The Java-Instrumentation-Framework is an open source, Java-based software developed for instrument control and image acquisition, but potentially useful more generally.  It has been designed and developed over the last decade by Grant B. Harris at the Marine Biological Laboratory in support of the research activities in the Laboratory of Rudolf Oldendenbourg.The project is hosted on GitHub:https://github.com/Java-Instrumentation-Framework

All of the projects are Maven projects (i.e. they have pom.xml file)
The repositories include:


Java-Instrumentation-Framework / jif

This contains the general, core libraries that are used in specific applications.

Java-Instrumentation-Framework / jif-mmx

Plugins for and extensions to Micro-Manager:

mmxplugins – contains a set of plugins for use with Micro-Manager and ImageJ, including:
ImageNavigator, OrientionIndicators, and MFM Z-Expander. It includes a plugins.config file that installs the plugins into the ImageJ menus. It uses the Maven Shade Plugin packages all of the dependencies into an uber-jar.
dataset – read and write Micro-Manager datasets with no other dependencies.
datasetconverter – converts Micro-Manager datasets in various ways.
orientationindicators – visualization and measurement of the orientation of optical anisotropies measured using polarized light microscopy techniques described here: OpenPolScope

Java-Instrumentation-Framework / jif-experimental

DANGER! ‘Experimental’ means don’t use, or if you do, use at your own risk. ¬†This repository contains works-in-progress that will migrate to the jif or other repositories as they become less dangerous.