Amazon Soils

Soybeans replacing Amazon forest in Mato Grosso.

Deep tropical soils support a native transition Amazon forest.

Frank Base and Shelby Hayhoe-Riskin sample soils in a soybean field.

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I work to understand how deforestation for pasture and soybeans influences the biogeochemistry of Amazon soils. This work has shown, for example, that deforestation converts landscapes that behave as if they are nitrogen saturated to landscapes that emit much less nitrogen to the atmosphere as trace gases and leach less nitrogen to streams.
Today, one important use for older and degraded pastures is increasingly intensive management, especially planting of soybeans. I investigate the effects of intensification of pasture agriculture and the expansion of soybean agriculture. My colleagues and I measure changes to the dynamics of soil carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus. For example in soybean field, we try to understand the fate of phosphorus applied as fertilizer and the nitrogen fixed by soybeans. We also measure changes to soil physical properties, such as hydraulic conductivity that control the generation of surface runoff.



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