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September 7
Mark Green, Plymouth State Univeristy. "Exploring historical hydrologic change across the Northeastern United States." 12:15 PM Speck Auditorium

September 17
*Carlos Duarte, Spanish Research Council. "Facing the global loss of seagrass meadows: Trends, causes, outlook and opportunities." 3 PM Speck Auditorium

September 21
Soonmo An, Pusan National University, South Korea. "Nutrient retention in Nakdong estuarine ecosystem, South Korea." 12:15 PM, Speck Auditorium.

September 24
*Ken Buesseler, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. "Understanding the ocean's biological pump." 3 PM, Speck Auditorium

October 5
Anne Thessen, MBL Encyclopedia of Life, “New biology: The data conservancy and data-driven discovery.” 12:15 PM, Speck Auditorium

October 15
Special seminar byBrad Withrow-Robinson, Oregon State University. "Outreach education as a path to Broader Impacts: Opportunities and challenges"
10:30 AM, Starr 222

October 15
*Christopher Reddy, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. "Searching for subsurface plumes in the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon accident."
3 PM, Speck Auditorium

October 19
Kristina Mead, Denison University. "Movers and makers: Mantis shrimp burrow remodeling and current dynamics." 12:15 PM, Lillie auditorium

October 20
Special seminar by author Joe Levine. “Combating the merchants of doubt: The war on science and what we can do about it,” 12:15 PM, Loeb G70

October 29
*Thompson Webb III, Brown University. “Climate warming and vegetation changes in North America since the ‘Last Ice Age’ 21,000 years ago.” 3 PM Lillie Auditorium

November 5
*Monica Turner, University of Wisconsin. "Landscape heterogeneity, disturbance and ecosystem function." 3 PM Lillie Auditorium

November 9
H. William Detrich, Northeastern University. “Adaptation and disaptation in Antarctic notothenioid fishes: Bone and blood.” 12:15 PM, Speck Auditorium.

November 16
Kristina Stinson, Harvard University. “Forests, fungi, and the future: Impacts of an invasive plant on soil microbe-plant interactions.” 12:15 PM, Speck Auditorium

November 30
John Drake, Boston University. "Controls of primary productivity in a warm-temperate forest: Scaling from physiological mechanisms to ecosystem processes." 12:15 PM, Speck Auditorium

December 14
Sheri Simmons, MBL Bay Paul Center. "Microbial community dynamics in open and model systems." 12:15 PM, Speck Auditorium

December 17
SES Student Symposium, Lillie Auditorium

*Semester in Environmental Science Distinguished Scientist Seminar

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