series of workshops are planned that explore the options and find the future vision for Imaging at the MBL.  Members of all communities that use imaging at the MBL are invited to attend and each workshop will bring a spotlight to a different imaging facet at MBL. During the first workshop we highlighted the Cellular Dynamics Imaging Group (CDIG). The next workshop on October 10, 2013, focused on teaching microscopy. Future spotlights include the Central Microscopy Facility, planning a Collaboratory in Biological Imaging, synergies with UChicago, Argonne National Lab and Fermi Lab, and others. A common goal of all workshops is to foster communication between users, developers, vendors and manufacturers of cutting edge microscopy equipment and to identify successful ongoing activities and promising new initiatives that can be expanded into year-round pursuits at the MBL.

Please leave your comment or idea related to this workshop series in the field available at the end of the page.

For decades, MBL is being recognized for innovations in the development, application, and teaching of light microscopy methods in biology. Almost every MBL course has an imaging component and cutting edge methods are presented and taught in two short courses dedicated to light microscopy. Vendors bring equipment worth tens of millions of dollars for the courses and for scientists to use between the months of June and August. New microscopy techniques are being tested on applications that address pressing biological questions, bringing together instrument developers and biologists who are at the forefront of their respective field.

MBL websites related to Imaging
The following websites include microscopy/imaging activities at MBL:

–   Special Topics Courses:

–   Summer Courses with imaging components:

–   Workshops:

–   Summer fellowship in imaging:

–   Central Microscopy Facility

–   Resident laboratories developing microscopy and image analysis methods:

–   Prototype microscope and imaging techniques installed at MBL for use by summer community 2012/2013:

The links below provide information on each workshop:

Workshop 1, 8 August 2013:      Workshop 1 Summary          Workshop 1 Video 

Workshop 2, 10 October 2013:  WorkShop 2 Summary         Workshop 2 Video

Roundtable, UChicago Retreat, 9 February 2014: Roundtable Summary

Workshop 3, 23 July 2014: 2-4 pm in Swope Private Dining Rm  Agenda

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  1. George Augustine

    2 years ago

    As requested by Rudolf, I will provide a brief description of the activities of the MBL NeuroImaging group.


  2. Bob Rose

    2 years ago

    I would like to discuss bringing structural biology to MBL, i.e. imaging at atomic resolution. The synchrotron at Argonne National Labs has many protein crystallography beam lines. At NCState we use one of their beam lines regularly. I am a crystallographer, but structural biology could include cryoEM, NMR, and mass spec.


  3. Rudolf Oldenbourg

    3 years ago

    Please add your suggestions for the Agenda of the 3rd Workshop.


    • Jim Tang

      2 years ago

      The imaging technology could be extended from cellular levels to organismal (whole animals and plants), ecosystems (e.g. forests, cropland), and global scales (remote sensing).


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