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September 13

Hugh Ducklow, MBL Ecosystems Center. "Bacterial dynamics in Antarctic coastal waters: A long-term view." 12:15, Speck Auditorium

September 16

*Scott Doney, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. "Rising atmospheric CO2 and ocean acidification." 3 PM, Speck Auditorium.

September 20

James Casey, Washington and Lee University. “The economic value of marine biodiversity to recreational SCUBA divers in Barbados.” 12:15 PM, Speck Auditorium

September 27

Jessica Mark Welch, MBL Bay Paul Center. "Visualizing microbial interactions in host-associated ecosystems." 12:15 PM, Speck Auditorium.

September 30

*Edward DeLong, Massachusetts Institute of Technology "Exploring marine microbial diversity, from genomes to biomes." 3 PM, Speck Auditorium.

October 4

John Schade, St. Olaf College. "Coupling of N and P cycling in stream ecosystems." 12:15 pm, Speck Auditorium -- CANCELLED.

October 11

Adrian Rocha, MBL Ecosystems Center. "Climatic and ecological insights and surprises from an unprecedented Arctic tundra wildfire." 12:15 PM, Speck Auditorium.

October 14

*Bridget Emmett, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Environment Centre, Wales."How are soils changing and what are the impacts for ecosystem services?"

3 PM, Redfield Auditorium, WHOI

October 18

Felicia Keesing, Bard College. "Biodiversity loss and infectious diseases: A recipe for risk?" 12:15 PM, Lillie Auditorium

October 28

*Kevin McCann, University of Guelph. "Lake food web expansion and contraction: Nature flexes its muscles"

3 PM, Speck Auditorium.

November 1

Trevor Keenan, Harvard University. "Understanding temporal trends in terrestrial carbon sequestration using model-data fusion techniques." 12:15 PM, Lillie Auditorium

November 8

Mick Follows, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "What regulates the habitat of nitrogen fixing phytoplankton?" 12:15, Speck Auditorium.

November 18

*Robert Twilley, University of Louisiana at Lafayette. "Risks, Reorganization and Restoration of Deltaic Coasts as Landscapes on the Edge: Perspectives from the Mississippi River Delta"

3 PM, Speck Auditorium.

November 22

Jeremy Rich, Brown University. "Resolving microbial processes in the nitrogen cycle: Anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) and denitrification in marine ecosystems." 12:15 PM, Speck Auditorium

November 29

Amanda Spivak, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. "Development of sediment organic matter in restored mangrove habitats: Insight from a 20-year chronosequence." 12:15 PM, Speck Auditorium

December 6

Casey Kennedy, USDA-Agricultural Research Service. "Nutrient discharge from cranberry bogs: A long-term monitoring approach for improving environmental water quality." 12:15 PM, Speck Auditorium

December 13

Ted Hart, University of Vermont. "Ecological and evolutionary impacts of altered trophic relationships under climate change in aquatic communities." 12:15 PM, Speck Auditorium.

December 16

Semester in Environmental Science Student Research Symposium. 8:25 AM, Speck Auditorium.

*Semester in Environmental Science Distinguished Scientist Seminar

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