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September 12
*Peter Ward, University of Washington
"Is past global warming in deep time a clue to the near future on Earth?" - 3 PM Speck Auditorium

September 16
Kathleen Savage, Woods Hole Research Center
Deconstructing soil respiration response to environmental variables at varying temporal scales” 12:15 PM Candle House 104/105

September 23
Edward Rastetter, MBL Ecosystems Center
"The PLIRTLE model, the Ensemble Kalman Filter, and CO2 fluxes from Arctic ecosystems" - 12:15 PM Speck Auditorium

September 26
*Steward Pickett, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
"Urban ecology: Approach and insights as illustrated by the Baltimore Ecosystems Study Long-Term Ecological Research project" - 3 PM Speck Auditorium

September 30
Peter Pollard, Australian Rivers Institute, School of Environmental Engineering, Griffith University, Australia - “The missing carbon link: Terrestrial production meets aquatic microbial processes in freshwater ecosystems” - 12:15 PM Speck Auditorium

October 7
Aaron M. Ellison, Harvard Forest, Harvard University - “Detection and forecasting of thresholds in ecological systems: What do we need to know and when do we need to know it?" - 12:15 PM Candle House 104/105

October 14
Ruth Yanai, State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse
"What controls calcium depletion in northern hardwood ecosystems? Acid rain or aging forests?" 12:15 PM Lillie Auditorium.

October 21
Christopher Neill, MBL Ecosystems Center
"From coastal plain ponds to coastal sandplains: The implications of soil seed banks for conservation and restoration in two endangered ecosystems of Massachusetts” - 12:15 PM Candle House 104/105

October 24
*Ivette Perfecto, Dept. of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan.
Special ecology in a coffee agroecosystem: Implications for biological control of pests and diseases” – 3 PM Lillie Auditorium

October 28
Leah VanWey, Brown University
Households, families, and land use change in the Amazon" - 12:15 PM Candle House 104/105

October 31
*Ruth DeFries, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University
Land use transitions in the tropics” - 3 PM Speck Auditorium

November 4
Amy Lesen, Dillard University
“New Orleans pre- and post-Katrina: A US case study in coastal cities at risk. Ecology, culture, history, and vulnerability -- What is the role of scientists?” 12:15 PM Speck Auditorium

November 18
Jim Galloway, University of Virginia
"Food, feed and fuel: A story about nitrogen" - 12:15 PM Speck Auditorium

November 25
John Petersen, Oberlin College
Buildings as ecological systems: Using real-time resource use feedback to foster understanding and stimulate conservation" 12:15 PM Speck Auditorium

December 2
Meredith Hastings, Brown University, "The biogeochemical-climate record: A new perspective on nitrate" - 12:15 PM Speck Auditorium

December 9
Adrian Rocha, MBL Ecosystems Center
"Burn severity influences post-fire surface energy and mass exchanges in arctic tundra" 12:15 PM Lillie Auditorium
* Distinguished Scientist Seminar Series

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