Amazon Watersheds

Small forest stream at Fazenda Tanguro in Mato Grosso.

Shelby Hayhoe and Rich McHorney sample water in a Tanguro pasture stream.

Vania Neu filters a water sample in a forest headwater stream.

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Work in small watersheds has a long and distinguished history in ecology. Work in watersheds allows us to address questions about how land use alters ecosystem biogeochemistry and the movement of material from land into streams and rivers. My group works at the interface between hydrology and biogeochemistry. I work with hydrologists and biogeochemists to combine hydrometric measurements with chemical measurements to identify the specific flowpaths that water takes as it moves in watersheds.

My current work focuses on watersheds that contain either forest or soybeans at Fazenda Tanguro, a large soybean farm in Mato Grosso. Our group studies how soybean agriculture influences the generation of surface runoff, the timing and amount of runoff and watershed water balances. We also study how conversion of forest to soybeans influences transfers of carbon from terrestrial to aquatic systems, the chemistry of streamwater, watershed solute and sediment budgets and the structure and ecology of streams.


Linda Deegan, Richard McHorney, Alex Krusche, Helmut Elsenbeer, Vania Neu, Shelby Hayhoe, Vicky Ballester, Reynaldo Victoria, Joaquín Chaves, Sonja Germer, Adriana Castellano Bonilla, Frank Base, Michael Coe, Eric Davidson, Paul Lefebvre, Chelsea Nagy


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