MBL Resources

The Cellular Dynamics Program is located at the Marine Biological Laboratory on the first and second floor of the Lillie Building which also houses support facilities and the MBLWHOI Library.The space includes facilities for visitors, experimental platforms, wet bench space and personal computer work stations. Allocation and use of this space is under the control of the CDP director.

ANIMAL FACILITIES: Veterinarian and animal support, both mammalian and aquatic are provided. There is an approved small mammal facility as well as a state of the art Marine Resources Center and an on campus full time veterinarian. MBL has an established IACUC.

ACCOMMODATIONS: On-campus housing for both summer and year-round visitors include dorm rooms or cottages suitable for families. >>>

GENERAL USE: The General Use Equipment Rooms supply year-round and summer investigators with instrumentation, some owned by MBL and some on loan. Located in the Whitman and Lillie buildings, these rooms provide such equipment as balances, pH meters, centrifuges, cell disruption systems, spectrophotometers, gel scanner and analysis system, pipet puller, and PCR. Limited -80°C freezer space is available. >>>