Anne E. Giblin, Interim Director, Senior Scientist

Interests: Biogeochemistry; N, P, S and metal cycling in aquatic and wetland ecosystems; conducts research in Boston Harbor, Arctic LTER at Toolik Lake, Alaska, and in tropical watersheds and mangroves in Panama. Lead principal investigator Plum Island (MA) LTER

Zoe G. Cardon, Senior Scientist

Interests: To understand how biogeochemical cycles have dramatically affected, and been dramatically affected by, evolutionary changes in the anatomy and physiology of organisms on Earth, and by the ecological interplay of those organisms above- and below-ground in complex mutualisms, symbioses and food webs.

Maureen H. Conte, MBL Fellow

Interests: Multi-disciplinary research on ocean and terrestrial carbon cycle processes using a variety of geochemical and isotopic techniques.

John E. Hobbie, Distinguished Scientist

Interests: Microbial ecology of aquatic ecosystems, mycorrhizae in soils, stable isotopes;conducts research at Arctic LTER in Toolik, Alaska.

Jerry M. Melillo, Distinguished Scientist

Interests: Understanding impacts of human activities on the biogeochemistry of ecological systems using a combination of field studies and simulation modeling; conducts research at Harvard Forest LTER.

Bruce J. Peterson, Senior Scholar

Interests: Water balance in Arctic and Siberian rivers, abrupt climate change, aquatic biogeochemistry, stable isotopes, element cycling; conducts research at Arctic and Plum Island LTER sites and Russia

Edward B. Rastetter, Senior Scientist

Interests: Mathematical land computer simulation of ecosystem element cycles and climate effects, multiple element limitation.

Gaius R. Shaver, Senior Scientist

Interests: Physiological ecology of plants, role of plant species in Arctic ecosystem function, climate change; lead principal investigator at Arctic LTER.

Paul A. Steudler, Senior Research Scholar

Interests: The responses of temperate and tropical forest ecosystems to disturbance.

Jianwu Tang, Associate Scientist

Interests: Plant-soil interactions, measuring and modeling element cycling and respiration in soils, climate change.

Ivan Valiela, Distinguished Scientist

Interests: Function, structure and controls on coastal ecosystems, land-sea couplings, impacts of urbanization and deforestation on coastal ecosystems, management of coastal environments, international environmental policy.

Joseph J. Vallino, Senior Scientist

Interests: Mathematical simulation of microbial dynamics, coupled physical-biological models of estuaries, ecological engineering; conducts research at Plum Island LTER and Waquoit Bay.

Not In-Residence

Natalie T. Boelman, Adjunct Assistant Scientist

Columbia University
Interests: The ways in which the composition, physical structure, and phenology of Arctic-Boreal vegetation are changing; how these changes impact resident and migratory animals; the role that animals in turn play in mediating climate-induced change in the region

Linda A. Deegan, MBL Fellow

Interests: Role of animals in ecosystems, stable isotopes and food webs; conducts research on Brazilian streams and at Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) sites at Plum Island (MA) and the Arctic.

Robert Howarth, Adjunct Senior Scientist

Cornell University
Interests: Biogeochemistry and ecosystem science, applied to a wide variety of both theoretical and practical questions.

David S. Johnson, Adjunct Assistant Scientist

Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Interests: Coastal wetlands including mangrove and salt marsh ecology, marine invertebrate ecology, community ecology

Christopher Neill, MBL Fellow

Interests: Forest and grassland biogeochemistry, conservation biology; coastal plain ponds and grassland restoration on Martha’s Vineyard (MA) and deforestation in Brazil.

James A. Nelson, Adjunct Assistant Scientist

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Interests: Fish related components of marine ecosystems.

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