BioCurrents Shared Resource


The BioCurrents Shared Resource (BSR) was established under the management of Mark Messerli. The BSR continues to support development, construction and use of micro-electrical and micro-electrochemical instrumentation that was supported by the former BioCurrents Research Center. Additionally, the BSR, using the expert skills of Rick Sanger, supports development and construction of other forms of specialized instrumentation including microscopy and provides repair services for current instrumentation after an assessment. The BSR maintains support facilities for investigators including cell storage, culture room and instrumentation for molecular biology and biochemistry.

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Instrument Development
Central Laboratory
Sensor Fabrication
BSR Manager
Culture Facility
Molecular Biology


Mark Messerli, Manager of the BioCurrents Resource

Phone: 508-289-7295

Rick Sanger, Research Engineer

Phone: 508-289-7248

Diane Cook, Administrator

Phone: 508-289-7243
Fax: 508-289-7579