Director Search


A formal search for the next director of the Marine Biological Laboratory is underway. The Search Advisory Committee is leading the effort with support from Isaacson Miller.

The Search Advisory Committee welcomes input at any time during the search process by way of e-mail to:

Director, Marine Biological Laboratory

The Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), North America’s oldest private marine laboratory, seeks a proven programmatic and organizational leader and distinguished scientist to serve as its next Director. Recognized as one of the great international centers for investigation and education in the life sciences, the MBL has for over 125 years drawn many of the world’s most accomplished biologists to Woods Hole for research and education programs that are renowned for their intellectual vitality and spirit of collaboration.

Through vibrant resident and visiting science programs, the MBL supports research spanning a broad range of subject areas. These include cell and developmental biology, climate and environmental science, ecology and evolutionary biology, ecosystems studies, genetics and genomics, molecular biology, regenerative biology, neuroscience, immunology and pathology, microbial communities and diversity, and physiology and organismal biology. Intensive laboratory-based courses, variable-length immersive educational programs, visiting research programs, and informal colloquia are also distinguishing features and well-established strengths of the MBL, as are the collection and cultivation of marine and aquatic organisms.

In 2013, the MBL opened a new chapter in its history by formally affiliating with the University of Chicago (UChicago). This relationship links the MBL to the scientific resources of UChicago and the UChicago-affiliated Argonne National Laboratory. Through these partnerships, the MBL is poised to pursue new initiatives that address critical questions, with a strategic focus on understanding the role of microbes in diverse environments, the biology of marine organisms that model or play direct roles in environmental and human health, and how life responds to an ever-changing planet.

The Marine Biological Laboratory is committed to providing equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment. MBL is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.