Grant B. Harris

Home address:  26 Huettner Road, Woods Hole, Mass.  02543

Current position:  Scientific Informatics Analyst, Cellular Dynamics Program Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA 02543

Phone: (508) 548-1709



Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 1981.  Concentrations in thermodynamics, thermo-economics, energy systems, solar architecture, systems dynamics and control; programming, graphics and technology policy.

Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Analytical & Quantitative Light Microscopy, 2006.


Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA

Scientific Informatics Analyst (2009-Present).  Designing custom components for the open source Micro-Manager instrument control and image acquisition system.

Project Co-Leader (2009-2011) of a distributed development team redesigning the open source image processing platform, ImageJ.  (  Designed architecture of application framework emphasizing interface (API) design for backward-compatability, modularity, interoperabilty, and extensibilty.

Research Associate III (2001-2009).  Instrumentation engineering for live-cell imaging using polarized light and fluorescence microscopy. Design and development of software for instrument control, image acquistion and processing, and date management; Systems and network support; Development of multimedia presentations and video library archiving.  Design and machining work of hardware components.

(Link to summary of my work at MBL.)

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA  (July, 2002)

Technical Support for the Scientific Support Services Group.  35-day voyage aboard the R/V Knorr in the Greenland Sea, Rakiavik to Glascow; installation and removal of several laboratory instrumentation packages for chemical analysis of sea water; general technical support.

Workframe, Inc., Cambridge, MA (1988 – 2001)

Founder and president.  Software development and engineering consulting to clients in hardware/software product/system development, financial services, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, industrial design, instrumentation, publishing, video production, manufacturing, healthcare, and legal services  Performed financial, marketing, sales, project management, client contact, development, contract, and intellectual property licensing activities.

Consulting, facilitation, and training focused on improving coordination and collaboration in organizations through business process mapping and re-design, and information systems design.  Focus on creative design and development processes, coordination, project/process management, role-definition, accountability and trust, and team building.  Experienced in communication and teamwork training, group facilitation, and process consultation.  Certified mediator.

Clients included: Merrill Lynch & Co.,Mercury Computer Systems, The Center for Quality of Management, Pfizer, G.D. Searle Pharmaceuticals, Thermo Jarrell Ash, Radnet, Inc., Design Continuum, Project Software & Development, Inc., SeaChange Technology, Teradyne, Hammer and Company, LaserData, Lancome, Inc. and CBS News.

(Link to summary of my experience at Workframe, Inc.)

Legal Support Services Corp, Boston (1985 – 1987)

Technical Consultant providing a variety of technical services to law firms in Boston.   Systems Analysis as a consultant for the Mass. Dept. of Public Health. Developed systems requirements for Community Healthcare Centers, medical accounting and management systems.

Jay M. Silverstone & Associates, Waltham, (1984 – 1985)

Computer Systems Project Engineer for an HVAC engineering firm.  Designed and developed an energy cost accounting and management system.

Chamber of Commerce of the United States, Washington, DC.  (1981-1982)

Assistant to the National Accounts Manager at the Participated in development of membership marketing strategy and coordinated records and information management system for newly created National Accounts (Fortune 1000) Program

Professional Development

  • Essential Facilitation – Interaction Associates’ program delivered by MIT Professional Learning Center, 2001.
  • Process Consultation, Dialogue and Organizational Culture workshop with Edgar Schein, 1999, 2000 & 2001.
  • Inquiry As Intervention, workshop with the Public Conversation Project, Cambridge, September 2000.
  • Mediation @ MIT, 37 hour program leading to certification in mediation, June 2000.
  • Member of the Greater Boston Organizational Development Network and the Mass. Bay OD Learning Group.
  • Essentials of Workflow Management Technology, Business Process Design, ActionWorkflow Analyst, Train-the-Trainer, ActionWorkflow Lotus Notes Developer Lab  and ActionWorkflow Consultants Intensive, at Action Technologies, Alemeda, CA. (1990 – 1995)

Technical Expertise

  • Software design and development in Java, GUI design with Swing, concurrency/multi-threading, generics,  annotations, etc.  Java Native Interface to utilize third-party libraries for hardware control and data interfacing.
  • C#, C++, Python,  PROLOG, PASCAL, FORTRAN, BASIC, and HTML, Lotus Notes and Framework.,
  • Internet/web technologies including browsers and servers, newsreaders, discussions, conferencing, and authoring systems; n-tier architectures.  Web-application develop with FrontPage, Lotus Notes/Domino, and  Drupal; E-mail, messaging and directory services, including Outlook/Exchange, Notes, SMTP, MHS, X400/500;
  • Extensive experience with Microsoft Office Suit; information organization and visualization tools including MindManager, Inspiration, Visio, and PaintShop; variety of operating system platforms and networks, especially Windows.
  • Business process analysis, mapping and design, functional requirements gathering, data modeling, and systems design.
  • Machining and fabrication; mechanical and electrical troubleshooting and repair; sailor, navigator.


Escaping the Box: Using a New Process Model to Support Participation and Improve Coordination”, co-authored with Steven S. Taylor, published in The Center for Quality in Management Journal, Vol. 6, No. 3, Winter 1997.

“Organizational Structuration: Interaction and Interrelation”, co-authored with Steven S. Taylor,
presented to EGOS 14th Colloquium (European Group on Organizational Studies), Maastricht, The Netherlands, 1998.