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February 2
Rebecca Neumann, Harvard University. The hydrochemistry of pond and rice field recharge: Implications for the arsenic contaminated aquifers in Bangladesh. 12:15, Speck Auditorium

February 9
Anton Post, Bay Paul Center, MBL. N-Stress responses and niche adaptation in marine cyanobacteria. 12:15, Speck Auditorium

February 23
Nathan Wilson, Encyclopedia of Life, MBL. EOL: Not just a website. 12:15, Speck Auditorium

March 2
Craig Tobias, University of Connecticut, Avery Point. Biogeochemical controls of oxygen and inorganic carbon cycling in a Midwestern USA stream: Implications for reach scales and beyond. 12:15, Speck Auditorium

March 9
Heather Leslie, Brown University. Environmental heterogeneity in coastal marine systems: causes and consequences. 12:15, Speck Auditorium

March 16
Dan Brabander, Wellesley College. Urban geochemistry and emerging lead exposure pathways. 12:15, Speck Auditorium

March 23
Osvaldo Sala, Brown University. Ecosystem sensitivity to climate change in the North American continent. 12:15, Candle House 104/105

March 30
Kate Hendry, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Glassy sponges and the marine silicon cycle. 12:15, Speck Auditorium

April 7
Final Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Erin Kinney, Boston University Marine Program. Experimental and regional studies of sources of nitrogen using models and stable isotopes in salt marshes. 10 AM, Candle House 104/10

April 13
Sam Laney, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The lives of some cells: Binary division in ocean diatoms (observed in situ and in the lab). 12:15, Candle House 104/105

April 20
Melinda Smith, Yale University. Ecological consequences of climate change. 12:15, Speck Auditorium

April 27
Celia Chen, Dartmouth College. Bioaccumulation and trophic transfer of mercury in aquatic food webs. 12:15, Candle House 104/105

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