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September 15
Jackie Collier, SUNY Stony Brook.
Diversity and abundance of Labyrinthulomycetes, the most important marine decomposers you've (probably) never heard of.
12:15 PM, Speck Auditorium

September 18
*Mark Serreze, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, National Snow and Ice Data Center, University of Colorado.
Environmental impacts of a shrinking Arctic sea ice cover.
3 PM, Speck Auditorium.

September 22
Mirko Lunau, MBL.
Microbial short time response to changes in aquatic environments.
12:15 PM, Speck Auditorium.

September 25
*Peter Groffman, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies.
Exotic earthworm invasion and soil carbon in forests.
3 PM, Speck Auditorium.

September 29:
Neil Bettez, Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies.
Impact of near source deposition of mobile source emissions on forest N cycling in a coastal watershed. 1
2:15 PM, Speck Auditorium

October 6
Manuel Lerdau, University of Virginia,
The MEP/DOXP pathway, plant stress, and atmospheric chemistry.
12:15 PM, Lillie Auditorium.

October 23
*George Kling, University of Michigan.
Using ecosystems science to solve problems: The case of killer lakes in Africa.
3 PM, Speck Auditorium

October 27
Joanna York, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Microzooplankton grazing in green water: results from two contrasting estuaries
12:15 PM, Speck Auditorium

October 30
*Cabell Davis, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
The effects of local to climate scale physical forcing on the Northwest Atlantic fishery ecosystem: Will climate change cause a collapse?
3 PM, Speck Auditorium

November 3
Dan Ardia, Franklin and Marshall College
Golondrinas de las Americas: Geographic variation in life history evolution in Tachycineta swallows
12:15 pm, Lillie Auditorium

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