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January 11
Edward Brzostek, Boston University. "The response of amino acid cycling in soils to global change: Feedbacks on soil nitrogen availability" 12:15 PM Speck Auditorium

January 18
James McClelland, University of Texas at Austin."Nutrient and organic matter export from the North Slope of Alaska to the Beaufort Sea: Contemporary estimates, implications for coastal productivity, and potential changes in the future" 12:15 PM Speck Auditorium

January 25
Jennifer Bowen, University of Massachusetts Boston. "Combining molecular tools with experimental approaches to understand microbial community response to nitrogen fluxes in estuarine sediments" 12:15 PM Speck Auditorium

February 22
Mike Sears, Bryn Mawr College. "Challenges for understanding the responses of organisms to climate change: Addressing thermal heterogeneity through space and time."12:15 PM Speck Auditorium

March 8 (Joint MBL-WHOI seminar)
Gijs Kuenen, Delft University. Anaerobic ammonium oxidation (“Anammox”): Microbiology, environmental role and application. 12:15 PM, Redfield Auditorium

March 15
Mark Altabet, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. "Nitrogen loss biogeochemistry in the Peru-Chile oxygen minimum zone." 12:15 PM Speck Auditorium

March 22
Karrie Radloff, Columbia University. "How arsenic mobility influences safe drinking water options in Bangladesh." 12:15 PM Speck Auditorium

April 5
Peter Groffman, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies. "Denitrification in terrestrial ecosystems: A tale of misery and woe." 12:15 PM Speck Auditorium

April 12
Jim Russell, Brown University. "Climate impacts on the biogeochemistry of tropical African lakes: Tales from the sediment." 12:15 PM Speck Auditorium

April 19
SEMINAR CANCELLED - Lora Harris, Chesapeake Bay Laboratory, University of Maryland. "The role of autecology in coastal ecosystem science."12:15 PM Speck Auditorium

SEMINAR CANCELLED - Wally Fulweiler, Boston University. TBA. 12:15 PM Speck Auditorium April 26
Laura Schreeg, University of Florida. "Solubility of leaf litter nutrients from 41 lowland tropical forest woody species." 12:15 PM, Starr 209

May 10
Bethany Jenkins, University of Rhode Island. "Sifting through a sea of microbes: New players in the marine nitrogen cycle." 12:15 PM Lillie Auditorium

May 17
Neal Blair, Northwestern University. "The evolution of organic carbon from uplands to the ocean." 12:15 PM Speck Auditorium

May 24
Paul Mann, Woods Hole Research Center. "Controls on the composition and lability of dissolved organic matter in Siberia’s Kolyma River Basin." 12:15 PM Speck Auditorium

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