SES - Independent Research Symposium

December 13th, 2013 @   - 

8:20 am - 4:00 pm

Lillie Auditorium

Semester in Environmental Science – Independent Research Symposium

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8:20 – Dr. Jonathan Gitlin, Deputy Director of Research and Programs
Welcome and introductory remarks

8:30 – Tyler Messerschmidt, Ripon College
“The ecological effects and legacy of 18 years of irrigation with wastewater effluent in a mixed oak-pine forest at the Falmouth Wastewater Treatment Facility”

8:45 – Jamie Harrison, Carleton College
“Growth rates of oak trees exposed to different microclimate regimes resulting from topographical variation on Martha’s Vineyard”

9:00 – Hannah Kuhns, Franklin & Marshall College
“Changes in soil properties due to frost pocket microclimate within spring sapping valleys on Martha’s Vineyard”

9:15 – Jamie Bates, Clarkson University
“Comparing biomass, enzymatic activity and amino acid uptake in Arbuscular Mycorrhizae of red maple to Ectomycorrhizae of oak
at the Harvard Forest in Petersham, MA”

9:30 – Yangtsho Gyaltshen, Bard College
“Differences in the nutrient economies of Ectomycorrhizal and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal dominated tree stands at the Harvard Forest in Petersham, MA”

9:45 – Lauren Wind, Allegheny College
“Changes in oak, birch maple, and ash leaf litter chemistry and decomposition resulting from long-term soil warming at the Harvard Forest”

10:00 – Emma Hauser, Earlham College
“Controls on greenhouse gas fluxes from agricultural soils: effects of nitrogen fertilizers”

10:15 – Coffee Break

10:30 – Chelsea Westra, Hampshire College
“The effects of particle size and carbon sources on nitrogen cycling in aggregated “biofloc”microbial communities”

10:45 – Kelsey Gosselin, New School for Liberal Arts
“Microbial degradation of fresh and weathered oil from the BP Horizon Macondo well blowout under aerobic and anaerobic conditions”

11:00 – Leah Hayden, Lafayette College
“Effects of ocean acidification and nutrient enrichment on growth of the planktonic coccolithophore, Emeliana huxleyi

11:15 – Becky Leone, Wheaton College, IL
“Long term changes in nutrient and sulfur cycling and burial in response to changes in acid deposition in freshwater ponds on Cape Cod”

11:30 – Tyler Ueltschi, University of Puget Sound
“Effects of acid deposition on metal release and storage in sediments from freshwater ponds on Cape Cod”

11:45 – Natalie Buch, Syracuse University
“Acid rain effects on the production and composition of epicuticular waxes of cultivated turf grass”

12:00 – Sarah Erskine, Wheaton College, MA
“Use of the detergent additive, linear alkylbenzene sulfonate, as an indicator of wastewater input to Oyster Pond, MA”

12:15 – Luncheon
Meigs Room, Swope Center
Students, parents and guests, faculty and instructors welcome

1:30 – Kaya Muirhead, Dickinson College
“Circadian rhythm in Methanotrophic bacteria: cyclical expression of the Methane Monooxygenase (pmoA) gene in microcosms with pulsed inputs of methane”

1:45 – Caroline Collins, Connecticut College
“Changes in genomics of the microbial community in salt marsh sediments of experiment plots treated with sewage sludge containing mercury”

2:00 – Joy Semien, Dillard University
“Are New England salt marshes keeping up with rising sea levels: comparing sediment accumulation with estimates of net carbon storage based on eddy flux tower measurements at the Plum Island Estuary”

2:15 – Patrick Doughty, Lawrence University
“The relationship between carbon, nitrogen and sulfur isotope composition and growth rate in Ribbed Mussels (Geukensia demissa) in New England salt marshes”

2:30 – Nicholas Pagan, Clark University
“Macro-invertebrate community structure in streams affected by conventional and organic cranberry cultivation”

2:45 – Tabea Zimmermann, Dickinson College
“Nutrient inputs and cycling in conventional and organically farmed, and abandoned cranberry bogs”

3:00 – Jordan Stark, Skidmore College
“Effects of macroalgal mats on sediment nutrient release and benthic pelagic coupling”

3:15 – Nicholas Uline, Gettysburg College
“Powerhouse plankton removers: Can shellfish remediate nutrient loading to the coastal pond ecosystems?

3:30 – Ken Foreman, SES Program Director
Semester Retrospective

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