Shinya Inoué is Designated Honorary Scholar at Friday Harbor Laboratory’s E.S. Morse Institute, Blog article by Jane MacNeil:

MBL Researchers Find Zinc’s Crucial Pathway to the Brain, an article by Aviva Hope Rutkin:

Cellular Dynamics Program’s Distinguished Scientist, Dr. Shimomura was elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

Please read the MBL blog article, by Diana Kenney, MBL Scientists Present Leading Edge of Microscopy at AAAS Meeting in Boston, featuring CDP Senior Scientist, Rudolf Oldenbourg and CDP Adjunct Scientist, Amy Gladfelter.

We invite you to read the MBL blog article, by Diana Kenney,  Sensing the Light, But Not to See,  highlighting a recent Seminar by
Enrico Nasi, a Senior Scientist in the Cellular Dynamics Program.

Please join us for The Cell’s Mystery: Shinya Inoué,  at Diana Kenney’s MBL’s blog: